White House announces travel ban with Brazil

The White House announced a travel ban with Brazil on Sunday that will bar anyone from entering the United States who has been in that country for the prior two weeks.

5/25/2020 1:15:00 AM

BREAKING: White House announces the U.S. will ban entrance of non-citizens who have been in Brazil, a coronavirus hotspot, within the 14-day period preceding their attempted entry.

The White House announced a travel ban with Brazil on Sunday that will bar anyone from entering the United States who has been in that country for the prior two weeks.

Professional sports teams allowed to begin spring training in New YorkMay 24, 202000:40New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that professional sports teams can begin training in the state as coronavirus restrictions begin to loosen.Cuomo told reporters Sunday that the economy can slowly reopen as cases decline — so long as smart policies are put in place, such as reduced capacity and requiring face masks. Sports teams will be allowed to conduct training together starting Sunday and veterinarian clinics can resume normal operations beginning Tuesday.

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Share this -Andrew Blankstein, Tom Winter and Rich Schapiro7h ago / 3:29 PM UTCCOVID-19 is costing drug cartels millions of dollarsPart of a $1 million seizure in the Los Angeles area.DEAThe coronavirus pandemic has crippled cities and crushed businesses from coast to coast.

It’s also costing drug traffickers millions, multiple law enforcement officials told NBC News, because their methods of moving money have been compromised.Since the start of the crisis, federal drug agents in major U.S. hubs have seized substantially more illicit cash than usual amid statewide lockdowns that have disrupted the way cartels do business, the officials said.

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Kinda late. Should have started back in Jan.or maybe back in late March when travel ban was in place. Like mustard after the meal! Meaning: Too bloody late as usual! Procrastinator Trump strikes again... Thank you President Trump Arent you going to call him racist again good but too late Will citizens be tested and/or quarantined? If not, does Trump believe that citizens can not spread the virus?

Good doesn't it exclude green card holders too? + close relatives of US citizens? this isn't a ban + if there's 'self-quarantine' rather than actual internment in hotels for 14 days, not likely to be as effective as it needs to be to protect Americans NIAIDNews NIH NYTHealth This has nothing to do with preventing the spread of COVID19. It has everything to do with the gop nazi wannabe regime taking advantage of every opportunity to arbitrarily fuck with people.

But it’s a hoax! Or It’s a Democratic conspiracy! Or It’s just the flu! Good idea.The horse is out of the barn and in the next state and Trump wants every business open, but sure. This is helpful. 🙄 U.S. citizens are of course, free to bring their infected asses back into the country at any time. Also Missouri?

A little late Democrats Communist Friends are attacking people in Hong Kong, Biden supports it. Why? Bolsonaro says Covd19 is just like a 'flu. (Remind you of anyone?) No horses are left in the barn!🤦🏽 If they handle like the Mar 12 European cutoff, the airports will be round 2 of mass casualties. They wont track who goes to a 2nd country to avoid the Brazil label. THEY.ARE.INCOMPETENT.

maddow TeamPelosi JoeNBC White House announces that it will ban entrance for non citizens from Brazil to the United States. Again Trump is late he is doing the same thing he did with China and the European flights should have been done weeks ago! Should have banned everyone. He is doing exactly what he did with China. What about the Americans that have the C-19? Are they coming home to add to the 2 million C-19 cases? Incompetent people!

I agree with this one That makes no sense. If they have isolated for 14 days and developed no symptoms, they would be virus free. These idiots have no idea what they are fucking doing. Too late Doing this will slow the spread of the virus from Brazil to the United states. I suppose now he’ll be on the network news bragging about this great decision on his part, which anyone with common sense would’ve done.

Reasonable How nice to think of this 6 months after this virus starting spreading. For God's sake, hurry up and get back to discussing Joe Biden and his you ain't black statement. Make sure you stay away from the toddler-in-chief's tweets about JoeNBC . Dumbasses. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🏼👍👍👍👍👍👍🏼👍👍👍🏼👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

All these travel bans make zero sense. A Brazilian is just as likely to have it as your neighbor . Same with Canada , why stop border traffic ? USA has the most cases Anyone really wants to come to the US right now? XENOPHOBE! Right guys!? Just now?🤷 They should ban all non citizens until we have a cure

I feel so much better now. Might go celebrate at a crowded bar Bonsonaro or whatever his name is, will be so disappointed. No? Notice how the three countries with the most cases have the douchiest, dickiest, assholiest leadership? Imagine a world without Trump, Putin and Bolsanaro. Lol we have more cases. Why would they want to come?

Hopefully it’ll be as successful as his meaningless China travel ban. ...because U.S. citizens couldn’t possibly be carriers. That's good, isn't it? Or can you guys determine a way to bash Trump for it? As usual, too little too late. I thought dick tater gave the president of Brazil 2 thumbs up. What if Trump's buddy wants to come visit him tomorrow for a round of golf?

44% of Republicans think Bill Gates is working on a coronavirus vaccine so he can plant a microchip in them. These folks are gone and never coming back to reality: Does the virus know the difference between citizens and noncitizens🤔🤔🤔🤔 BREAKING...Biden calls Trump xenophobic for blocking people’s from Brazil.

But I thought this was a Democratic hoax? 🤷‍♂️ I am petty sure this is to protect them from is, not protect us from them! We aremore diseases than they are This is racist somehow, right? GOOD ! Stop all entries into our Country! We have our own people to focus on, let alone trying to worry about non citizens.

US is more of a hotspot Too late. Too little too late. Again. good we dont need them right now But I thought we had COVID under control and states could re-open. Can’t have it both ways 🤷‍♂️ That's right. Certainly wouldn't want an outbreak here. Good move But.. but.. it’s all a Hoax!

Half Of U.S. States To Fall Short Of White House Goal On Nursing Home TestingOn May 11, the White House recommended states test all nursing home residents within two weeks. Not half short, you are saying never met the goal And they couldn't care less.

China will likely face U.S. sanctions over Hong Kong national security law, White House saysThe U.S. government could impose sanctions against China, National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien said on Sunday in response to China's announcement of a new national security law in Hong Kong that would curtail the city's autonomy and democracy. Carrie Lam, who claimed was a mother of HK, is trying to kill all the HK kids and sends them to jail. Hilarious HongKongProtests Who cares, China can not be bullied by the US like other nations 😂😂 Please SanctionCCP

Chris Wallace Grills Dr. Birx: Did White House ‘Underestimate’ Virus and ‘Reopen Too Soon?’Fox News anchor Chris Wallace pressed White House coronavirus task force coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx on the rising coronavirus death count, asking Birx if the Trump administration has “underestimated” the strength of the virus as it rushes to fully reopen the economy.With all 50 states now at least Sure. The White House didn’t open anything. That is a power granted to the states. Good try though. Chris Wallace, you remind me a little bit of Mike Wallace, a great and impartial journalist. You're on your way, just practice your journalistic values.

White House goal on testing nursing homes unmetNearly two weeks ago the White House urged that every nursing home resident and staff member be tested for the coronavirus within 14 days. At least half of the states won't meet the deadline and some aren’t even bothering to try, an AP review found. Maybe if Trump threatened to cut off funds for states that fair to comply - no, wait, he only does that for states that try to make voting easier for their citizens. Never mind. WhiteHouse Birx ... Where are all the Covid19testing kits, Incl antibodytest to accommodate JUST these people, still NOT INCLUDING the rest of the population STILL WAITING? Where is the Stockpile you were supposed to obtain in the past 3+ YEARS, let alone past 3 months?!😡🤨 it is not a very kind test to subject elderly and frail people to if they have no symptoms and there is none in the home. I do hope their consent is needed before shoving a cotton bud up the nose and down the throat? 👵🏻👴🏻😩

Dr. Deborah Birx, White House coronavirus response coordinator, pressed on Memorial Day reopening guidance“We really made it clear that during this reopening social gatherings should not be more than 10 people even if they’re outside,” Dr. Deborah Birx tells MarthaRaddatz when asked about data showing a rise in cases in some states as they begin to reopen. MarthaRaddatz The problem with social distancing is that it isn't 100% effective. So people still get infected. In countries led by responsible adults, they know this, and have prepared for it with surveillance testing, contact-tracing & mandatory quarantine. Not here. TrumpGolfsYouDie MarthaRaddatz I was at the beach on Friday and again today in Orange County,CA. Wide open. People being mindful of distancing. People out walking getting needed exercise. Others sitting in a socially distancing fashion MarthaRaddatz She doesn’t press her, she lets brix ramble on and not address the issue....

White House, State Dept. fail to turn over documents related to firing of watchdogThe White House and the State Dept. failed Friday to hand over documents related to probe by both chambers of Congress into President Trump’s abrupt firing of the State Dept. inspector general. realDonaldTrump has nothing left to play: he has lost everything, nothing is working, can’t stop JoeBiden for nomination, even risking impeachment! His last desperate move is to start cultural war, and the reason why he had a press conf to demand for Churches to open! While both chambers have failed to pass real legislation for the past 100 years. You can zip it now.