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When ‘Get Out’ Is a President’s National Security Strategy

President Trump has demonstrated that in his pursuit of ending America’s “endless wars,” no troop presence abroad is too small to escape his desire to terminate it.


News Analysis: President Trump has demonstrated that in his pursuit of ending America’s “endless wars,” no troop presence abroad is too small to escape his desire to terminate it

President Trump has demonstrated that in his pursuit of ending America’s “endless wars,” no troop presence abroad is too small to escape his desire to terminate it.

He is demonstrating that in his pursuit of ending America’s “endless wars,” no American troop presence abroad is too small to escape his desire to terminate it. In this case, the mission has been to prevent Islamic State forces from reconstituting, and to keep another conflict at bay — a Turkish attack on Kurdish forces, including on those that have been America’s staunchest allies in the fight against ISIS.

Long before he was elected, Mr. Trump had sounded a recurrent theme about Syria — as well as about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the American presence in Japan and South Korea, and other global deployments. Acting as the world’s policeman was too expensive, he complained. Allies played us for “suckers.” Both in the campaign and today, Mr. Trump sensed that many Americans share his view — and polls show he is right, even among some who loathe Mr. Trump himself.

on Sunday, the Turkish leader likely knew exactly what he was doing: circumventing the American generals and diplomats who sing the praises of maintaining the traditional American forward presence around the world. The Turkish leader could appeal to Mr. Trump’s instincts, and clear a path for his forces to fight those he calls “terrorists” over his border, even though they are the same Kurdish troops who have long been allies of the United States.

’s day to think ahead about the potential costs and benefits of presidential decisions. That system is badly broken today. Mr. Trump is so suspicious of the professional staff — many drawn from the State Department and the C.I.A. — and so dismissive of the “deep state” foreign policy establishment, that he usually announces decisions first, and forces the staff to deal with them later.

Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, said Mr. Trump had rewarded America’s adversaries. “A precipitous withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria would only benefit Russia, Iran and the Assad regime,” Mr. McConnell said in a statement, a reference to Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian dictator. “And it would increase the risk that ISIS and other terrorist groups regroup.”

If there was any discussion in the White House about how slowing the military aid might damage efforts to contain Russia’s power in the region, it has not surfaced.

Read more: The New York Times

If only he’d apply that thinking to the office of President. It’s ALL fraud waste and abuse. We aren’t the world’s police. We have enough issues in our own country to fix. 'WTH, now we love war.' In their desperation to do away with Trump, is willing to say anything. How many American lives are worth policing a centuries old regional rivalry, that has nothing to do with why were there. How many American lives are worth it? ZERO.

How many foreign bases? Too many. Yankee Go Home! 1000 men&women- every saved life counts under the Pres. watch. We must remember the faces and names of those who defended and supported trump. Let them never forget that they were equally responsible and justice will be our reward! Thank you. Now Putin leads the world the best. He is strong and stable, in contrast to the unusual & feminine Trump. China, Iran, North Korea will like - Europe will also escape the obsession of Russian attack - nuclear disaster will be eliminated and even Crimea will be returned to Uk

Donald Trump's own former national security officials sign open letter saying Ukraine whistleblower did nothing wrong and deserves protection'We applaud the whistleblower,' the letter, signed by 90 former national security officials, including former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, said. BREAKING FOLLOW THE MONEY Fascist Pig Trump GOP Fight Corruption With CORRUPTION TrumpCrimeFamily FoxNews FoxAndFriends FoxBusiness msnbc TheGreatAwakening QArmy Impeach WWG1WGA ImpeachTrumpPenceBarr ImpeachTrumpNow no good Trump has RINOS etc around him!!

Only the NYT is changing permanently it's position on US wars ! Against Vietnam, and now pro-Syria ... We are in Syria illegally. Our support of the losing side of their civil war is unsustainable. A politician that actually tries to deliver on campaign promises. Wow. How horrible is that? He has no idea of what he is doing, and further more doesn't care!

Trump is not to be trusted. If he can turn on his allies in favor of authoritarian dictators, he can turn on you! We all know Trump will be President for 4 more years. Deep down inside the Democrat mafia and its media know it. Independents are all in for Trump. That is all he needed. We hv 12 months and whatever conniving plan the Democrat mafia and its media bring up, we will stomp it. 🤣😂

Its about time we had a President who stands up against the Pentagon war hawks! We have no right to have 'boots on the ground' anywhere without a declaration of war. They should be protecting OUR borders instead! It beats the hell out of previous administrations 'get in' policy. 4 Tasmanian devils snuck into a Swedish back packers tent and ate all her food demolished her tent tore it to shreds and shat all over what was left got to love those little devils knuckles Sydney

Trumps having a Chernobyl size meltdown his melon full of conspiracy’s paranoia taken over he will be putting square blocks in to round holes soon making daisy chains dressed as the scarlet pimpernel knuckles Sydney

'POTUS went rogue': Trump's Syria move blindsides national security leadersThe White House’s announcement that U.S. forces are pulling back from northeastern Syria to allow a Turkish offensive there took the Pentagon and the government’s Syria point man by surprise ⁠— and the decision defied the current thinking of President Donald Trump&39;s national security leaders. The Why are we in Syria anyway? time to get out.. He is a Russian asset! It’s almost as if he were given to knee-jerk reactions to change the news cycle and the media fall for it every time.

He is the president he rules as he wish . Or: President Trump couldn't give a crap about any of this, but Putin told him to take our troops out and leave the Kurds to defend themselves against Turkey's massive military, so he did. This page is full of tweet from pseudo liberals & democrate media cell. They can sell America to turkey, pakistan and china for hate and insecurity towards Trump.

You act as though Trump has a consistent policy against war. His only consistent policy is whatever feeds his ego. In this case, the choice was saying yes to a fellow autocrat who hates the kurds. Only the Netherlands helprd the Kurdisch gouvernement in 1999. All the rest kept silent, Trump says it, all the other's did the same,and kept quit, like the whole EU too.

These greiiiiit pseudo liberal media r so mute thereby justifying and sweet coating atrocities and Terrorism of Pakistani Punjabi and Taliban that why Trump has vowed to take such drastic measures against Turkey they totally push under the carpet. The word shame will be ashamed. Guilani should be behind bars if it looks like a duck walks like a duck sounds like a duck it’s a duck he’s lost his marbles there’s a kangaroo lose in the top paddock knuckles Sydney

I never thought I’d see the day, where there’s a war on being antiwar. I believe this country is being pushed by the NYT, and ilk into perpetual warfare. History won’t be kind to them, nor us. BS. Syria's Bashar al Assad is a Russian puppet & so is Trump. Trump just tried to shift the blame for interfering in US elections from Russia to the Ukraine so he can repeal more US sanctions on Russia & ask who holds all the deeds on Trump's family business

Sweeping Stupidity.

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon Media*Inside the Mind of MendacityMan our cartoon president* realDonaldTrump KurdsBetrayed It's strange to see leftist liberals supporting never ending wars in the middle least. How about blaming a terror attack on a YouTube video, 'Spo?

Trump is the worst negotiator, the worst plan maker and the worst decision maker Turkey absolutely appalled that the United States is going to betray those democratic forces in northern Syria,that we are possibly going to allow the Turkish to come in against the KurdsBetrayed KurdishGenocide Putinslittlehelper

This guy is lunatic, he is not fit to hold even a municipal office let alone the president's office. Apparently POTUS words mean shit now. What a betrayal. Our mission at is to build the social media platform that ends fake news NYT carrying water for Trump again, I see. The President’s actions are asinine. But it’s weird to see the NYT take this stance. They were all for it when it was the 2008 position of then Presidential Candidate Senator Obama.

MAGA newsful analysisful: presidentful trumpful has demonstrated that in his pursuitful of ending america’sful “endless warsful, ”no tro... But why would a super power create a force that would definitely create a long chaos than anything seen before? 1. It wanted to keep Muslims fighting with each other and control keep puppets and dicktators under control 2. It doesn’t want any moderation and peace in ME as usual

Trump gifted Syria to Putin for his Birthday today so where are the military families who lost loved ones fighting in the War to scream “why did our loved one die” Trump has sold America to Putin for secrets he holds against Donny and his supporters say nothing.

I tried Wendy's new Maple Butter Chicken Biscuit to compare it with Chick-fil-A's version, and the newcomer is a pale imitationI compared Wendy's new chicken biscuit on its upcoming breakfast menu with Chick-fil-A's classic chicken biscuit, and the competition wasn't close. there is so many things wrong with that sentence and not one of them grammatical... InsiderFood No love for Wendys in this article

Get out of Diego Garcia and Guantanamo. The locals don't want you there. Rich! The Democrats hate realDonaldTrump so much, they can’t even agree on ending the war they hate so much. Now the DEMs are the warmongers. Neocon Times, shilling for war that others will fight. Nothing ever changes. “Time for us to get out.” He is abandoning d Saudis as well They were attacked by Iran but nothing happened The clearest wimp

You people are borderline insane. He couldn’t care less about America’s “endless wars”. He cares about appeasing Putin. We can recall all our troops and store our weapons use the troops to guard our borders . Let the rest of the world resolve their problems. They don't like us any way so we just stay home

Analysis by CIA specialist spinning their own juice? 🤔 “President Trump was definitely out-negotiated”, the NSC source told Newsweek. 'U.S. national security has entered a state of increased danger for decades to come because the president has no spine and that's the bottom line.' Bullshit. Putin is running Trump’s foreign policy.

He told us he was going to do this. This cannot be a surprise to anyone.

Ron Johnson's nonsensical Ukraine answer is the GOP Trump defense in a nutshell'With each passing day, the ongoing attempts of Republican elected officials to defend President Trump's behavior are getting more and more ridiculous,' writes CillizzaCNN | Analysis CillizzaCNN CNN, and your defense of Democrats? Is it not getting more and more ridiculous to use your words? CillizzaCNN that's bad coming from a worthless demorat!! Right? CillizzaCNN CNN bashing Republicans again while leaving Democrats alone, biased stories is why nobody take it serious

ERDOĞAN YALNIZ DEĞİLDİR!!! Oh boy. Why is “endless wars” in quotation marks? Especially when it pleases his dictator friends. Erdagon jest niezrównoważony Trump. Trump zacznij z Chinami ... Ha ha haąaaaaaäåĀ Lexapro based journalism. BREAKING NYTimes fans: Please enjoy and retweet this link to the HILARIOUS performance, “FBI LOVEBIRDS,” the texts of Strzrok and Page peformed LIVE on stage!! Wildly entertaining!!

90 former national security officials praise whistleblowerAfter blowing a whistle, 'you need to make sure that you're actually performing at like 120%, because every opportunity that's out there for somebody to take advantage of,' they may do so. -Former whistleblower Daniel Meyer on whistleblowers' job security There was no whistleblower. DeepStateCoup FakeWhistleblowers Will There Be A Third Whistleblower?

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