White House Counsel Tells Congress To 'Discontinue' Probes Into Trump

The president's top White House lawyer said the administration won't cooperate with congressional investigations and called on them to cease.


The president's top White House lawyer said the administration won't cooperate with congressional investigations and called on them to cease.

'This flies in the face of the American idea that no one is above the law, and I reject it,' the House Judiciary Committee chairman responded.

In each case, including Cipollone’s latest letter, Trump’s lawyers argue that the congressional inquiry does not have a legitimate legislative purpose and instead constitutes a “pseudo law enforcement investigation.” Congress is technically not supposed to conduct law enforcement investigations but is constitutionally granted wide latitude in providing oversight of the executive branch and the actions of the president.

“This flies in the face of the American idea that no one is above the law, and I reject it,” Nadler later said in a statement. “Our investigation into this as well as other troubling conduct by this Administration will continue.”

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Needs to be reminded he’s the president of a democratic country not a wannabe dictator like his pals around the world. Congress AND the Senate need to do their jobs and uphold that democracy! Trump is trying mightily hard to cover up what was in the Mueller report. Probably first president ever that needs to be re-elected to avoid criminal charges

How many have read the report! I have! Enough of the BS! LOL, that’s not the way shit works. Can’t say it any better than this: Thank you Al Pacino Two fat boys helping each other out. Dropped the 'r', sorry. Two fat boys. Sorry, dropped my 'r'. Continue and add around 100 more! He will be remember for the guy that shot his reputation in the foot

Running SCARED, are we? The Dimms have lost their useless investigation, and their continuing effort to attack our President is costing them dearly. No one with any intelligence would support this party that has become just hateful and ugly.

White House Counsel Calls for House Committee to Halt InvestigationWhite House counsel Pat Cipollone rebuffed the House Judiciary Committee’s request for documents from dozens of current and former administration officials, accusing congressional Democrats of seeking a “do-over” of the Mueller investigation. Mueller did not finish, he never reached a any conclusions. Too bad. You will just have to suffer. Mueller just tried to bribe me

Oh ok 👌 whatever you say😂 Long as they let him play like he’s the ruler of all. Crump 🤡 is going to keep on dictating. So the democrats need to start locking some people up. Well as impeaching people letting people know the circus is closing down. Since you’re denying to give up documentation The WH council is advising people to break the law? How can this stand? Beyond outrageous!

Let's cease all the BS with one bullett. Start impeachment proceedings... Hitler has taken a foothold known as the Republican party. I think the American idea is that Hillary Clinton is above the law. Lawbreakers Which is exactly what he could also do if he doesn't win reelection, simply refuse to leave. After all what body or law is there that says he'd have to? Declared emergency / marshall law would take care of any obstacles anyway.

The no-neck no-jaw no-spine Klan.

Trump lashes out at former White House counsel Don McGahnThe former White House counsel "had a much better chance of being fired than Mueller," the president tweeted. Weird how he’s “never a big fan” of ppl that worked for him after a story comes out but trump wants loyalty? He doesn’t give it 🤣 unless you’re a dictator Snowflake This is the ending of all Trump sycophants. Good luck getting a job after serving this Administration. This is a hint that he should be subpoenaed

After two years proving the whole thing was based on fraud committed by his opponents, that is entirely fair. Lawless administration. This is personal. As the net closes around him, anything goes to deviate attention from his total personal and political failure: war, Iran, Venezuela, tariffs, deficits. Not even lives, misery, dismantlement of our country is sacred to 'save' himself.

Fat and Fatter... This doesn't sound authoritarian at all. Not even a little. Sounds like the most transparent admin ever. Treasonous with a capital T. Republicans in Trumps Administration & Senate GOP Are The Real Thugs in America! They destroy millions of lives daily! They Deserve No RESPECT! William Barr is a Sappy Chump!

Is their constitutional mandate!! Trump really thinks he’s a dictator. And yet another reason impeachment hearings must begin.

Ex-White House counsel Don McGahn rebuffed Trump’s request to say president didn’t obstruct justiceWithin a day of the release of the Mueller report last month, President Trump sought to have former White House counsel Don McGahn declare he didn’t consider the president’s 2017 directive that he seek Robert Mueller’s dismissal to be obstruction of justice, but McGahn rebuffed the request, according to people familiar with the matter.

Corrupt administration!!! He is going down; a sinking ship. They should be stepped up and Barr should be impeached. Lol. Ok. Good luck with that. LOCK THEM UP LOCK THEM UP LOCK THEM UP King Donald “The Crook”! Does anyone expect the masses that don’t wear MAGA hats to except this 2-bit wannabe mobster as “Untouchable King” to rule over the US?

Cease the day = Cease the investigations Good! I’m over this stupidity! Good, the witch hunt must stop.

Congress has no right to 'do-over' of Russia probe: White House counselThe May 15 letter from White House counsel Pat Cipollone to House Judiciary Committee chair Jerrold Nadler says the committee's probe serves no legitimate legislative purpose. The letter was drafted in response to Nadler's March 4 request for documents from the White House for a congressional Correct. They deal only in oversight and they are desperate to find anything to legitimatize their witchhunts and fishing expeditions. Lets see how many members will release their tax returns and donor list as wel as cushy jobs they end up doing for thir donors shall we? It’s called CongressionalOversight and is part of the Constitution do over !!!!!! laugh laugh laugh !!!!! criminal's stench and smell of a nervous heathen getting ready to get his neck worked on!!!!!!

White House asked McGahn to say Trump didn't obstruct justice, but McGahn declined, source saysThe White House requested that former White House counsel Don McGahn publicly state that President Trump didn't obstruct justice, but McGahn declined, an administration official tells CNN It's FAKE NEWS FRIDAY. If Mueller and 17 Dem attorneys can say it, why should Trumps staffer? More bullshit from cnn

White House rejects House panel's demands, says investigation amounts to ‘unauthorized do-over’ of Mueller probeWhite House tells House Judiciary Cmte. that it will not comply with broad range of panel's requests and calls on it to 'discontinue' its inquiry into President Trump. Running scared Uhh...that's not how this works. Congress, now would be a good time to do your job and show what the word 'co-equal' means to the people within this administration that clearly are unaware.

The House is using the courts to challenge the White House, but to an uncertain endA host of court actions center on constitutional powers of the executive and legislative branches. will see what happens. RepJerryNadler TheDemocrats we say the courts must come down on the side of AG BARR as these people are given all opportunity to read unredacted version of Mueller,s report to release to public to embarrass Pres. Trump. AG BARR is prevented BY LAW TO REALEASE CERTAIN PARTS!

Trump’s tweet derails House bill opposed by lobbyist with close White House tiesMatthew Schlapp is lobbying for the operator of two casinos that could lose business if H.R. 312 is passed. Schlapp’s wife, Mercedes, is White House strategic communications director. Trump WINS Appeal Requiring Migrants To 'Remain In Mexico' via YouTube The Republican Party MUST be eradicated. 1600 Corruption Central Ave.

White House decries investigations by House Democrats, says they are not following 'rules and norms'President Trump and his allies are working to block more than 20 investigations, according to analysis by the Washington Post, and, House Democrats say, at least 79 Congressional requests for documents, testimony and other evidence. Brokeahontas But I thought Trump was the 'most transparent president ever?' He lied to you again, America.

White House rejects House Judiciary document requestJUST IN: White House rejects House Judiciary committee’s request to turn over documents on broad range of topics mainly focused on key figures in the 2016 presidential election. Tell TheDerangedFatMan to 'Go pound sand'! Time to subpoena Trump’s lawyers. The potus is rejecting congressional oversight in any form. He is operating as if there is no Congress. It’s past time to play hardball from all sides SpeakerPelosi.

House Judiciary chief calls White House stance on panel probe 'preposterous'U.S. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler said on Wednesday that the White House's refusal to cooperate with his panel's probe of allegations of obstruction of justice and abuses of power by President Donald Trump was 'preposterous' and puts the president above the law. Enjoy it's real ! wake up ! if you had someone arrested you just might get their corrupt ass attention ! Stop talking nonsense and go back to work. You’re a disgrace.

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