Where to Find Lorde's Yellow Two-Piece From “Solar Power”

The sunshine vibes are strong ☀️

6/15/2021 11:57:00 PM

The sunshine vibes are strong ☀️

Next step: throwing my phone into the ocean.

the musician is A) finally back from an eternally long break from the music scene and B) making us crave anything and everything in the color yellow.In the song, Lorde sings about escaping from the daily grind, throwing her phone into the water (a dream), and catching rays on the beach with her friends. The video shares the same laid-back vibe, with Lorde and her pals dancing and partying on the beach. At the center of it all is Lorde in a bright sunshine yellow two-piece crop top and skirt outfit, looking like “a prettier Jesus” with her long hair flowing and her skin aglow — all the better for her boy behind her taking pictures.

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Lorde’s Yellow Two-Piece Set From Her ‘Solar Power’ Video Is Finally Back OnlineThe summer solstice hasn’t technically happened yet, but we’d argue that Lorde ’s sunny outfit in her “Solar Power” music video last week marked the first official day …

Lorde's 'Solar Power' Heats up U.K. Chart Race Lorde is on track for the highest new entry on the Official U.K. Singles Chart with her comeback track 'Solar Power'. lorde Keep shining 👏👏