When it comes to canned wine, these sisters love to break the rules

When it comes to canned wine, these sisters love to break the rules

9/19/2021 6:09:00 PM

When it comes to canned wine, these sisters love to break the rules

Robin and Andréa McBride are co-founders of McBride Sisters Collection, the largest Black-owned wine company in the U.S.

PrintHalf-sisters Robin and Andréa McBride didn’t meet until 1999, when Robin was 25 and Andréa was 16. Though they shared a father, they had grown up on opposite sides of the globe — Robin in Monterey and Andréa in Marlborough, New Zealand. Their shared passion for wine soon led them into the wine business, first importing wine from New Zealand to the U.S. and then making their own. Today, their co-founded

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McBride Sisters Collectionis the largest Black-owned wine company in the U.S.“Because people come from so many different backgrounds, cultures and experiences, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach,” said Andréa. “And we love to break the rules. That’s why we put premium wines in a can.”

The sisters started with bottled wines in 2009. In 2019 they expanded into canned wines within 375-ml cans. Described as “wines that go anywhere for the woman going everywhere,” She Can wines come in Fresh White, and California Rosé, plus rosé-based Coastal Berry and Island Citrus spritzers. headtopics.com

McBride Sisters’Black Girl Magic, one of its premium bottled wines, now comes in cans as well. “While our She Can wines are perfect for summer barbecues, our Black Girl Magic Bubbly Red canned wine you could drink for a holiday toast,” Robin said. “Our canned wine customers also appreciate the opportunity to be a little promiscuous — to change it up every night. They don’t have to commit to an entire bottle and instead can experience new flavors, wherever their mood takes them.”

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