When is it safe to start buying stocks again? We're not there yet, but these are the six signs to look for

5/14/2022 6:49:00 PM

Extreme negativity is only one indicator. Six market professionals explain what they track.

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OPINION: Here are six signs to look for to evaluate if it’s safer to start buying stocks again — and our verdict on each.

Extreme negativity is only one indicator. Six market professionals explain what they track.

“It’s a basket of things, but when they start to pile up, it gives me more confidence,” says Larry McDonald of the Bear Traps Report. In the interest of brevity, however, I cite only one or two signals each.Since the start of 2021, investors put $1.5 trillion into mutual funds and exchange traded funds. So far, they’ve only taken out around $35 billion.

Look for a peak fear index Verdict: Not there yet.Look for a spike in the put/call ratio Verdict: Not there yet.“A heck of a lot of damage has been done. Investors are scared, but not genuinely panicked,” says Ramsey. “I don’t think we are close to a final low.”

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Big stock market drawdowns like the current one often end with a selling frenzy, called capitulation.the G63 , the CLA35 and whatever else we’ve forgotten about in the series.stories published , I was accosted online, with racist tweets and emails.You may want to wait until the stock market turns up again before expending energy on trying to pick individual companies.

So, you’ll want know how to spot capitulation — a sign that it’s safer to start buying. To find out, I recently checked with several of my favorite market strategists and technicians.   This pair follow the template laid out by the previous Edition 55s, with the focus on cosmetic enhancement more than mechanical upgrades. They offer the following indicators. One person I had interviewed recommended that I carry a personal alarm. In fairness to them, they all look for a combination of confirming signals. The changes here include a couple of new paint shades - Cosmos Black or Digital White - an AMG decal set and the smart 19-inch cross-spoke wheels. “It’s a basket of things, but when they start to pile up, it gives me more confidence,” says Larry McDonald of the Bear Traps Report.39% hit its low on March 23 of that year, and most individual stocks did as well.

In the interest of brevity, however, I cite only one or two signals each. The former adds the larger front splitter with flics, the rear wing and diffuser, with the Night Packages ensuring that any external surface that isn’t already Cosmos Black is painted high gloss black. Our tables were separated only by makeshift partitions made of blinds tacked onto a clothing rack for social distancing. Look for peak negativity among investors Verdict: We are not there yet. While several investor sentiment opinion polls suggest extreme negativity, you don’t see the same signal when you look at what they are actually doing with their money, says Michael Hartnett, Bank of America’s chief of investment strategy. The only thing not black is the silver chrome AMG fuel filler cap, and that’s behind the flap anyway. Since the start of 2021, investors put $1. The man shut up, and then I bolted for the parking lot.5 trillion into mutual funds and exchange traded funds. Dark brushed aluminium trim is also standard, as is an Alcantara wheel. 3, many individual stocks did the same long before or after.

So far, they’ve only taken out around $35 billion. “That is not capitulation,” says Hartnett. Naturally, it’s pretty swish: “With its breathable outer panelling made of tear-resistant synthetic fibre fabric and antistatic inner fabric made of flannel, it protects the vehicle in the garage from dust and scratches”, says the press release. [ Have you ever felt the need to Anglicize your name to fit in? Tell us your story. For that, he’d like to see $300 billion in withdrawals, particularly if it happened fast. Likewise, stock allocations are at 63% among portfolios in Bank of America’s private client network.   Available as an equipment package on the S models of both cars, the price in Germany is 12,614 euros for the A45 or 14,280 euros for the CLA45. For capitulation, we’d need to see that drop to the mid-50% range. “We need to be proud of who we are and look people in the eye. This range is more than 10 times wider than at the March 2020 bottom.

“This just isn’t it,” he says. Look for a peak fear index Verdict: Not there yet. The Chicago Board Options Exchange’s CBOE Volatility Index VIX, -9. I was born in the United States, but I was very much caught between two cultures.13% tracks investor fear, based on positioning in the options market. Higher means more fear. But it’s not too early to start building your buy list, in anticipation of when the major trend does turn back up.

The VIX recently touched 35, but that’s not high enough to signal capitulation, says Bob Doll, chief investment officer at Crossmark Global Investments. So, I became a journalist with hopes of squashing stereotypes. He’d like to see moves closer to 40. He also wants to see more stocks hitting the 52-week low list, and more stocks trading below their moving averages. “We have evidence of some capitulation, but probably not enough to call it a significant bottom,” says Doll. Whether they are learning English as a second language or bringing lunches to school that smell “rotten,” plenty of Asian Americans find that their full name is just one more way they stick out. Look for a spike in the put/call ratio Verdict: Not there yet. Mark Hulbert is a regular contributor to MarketWatch.

Investors buy put options when they’re bearish. They buy calls on a bet that stocks will rise. The conversation outside that restaurant with my husband — coupled with my experience covering the increase in anti-Asian sentiments and violence — made me realize I needed to stop hiding. So, the overall put/call ratio tells you how scared investors are. Higher means more fear. Leuthold Group chief investment officer Doug Ramsey calls this his “desert island sentiment indicator. Many of them, explains Nancy Yao Maasbach, president of the Museum of Chinese in America in New York, are made up of three characters steeped with meaning.

” To smooth out volatility, he tracks a three-day average. Since 2014, capitulation bottoms happened when this ratio moved to 0.85 or higher, as you can see in the chart below from Ramsey. Finally, there is the person’s individual name. It was recently at around 0.7.

So, it’s not there yet. As part of being ashamed of my name, I’ve never corrected how English speakers pronounce my last name, and further concealed my identity by introducing myself as the Anglicized “loo. “A heck of a lot of damage has been done. Investors are scared, but not genuinely panicked,” says Ramsey. “I don’t think we are close to a final low.” My mom’s maiden name is Ling (林), meaning “forest,” and together with my dad’s last name they represent a beautiful partnership.” Look for a spike in the number of stocks getting trashed Verdict: The low is in — tradable bounce ahead.

To identify capitulations, McDonald at the Bear Traps Report tracks how many stocks are down a lot. For what he calls the “classic pukes,” he looks for a sharp contraction in the number of stocks on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) above their 200-day moving averages.C. When this falls into the 20% range, this suggests capitulation. It was recently at 28%. That’s close enough considering the following confirming indicators. While it’s spelled out as “Chia” in English, it’s pronounced more like “Jiā” (家) and means “home” — which is particularly significant to me as a journalist who has moved across the country and world for work.

McDonald cites the elevated ratio of decliners to advancing issues on NYSE (seven to one), one of the highest levels in the past five years. And the large number of stocks recently hitting new lows on Nasdaq. That was 1,261 on May 9, also near the high for the past five years.) Combined with the middle character, the name is rather masculine; my grandfather didn’t want me to be the kind of woman who needed a man to depend on. The upshot: “There’s a 95% chance we have seen capitulation for a tradeable bounce,” concludes McDonald. It could create a 20%-30% upside move.

But this will merely be a rally in a sustained bear market that will carry on for a year or two.” My parents also gave me “Marian” as my first name, separate from my individual Chinese name, out of American custom. He cites two reasons. First, most investors are down a lot, and they just want their money back. “The average investor is so torched right now,” says McDonald. Maasbach says Chinese American names symbolize not only our roots, but often point to our journey to America. “They will sell strength.

” Next, the Federal Reserve is going to “break something” with its aggressive rate hikes. Likely candidate: Something in the commercial real estate market.S. “You have skyscrapers in all the big cities empty, and loans are starting to come due,” says McDonald. “There could be big default cycle.” Look for a high-volume blow-off Verdict: Not there yet.” Many Asian immigrants end up adopting or being assigned Anglicized names to fit in.

One good sign of capitulation is a “selling climax” marked by a sharp move down on big volume, says Martin Pring, publisher of the InterMarket Review investment letter and author of “Investment Psychology Explained,” one of my favorite market books. Often this can happen with a big whoosh down in the morning and a recovery, followed by relative calm. So far, we have not seen a high-volume selling climax. After realizing she was “trying to meet the needs of White culture” in college, she went back to Ranjana, which is of Hindu religious origin and means “delightful. Look for a big decline in margin debt Verdict: Not there yet. Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader likes to see a big reduction in brokerage account margin debt as a sign of capitulation.

How big? He looks for a 10% drop year over year. The study found that while some patients felt proud to be unique and carry their family’s legacy, others felt that their names were the most inconvenient part of their lives — one that meant they “never get to seamlessly join a company or participate in a meeting, because it’s always a battle. The current decline is just 3% to $799 billion. Goepfert has at least 12 capitulation indicators, and only three suggest we are there. They are: The initial public offering drought; several consecutive weeks of $10 billion equity fund outflows; and extreme lows in investor sentiment surveys.” Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement Advertisement Her study was published before the spike in anti-Asian violence during the pandemic. Among other signs, he’d still like to see at least 40% of NYSE stocks at 52-week lows (we are near 30%); fewer than 20% of S&P 500 SPX, +2.

39% stocks trading above their 200-day moving averages (currently 31%); and a spike in correlation among stocks in the S&P 500. When investors hate everything, it’s a sure sign they probably can’t get much more bearish. Michael Brush is a columnist for MarketWatch. He publishes the stock newsletter, Brush Up on Stocks. Follow him on Twitter @mbrushstocks.