Transgender Military Ban: White House To Lift Ban As Early As Monday - Cnnpolitics

Transgender Military Ban: White House To Lift Ban As Early As Monday - Cnnpolitics

White House expected to lift transgender ban in military as early as Monday

President Biden is expected to repeal Trump's ban on transgender people serving in the military as early as Monday, a source says

1/25/2021 4:41:00 AM

President Biden is expected to repeal Trump's ban on transgender people serving in the military as early as Monday, a source says

President Joe Biden is expected to repeal former President Donald Trump's ban on transgender individuals serving in the military as early as Monday, according to a source familiar with the plans.

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Gender identity disorder is a mental illness as classified by the DSM. If people with autism, depression, schizophrenia, can’t serve - neither can these people. Undoing Trump's policies not helping your government to look any better. If anything, it tells a horrible story. I thought mental illness = no enlistment / article 15? This is very confusing.

Yea we want this LOL If Melania as rumours come out from FLORIDA , may go for separation who is there to support for TRUMP except transgenders to protect him from his own agitators , in army uniform . OK fine. What about the 2K stimulus tho... Hmmm....I hope that this doesn't collapse the morale of the military. I didn't mind serving under 'don't ask, don't tell but I didn't want to room with them either.

But he has no fuckin plan on how to distribute the fuckin vaccines. The hate for Trump overpowers everything else, including a fuckin pandemic. I understand why you didn't accept Trump this time around. The devil is winning..... Hey! I'm a black twitter account supporting BLACK LOVE. BLACK HAPPINESS. BLACK BUSINESS. AND BLACK WEALTH in all my post give me a follow and fill your feed with nothing but Black people being Black‼️‼️

Who’s Biden wanting to go war with now. Who wants to spend 24/7 with self-centered, emotionally confused yet self-righteous people? Imagine those clowns in combat in Afgan. That's the end of the US army. Allow drug addicts, pedophiles, and fxck it, any ex con in as well. They’re “human too”. Mental health be damned.

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Will they form their own asymmetrical warfare brigade? What is the point with transgender thing ? Is it the MAIN problem Americans have today? Is this the biden administration (or harris administration) pillar ? As a Veteran who served in the Military and Desert Storm, it didn't bother me what my Comrades liked BCUZ I JUST NEEDED TO KNOW THAT THEY HAD MY BACK...AND THEY DID!

Military suicide rate finna go up now. It is cool, but are they really ready for that mentally? potus and flotus ,This is an issue needing deep thoughts. That's their business. They shouldn't just bring it here. Reason the establishment wanted trump out This will most likely turn out bad 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 As a person who served for 36 years I have no issue with whoever serves, other than mission readiness. But if you want special treatment, hell no.

And Vladimir Putin is the Donald Trump of Russia All countries should ban international travel until everyone on the planet has been vaccinated. That will spread disease. Who cares....! This is great news. Let people be who the want to be. Another asinine choice. Transgenderism is not normal. It's a perversion. Can you just imaging a shower full military women and some transgender walks in and gets in the middle of them? They wouldn't stand for it and we shouldn't either.

Transgender rights are human rights. Fuck Republicans This is huge!! I mean let's face it. Since the rump instituted the ban, it was immediately suspect. Like much of what the rump did, that decision was knee jerk response to no real issue. Point out evidence about disability to join the armed forces, or I will continue to maintain I am right

Who cares America will be sold to China That would be an error, mny of these people have psychological issues, and we going to give them guns? Long as you don't change the side your on. There goes our military.... Big oof So much to undo... He's doing pretty good for the first week, though. I’m just sharing information, no obligations, ever since I met christine_gg1 I have been earning $5000 weekly from her platform with her great strategy. I highly recommend her. Thanks for keeping to your word

Fuck that. Keep that shit. Erasing Trump! A sick president. Is that the way the democrats honor our army? Do they want our honorable troops to be the muck of the rest of the world?. Is that the first step to break our pride? What comes next? Free abortion one week before child is born? Is Our President 'Catholic'? I don't think so.

Up is down and down is up. Welcome to the twilight zone or Bidens World Thats great. I heard he was also going to have boys and girls sharing locker rooms and showers. That shouldn't cause any problems.