Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein

Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein

What Was the Real Relationship Between Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates?

How a young neuroscientist became a connection between the Microsoft co-founder and the pedophile financier

8/5/2021 5:25:00 PM

Bill Gates told Anderson Cooper his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein was 'a huge mistake.' Read our new investigation from Vicky Ward on their dealings.

How a young neuroscientist became a connection between the Microsoft co-founder and the pedophile financier

 told her not to go into modeling, and he encouraged her to finish medical school, which she did.  From 1992 to 2000, the time period when she went to medical school in Texas, records show that she listed an address in a New York apartment building that Epstein owned. This was a place she could use for occasional meetings in New York, according to the person familiar with her. But, this person says, she didn’t live there. 

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  According to a source with knowledge, in 1998, while she was pursuing a post-doctoral study at Cal Tech, Epstein hired her as his “Science Advisor.” She would later tell people who then spoke to me, 

that she felt a deep gratitude toward Epstein, both for his advice and for the job. A source who was friendly with Epstein then recalls her role as providing Epstein with introductions to interesting faculty members at Cal Tech and elsewhere — people whose work he might be interested in funding. This person recalls meeting her at a dinner at Epstein’s house in New York. Her relationship with Epstein seemed only professional to this observer.

 Around the same time, she and Prince Andrew became close friends. But not through Epstein, at least according to a source with knowledge. The story goes, according to that source, that Walker received a spare ticket to a Broadway show from a different friend and sat next to Prince Andrew.

 In the early 2000s, she found herself in Seattle, and for the first time, the orbit of Bill Gates — this was after she moved in with an executive at Microsoft. His name is Steven Sinofsky. According to an eyewitness, Sinofsky brought Walker to Microsoft events, and at a company barbecue, she met the Microsoft founder.

 In 2006, she was hired by the Gates Foundation, partly so she would stay in Seattle along with Sinofsky, says a person familiar. A separate source says during this time Walker talked highly about Epstein.  Meanwhile, two other people close to Gates and to Walker — the physician Boris Nikolic and the scientist Nathan Myhrvold — had also met Epstein and also talked up Epsein to Gates, says this source. In 2010 Gates announced the Giving Pledge: a commitment by the world’s richest individuals and families to give away the majority of their wealth – and he wanted to connect with as many of these types of people as possible.

 At this time some of the people at the Gates Foundation had gotten the impression from Epstein that he was a billionaire and therefore a potential contributor to the Giving Pledge and that his time in prison in 2009 was mostly undeserved. Epstein had told them that he simply caught a bad rap for an experience with women who had lied about their age.

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Sources say Nikolic was impressed with Epstein’s ideas for fundraising, as was Gates, who met Epstein in early 2011 at a dinner, according to theNew York Times. Sources say Gates wasn’t aware that Epstein did not have the sort of money he claimed to have, until much later.

 Gates and Epstein worked together on a global health fund. Everything went well — until, according to theNew York Times’description of a pitch document, Epstein asked a cut of any donations that he had helped facilitate from high-net-worth individuals. Gates and the people around him never finalized the plans because, according to someone with knowledge, once the lawyers looked at it, all sorts of warning bells went off. This may have been a factor in Gates ultimately dropping Epstein.

 But, Epstein apparently wasn’t so easy to shake off. Sources describe him like a mollusk at elite global philanthropic gatherings — to which he wasn’t invited. Nikolic would subsequently run into Epstein a few times a year — either at Davos World Economic Forum, which Epstein wouldn’t attend but rented a chalet nearby; or at Ted conferences, where he was also wouldn’t enter, but where Epstein, regardless, set up camp; or at Harvard, where Nikolic worked. The encounters, according to the source, were brief and pleasant.

 Nothing materialized from his outreach to Gates; sources say Epstein made a final “fuck you” to Gates two days before he died. At this moment, he appointed Nikolic as a substitute executor of his will. Nikolic says he had had no meaningful contact with Epstein for years — so, the move could have been designed to shine a light on the Gates/Epstein relationship, with the full knowledge that it could be extraordinarily damaging to Gates’ reputation. I reached out to Nikolic who told me in an email exchange he had fainted at his mother’s wake when heard of his appointment and that “it was absolutely a retaliatory move”.

 He added: “Over the past few years, we have all learned that Epstein was a master deceiver. I now see that his philanthropic proposals were designed to ingratiate himself with my colleagues and me in an attempt to further his own social and financial ambitions. When he failed to achieve his goals, he started to retaliate.” Nikolic sought legal advice and declined his executor duties.

 Walker, meanwhile, has got on with her work as a neurosurgeon, and Gates, as we know, has gotten divorced. But the story serves as a warning perhaps that one should assume that the world of philanthropy is every bit Read more: Rolling Stone »

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Sex laws in Taiwan... Translation is 'I knew he was a vile disgusting criminal who had committed obscene acts, but hey, this is America and if you have powerful friends they don't hold you accountable for your crimes' Crew Connection Awww. Nice while it lasted eh? johncusack You don't say!

What Bill Gates said about his relationship with Jeffrey EpsteinBillionaire Bill Gates has said it was a 'huge mistake' to have several meetings with Jeffrey Epstein after the pedophile had been convicted on child sex offenses. He didn’t make a mistake, he knew and he still met him so no that wasn’t a mistake it was a conscious act made knowing the facts. It’s says a lot about his judgement and his morals.

Bill Gates addresses relationship with Epstein: 'It was a huge mistake'“It was a huge mistake to spend time with him, to give him the credibility of, you know, being there. There were lots of others in that same situation, but I made a mistake.” Thanks for your candor Mr. Gates.

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