When This Runner Was Diagnosed With Cancer, Her Run Squad Stepped Up

Through bad weather and, oh yeah, a global pandemic, they were safely by her side every step of the way.

5/30/2020 1:00:00 AM

Through bad weather and, oh yeah, a global pandemic, they were safely by her side every step of the way. 💕

Through bad weather and, oh yeah, a global pandemic, they were safely by her side every step of the way.

. But to do that, she knew she’d need help from her friends.“I was going to go through eight rounds of chemotherapy, and some of those would be really aggressive sessions,” Skarphol said. “So I thought, ‘Hold my beer. I can’t give up.’ I contacted my core group of running friends, and I asked them if they’d join me to run to each of my chemo appointments.”

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Courtesy of Kim SkarpholBefore her first session, she expected maybe one or two of her running friends to show up and run the three-mile route to Sanford Roger Maris Cancer Center with her, donning pink-inspired running outfits. She was shocked when eight people were waiting for her.

Related StoryThe Key to Running Success? Rally Your SquadThe group continued to grow. Every other Thursday for her sessions, new faces popped up. Even when the coronavirus pandemic arrived, she was met by socially-distant smiling faces in groups of fewer than 10 to run-walk her to her appointments. Even on April 9, when icy sleet and winds gusting upwards of 30 miles per hour blasted the area, they got her there with a positive attitude.

“My tribe just grew and grew,” she said. “Fatigue set in and took a big toll, but this group would’ve carried me there. They were so excited every other Thursday that we did this.”[Smash your goals with a, designed for any speed and any distance.]Courtesy of Kim Skarphol

On April 21, the final session had arrived. The state had just increased the limit on group gatherings to 20 people, so the group wanted to go big. And, as Skarphol excitedly put it, “20 flippin’ people showed up.”“Having this crew, it made me feel so humbled, so blessed, and so loved,” Skarphol said. “It was powerful. I have to say it was even fun. I mean, how can that be? I was going to cancer treatment, and it was fun. It was absolutely overwhelming.”

Skarphol still has a follow up with doctors in August, but for now, she is in the clear. With that out of the way, she’s hoping to realize her retirement goal of getting her mileage back up and possibly doing the Fargo Half Marathon in August.And that’s just the beginning. She just turned 65, and she hopes to mark that milestone by riding her bike 65 miles.

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