'Where İs Everyone?': Inside Trump's Dc Hotel Post-Presidency - Cnnpolitics

'Where İs Everyone?': Inside Trump's Dc Hotel Post-Presidency - Cnnpolitics

'Where is everyone?': Inside Trump's DC hotel post-presidency

A sprawling lobby and bar with only a handful of people. Confused guests asking where everybody went. Elegant, but empty hallways. These are the scenes CNN observed inside the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, this month.

16 hours ago

A sprawling lobby and bar with only a handful of people. Confused guests asking where everybody went. Elegant, but empty hallways. These are the scenes CNN observed inside the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, this month.

A sprawling lobby and bar with only a handful of people. Confused guests asking where everybody went. Elegant, but empty hallways. These are the scenes CNN observed inside the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, this month as the once-humming destination confronts a new reality without its namesake in the White House.

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His Maga ppl don’t live in hotels.. too expensive they’ll rather sleep in their trucks.. Creditors are coming. Trump hotels on the tick. Fahrenthold Why are they confused? No pay for play anymore. Pelosi is responsible for the Capitol's riot. If the Senate ignores it will be a grave insult to human history. Wherether on earth, if human beens are humiliated, they will destroy this place, however sacred it may be. Pelosi is the responsible also.please don't forget that

Fahrenthold The correlation in the change of WH administration and the dramatic drop in hotel patronage strongly suggests that hotel patrons were, as alleged, mostly currying favor. {As CNN undoubtedly intended to indicate.} Those emoluments lawsuits look justified. Fahrenthold Fahrenthold Who cares.

Fahrenthold It should be noted that this hotel is not HIS. He pays a lease of $3 million every year to the owners. U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Fahrenthold ALL gone? Fahrenthold Funny Fahrenthold He needs to get his grubby name off our historic landmark. Fahrenthold I don’t care - do you?

Fahrenthold Hard t to scam mo ey from people when your not President Fahrenthold 😂😂😂😂😂 Fahrenthold Why are they confused? Been living under a rock? Who? I mean this guy is just living in your heads move on and report on something else...I mean what a waste of space this is Elegant halls? That's sounds like Trump's life: EMPTY

So the price is pretty low? I can book a room for cheap? Seems like a pattern with all his failed business ventures. boycott the toxic trump brand..... have become so jobless that they now sniff around Trump's business to see how well or otherwise he is doing, very disgusting. If you guys are waiting for Trump's downfall then you will have to wait for eternity.

It is now obvious that are now so obsessed with anything that has to do with Trump, they can not go two hours without posting Trump news instead of telling people all the good things Biden is doing for America. probably that's the only news that generates traffic for them. Whomever is on the Trump desk at CNN is really digging for stuff to report on. His hotel is empty, he’s golfing, Melania is getting spa treatments. Nobody cares!!

The billionaires who own the news have the millionaires who report it sit there and tell you with a straight face that you don't deserve $15 an hour. You all won’t be happy until you see him, his family and all their business dealing destroyed. Are you all wonderful human beings At $3,800 per night suites, who would expect guests pouring out of the cracks.

RiskyLiberal 👍 I hope he loses his shirt and everything else with this hotel and all other properties. Too bad he didn't take the pandemic seriously...I can only pray that he pays for it this way at least. He doesn't value human life, so let covid take this from him. bull A toxic brand. Watch this space.

Poor CNN. No real event around Joe. And you certainly miss Trump. Nothing to write about. You now resort to gossip news. Sorry, CNN cNN fake news He is In your heads Trump is still the centerpiece of media focus because they are devoid of integrity. That man lives rent free in your head. Gone with the Wind... A Tsunami came ... thank you 46th

Everywhere but there for sure!!! Such success 😂 We are in a lockdown, correct? Wait this is a real article? In the mids of a pandemic that has allowed zero business travel people are wondering why people aren’t flocking to DC? Wow. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.....really OK WE GET IT CNN, YOU HATE TRUMP!!🙄🙄 GROW UP AND STOP ACTING LIKE A SCORN TEENAGER TRYING TO GET BACK AT HIS PARENTS!!! LET HIM GO!!!

Um, this has been pretty much every hotel in DC lately. hate no fun ussa revenge Trump's DC hotel is hiking prices for March 4, the day QAnon followers think the former president will be sworn in You guys are a joke. Like this article could be agendaless and without bias. Let me save everyone the time. This is a hit piece against trump ab his business failing. But the title makes it seem like you might be unbiased. Which is 10000% impossible. Maybe interview Cuomo again

Called COVID. Don’t let facts change your narrative. CNN thinks about Trump like a simp thinks about the girl who got away. Good! Enough of Trump raking millions at the expense of taxpayers. If the rooms cost $309 per night, the Cruz family will be there! meadedaweed where are you they need you back No moral, ethical human being wants to support someone who tried whole-heartedly to completely Destroy our country, which is EXACTLY what Trump did.

Trump offered the service of his hotel to the troops after Pelosi put them on a parking lot. I wonder if that ever got reported by CNN. Why are you continuing to give him a platform to have his name mentioned at all any more. I’m watching currently on live CNN broadcasting and you are bringing up old news about Him. We don’t need to rehash our last 4 years or need to mention him as much as you do

Trump-Obsessed. Y’all can’t even help yourselves. Trump supporters stay at Super8. they all moved to whatever hotel WestExec and Palm Island told them to. LOL 😂😂😂😂😂 typical trumpie business There are covid restrictions in place... Who wants to go to DC right now with a fuckin barbed wire fence around it. Of course it is empty. Now a real journalist would have taken that into account. And then there is your narrative.

🧐That’s creepy CNN are not welcome in any Trump infrastructure.... why CNN doesn’t report any fact of the actual stock market 📉 do they have better things to do ! Z_Everson good to see you here! Shame to CNN fake media I'm surprised that was allowed inside Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

So now are criticising people for not going to hotels during a pandemic and the day the death toll goes over 500,000... You guys seem really balanced in the UK?! Pick a side! Oh sorry, you really have! 🙄 YOU.ARE.A.JOKE. I heard trump never collected a dime as salaries through out his stay as president.......is this true?

THE LITTLE GIRLS IN FORT WORTH ARE BEING SLAUGHTERED IN MASSIVE NUMBERS AND THE ONES MURDERING THEM SAY THEY DO IT BECAUSE SHE HAD SEX WITH AN ANIMAL Guys guys... keep your credbilty together and keep the charts on your upper right screen... people are doing right?!?!? Stop chaising down trump... and concentrate on your new government and the solutions they have in mind.

Not surprising, since THE CIRCUS has left-town! You really can’t quit him huh lmaoo 🤣🤣 so you'll are really missing him that much? LMAO I thought MPD was using it as a club house, I guess they realize it’s not the best place to chill after MAGA tried to kill them. EVERY ONE OF THESE WOMEN THESE MEN TAKE SOMEWJERE TO STAB INSIDE THEIR VAGINA ENDS UP DEAD. THEY DO NOT LET ANY OF THEM BE FREE AGAIN.

Wonder if CNN will EVER admit the Cuomo brothers are scum? How about reporting on Gov. Cuomo's FBI investigation? Or his hiding of death figures in Care homes because HE forced them to take hospital patients? Or how he stopped the care homes from even testing the ones coming in? It’s called obsession It’s a pandemic, there are travel restrictions. Most hotels are empty.

I wonder how many people who were there in that several hour evening period were also media tracking how many people are visiting. :D