What Was The Moment You Realized Joining A Sorority Was A Mistake?

There might be more to Greek life than meets the eye.

11/25/2021 12:00:00 PM

There might be more to Greek life than meets the eye.

There might be more to Greek life than meets the eye.

Thomas Faull / Getty Images / Via Getty ImagesIn recent years, more and more news stories have surfaced — many shedding light on some of the darker aspects that can be involved in college Greek life, specifically sororities.(There have been plenty of stories about fraternities too, but for this post, I'm focusing on sororities.)

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Recently, a collegeat the University of Wisconsin-Madison opened up about the girls in her sorority constantly comparing themselves and their bodies to one another, which created a harmful environment for her mental health.Ridofranz / Getty Images/iStockphoto / Via Getty Images

And this Florida State Universitywent viral on TikTok for sharing her story about being pushed out of a sorority.@loljj_ / Via TikTokAs someone who did not join a sorority in college, I'm curious to learn more from those who did.Jeff Greenberg / Universal Images Group via Getty Images / Via Getty Images headtopics.com

If you're someone who is currently in a sorority or you were in one back in the day, I'm interested in hearing about your experience — whether it was good, bad, or somewhere in between.Is there something you wish you knew before joining? What surprised you (or didn't surprise you) most about all of it?

Drazen_ / Getty Images / Via Getty ImagesWhat advice would you give to people who might be deciding whether or not to rush one? Do you think your college experience would have been totally different if you didn't join a sorority? Would you do it over again?

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