White House announces US diplomatic boycott of 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing

JUST IN: The US won't send any diplomatic representatives to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing as a statement against Chinese human rights abuses

White House Announces Us Diplomatic Boycott Of 2022 Winter Olympics İn Beijing - Cnnpolitics

12/6/2021 9:40:00 PM

JUST IN: The US won't send any diplomatic representatives to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing as a statement against Chinese human rights abuses

The Biden administration will not send any diplomatic representatives to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing as a statement against Chinese human rights abuses in Xinjiang, White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced Monday.

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Nothing will make China change their ways like not sending the secretary of environmental protection to the Olympics. what event do the diplomats partake in-- 👎🏼🤡 China doesn't care. Other countries will participate and thats good enough Good!!! What was the purpose of sending diplomats to watch the Olympics on our dime?

But they will be going to the 'Submit to our Degeneracy', oops, sorry, typo, 'Summit for Democracy' Pot-Luck and photo op. China should deport any American and Aussie diplomats who show up in Beijing during the Olympics. I hope our gutless prime minister Trudeau boycotts these games also, if not then all he has said is just being hypocritical.

The RIGHT thing to do would be to impose harsh sanctions on China as the World did to South Africa during the apartheid era, but no Western leader has the balls to do that! The crimes against Chinese citizens is far worse than what happened in South Africa! Cowards, Senile, Indecent Accusations. Our 80 years of Glorious Diplomacy Success now is being turn into three stooges comedy. Joke of the Century, almost Racially biased. What a shame.

Biden Set To Announce Diplomatic Boycott Of 2022 Olympics In Beijing: ReportsThe president hinted last month that a boycott was on the cards, saying the idea was “something we’re considering.” horrible I thought the US didn't support boycotts. Alternatively, a boycott was 'in the table.'

TREE PAINE? Fascist is as fascist does... China, Xi Jinping, is flirting with and deserves a full boycott but that would be unfair, punitive, to our Olympic athletes. In China only 40,000 recovered from covid vs 39,000,000 in US. Of course it's not safe in China. beijing covid Olympics CNN lixofechado com bolsonaro

That is great actions & dictation that the civilised-nation should follow American . China needs lessons to learn What about athletes? Is USA afraid of brutal communist regime to completely withdraw its participation? 😂😂😂I told you, weak. 😂😂😂💪🇺🇲✌️ Lol. No US diplomats was invited to start with.

China didn’t invade USA or kill any American , then why USA hate China so much ? Pls shut up your playing!

US expected to announce diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics in BeijingThe Biden administration has been under pressure from lawmakers to take a stand against China's human rights abuses. who care

Ahh yes JewNN loves our Blonde daughters. If this tennis player Peng Shuai was a beautiful blonde or a disgusting 'alphabet' person they would command their White House slaves to have a total boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics iocmedia Pls cancel or call fr globl boycott of winterolympics. Cant let dictator take over globalsport fr whims n fancies.Test fr democracy n teach peoplepower/youth power wta serenawilliams DjokerNole rogerfederer atptour cnn bbc nike Reebok adidas ajplus Martina

That is up to you,🇺🇸 On behalf of the Chinese government, I boycotted the US mid-term elections in 2022, although this is of no use.😂 Meaningless Biden did this Hahahaha! How can you send representatives when China didn’t invited them or issue them visa China when they hear our money and athletes are still coming over. 🤣😂.

Not a single diplomatic representative had been invited due to Covid-19 policy

U.S. Won’t Send Officials to Beijing Winter OlympicsAn announcement of the U.S. boycott is planned for this week, an administration official said. The decision drew immediate criticism from China. Yea, that’ll show ‘em 在什么人权环境下才会,儿不能伸父冤,民不能适国法?一个证据确凿的人命铁案冤案在官商勾结后长达一年半竟无一人理会,导致受害者家徒四壁,终日以泪洗面,而利益集团代言人还在堂而皇之的标榜人权优越性!要求中国政府彻查四川医疗及官场腐败,还中华民族基本人道公正!证据在本人推特 nathanking Get ready for the Beijing Splinter Olympics...

We shouldn't send anybody any where,the US is broke. They could not go anyway. How brave Let’s not send diplomats to Wash DC for a year and don’t pay them. “Oh my God!! The USA isn’t sending diplomats to our Olympics!!! What are we going to do? How can we go on? The athletes are still coming tho right? Whew. Ok. Good. But the diplomats Oh wow. Well ok then.” China

Shit or get off the pot! Don’t half ass this! That’s good riddance ! MaxFosterCNN Oh please. They did it for Covid. Lol. Good Lol performative

U.S. diplomats will boycott Beijing Winter Olympics over human rights abusesThe Olympics boycott is due to China's 'ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang and other human rights abuses,' Jen Psaki said. Big savings for China Both USA & the West don’t want to know that in the last 5 years, there hasn’t been any terrorism in XinJiang region. USA & the West Human Rights? Hahaha 🤣

very funny. U.S. trying to be the moral of the world while destroying country after country in the name of democracy and human rights. Only to keep it's so called 'national interest'.I think those days are numbered especially in Africa. Beware, this generation is different. BTW is this all a distraction from this?

BoycottBeijingOlympics 👏👏

China warns of 'countermeasures' if Biden administration boycotts Winter OlympicsThe diplomatic boycott is not a full one—meaning it wouldn't prevent U.S. athletes from competing in the Winter Games.

US announces diplomatic boycott of Winter Olympics in China over human rightsBREAKING: The U.S. will not send an official delegation to the Winter Olympic Games in China early next year, the White House announces, citing China's human rights record. The IOC claimed “bringing sports to authoritarian regimes would liberalize them and improve democratic rights.” All its achieved has been to make IOC members more wealthy as they corruptly take money to help use the Olympics to whitewash despotic leaders human rights abuses Great News at last the USA standing up to World Bully Bots China and Russia But sending athletes. Shame the politicians aren’t getting a vacation.