White House Formally Rejects Trump's Request To Protect Specific Documents From Being Given To Janu

White House Formally Rejects Trump's Request To Protect Specific Documents From Being Given To Janu

White House formally rejects Trump's request to protect specific documents from being given to January 6 investigators

The White House formally rejects former President Donald Trump's request to shield specific documents from January 6 investigators and sets an aggressive timeline for their release

10/14/2021 1:41:00 AM

The White House formally rejects former President Donald Trump's request to shield specific documents from January 6 investigators and sets an aggressive timeline for their release

The White House formally rejected the latest request by former President Donald Trump to assert executive privilege to shield from lawmakers a subset of documents that has been requested by the House committee investigating January 6, and set an aggressive timeline for their release.

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Pediatric vaccines will 'very likely' be available 1st or 2nd week of November: Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on ABC's 'This Week' Sunday.

Trump 2024 If course they did. Doubt want anything out that may who was really involved with that b s Immediately after the crisis on Jan 6th our former presidents and Tom Hanks showed up on TV to calm us, but the current president, Trump, at the time did not? Does Trump not realize that most I have met think he is the new Benedict Arnold? I miss Ronald Reagan and each Bush now

fake news. Obama is still president. you've all beed diddled for years Good job Can we send Trump into space? One way ticket only please. Good. Thankyou Good!

Ex-Bush Speechwriter Offers Apocalyptic Vision Of Trump’s Return To White House“Catastrophe is in the front room. The weather forecast includes the apocalypse,' warned Michael Gerson. Trump is on his farewell tour. His last and final stop will be prison. PERIOD! Warning From November, 2020 | Anatomy of Donald Trump's Seditious Conspiracy under 18 USC 2384 | Part One : The Statute | NoOneUnscripted His old boss started 2 wars

The guy on the left side looks like the “king of white walk”, and the other one looks like the “protector of seven kingdoms”. Live by the sword..... Trump should have no privileges What did anyone expect? I think no matter who we get in office they're all puppets for the people above them and we never see those people. I feel like whoever is in there we're all getting played no matter what.

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UN shame in Ethiopia linked audio, Watch the link .

LIVE: White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds briefing — 10/12/2021White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds a briefing with reporters on Tuesday.» Subscribe to CNBC TV: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCtelevision» Subscribe to...

A huge border crisis, 100's of Americans still stranded in Afghanistan, runaway inflation, higher costs on nearly everything, supply chain crisis, poor Covid messaging, China buzzing Taiwan, American cities w/ huge murder spikes, 11 million job openings and CNN talks about Jan 6. Here we go again. Deja vu! This guy is as normal as it gets.

Let the true be out for everyone to see I’m ready to see this 😭 Who in their right mind is defending Biden!! No wonder this world is a Mess!!! Wajomba bado wanamaindiana Let’s release Biden’s past documents he keeps secret and see how bad he really is 🙄

White House tells governors: Get ready to start vaccinating kidsThe White House told governors on Tuesday to prepare their states to begin vaccinating elementary-school-aged kids against COVID-19 starting in early November. ILikeBidensPlan Leave the kids alone, PLEASE!! You've pushed it on enough adults, half of which didn't want it. Just leave the kids alone, they are at an extremely low risk already. If you DO decide to vaccinate your kids, make sure it is the fully approved Pfizer vaccine and NOT their crap emergency use version.

TrumpIsATerrorist Like it even matters. There has been so much proof of his treachery-nothing ever happens, no consequences. The ppl who need to hear the proof don't hear it & if they did, they'd ignore it. I've become so cynical. I'd welcome the chance to say I was wrong. Please make that happen. Trump trump trump. He’s a has been. Let’s talk about now! Why isn’t CNN talking about the cartels at the border. The crisis at the border! The drugs coming in from the border! The Covid coming in from the border! Maybe discuss hunter biden!

Hiding something? Baaaaahahahahahaahahhhaaaa. For sure! ✔️ Why don’t you post any real news You think William Shatner is the top news. What about our borders We open up north and southern borders if vaccinated, but let thousands of illegals enter our country w/o testing. Why are you punishing us legal Americans? Please real news!!

Everyone still cannot get President Trump out of their heads. If you’re happy with how it’s going now, you are uneducated. GOOD! I really wish President Biden would post all the documents Trump wanted shielded on the White House website, and invite comments from the public as to whether these documents should be kept from the Jan 6 committee.

White House scrambles to address looming Christmas crisisThe congested supply chain is disrupting the holiday season and creating a political and economic headache that could undermine Biden’s economic recovery plans.

Request to shield aka hide my guilt It's not for him to say what's up or down he going to be executed like the rest of them. They are against America they were trying to the Steel the United States of America they should pay big for that and they were chanting stop the steel. Good they need to keep rejecting all of his demands and requests.💯

Yesterday was already too late. Get on with it! Yes, yes yes!!! Why try to hide any documents? Got something to hide? 😝 pun intended Whoops!!! 👍🤗🤗🤗🤗 Biden is making him suffer and it's great. And don't ask for a pardon if you go to prison.

Biden Administration Embarking on ‘Aggressive’ Tack for Cryptocurrency, White House Official SaysPeter Harrell, senior director for international economics and competitiveness with the National Security Council, said the administration would address the risks around cryptocurrencies while seeking to position the U.S. as a leader in digital asset innovation wow Biden's crew just keeps screwing crypto. Meanwhile the SEC can't protect people in the legacy fiat world.

Sweet! Can’t wait for all those antifa people to be punished. Feet💸✈️💚💸✈️💚Feet 2523208489 Feet💸✈️💚💸✈️💚Feet 2523208489 Feet💸✈️💚💸✈️💚Feet 2523208489 Feet💸✈️💚💸✈️💚Feet 2523208489💸💸💸💨💨💨💨💸💸💸 I forgot this document, while I am trying to burglaries attempt from the national committee Feet💸✈️💚💸✈️💚Feet 2523208489 Feet💸✈️💚💸✈️💚Feet 2523208489 Feet💸✈️💚💸✈️💚Feet 2523208489 Feet💸✈️💚💸✈️💚Feet 2523208489💸💸💸💨💨💨💨💸💸💸

Who said this ! “ships float & that’s why we have Covid. an an an an In fact here’s the bottom line, cargo no go. Come on man” makes perfect sense. Afghanistan? Borders ? Supply chain ? You have more to do than this CNN Come on …. Uh yea Lock him up! Good! Biden go home

White House tells states to prepare for COVID-19 vaccinations in young childrenIn anticipation of the FDA green light, the administration has begun planning for the vaccination effort with states, pharmacies and medical groups. Fuck that Let's do this already No

Apparently the “Law and Order” party gets nervous when law and order starts happening. Sad. Lock up Trump and throw away the key 🔑 TRUMP 2024 Right on Now this is a headline I can get my head around Trump is asking to a president that he do not recognize!!! so will there be any info in another issue...Hunter's laptops...and the deal/threat the VP made with Ukraine prosecutors? How about China

Investigate the BLM riots first ! I personally witnessed voter fraud. It is not possible to prevent fraud with mail-in voting. I do not believe all the votes Joe Biden received were legitimate. I do not accept that he is the legitimate President of the United States. You can believe whatever you want.