Congress: What To Watch At Wednesday's İmpeachment Vote - Cnnpolitics

Congress: What To Watch At Wednesday's İmpeachment Vote - Cnnpolitics

What to watch at Wednesday's impeachment vote

A week after a mob stormed the US Capitol, the House will vote — for the first time in history — to impeach a sitting president twice. This time around, a handful of Republicans will be with them as the GOP reckons with its future.

1/13/2021 6:41:00 PM

A week after a mob stormed the US Capitol, the House will vote — for the first time in history — to impeach a sitting president twice. This time around, a handful of Republicans will be with them as the GOP reckons with its future.

A week after the mob stormed the US Capitol leaving staff and members cowering in their offices, in their chambers and waiting out the siege in secure locations, the House will vote -- for the first time in history -- to impeach a sitting President twice.

This time around, a handful of Republicans will be with them as the GOP reckons with its future, the man they allowed to lead their party and whether it is too late to de-tangle themselves and their voters from his legacy.LIVE UPDATES: House moves to impeach Trump after deadly Capitol riotThere are now five Republicans who have come out publicly for impeachment. There may be a few more in the hours ahead. That's not many. It's not even close to overwhelming, but it sends a message that at least some in the Republican Party believe leaving President Donald Trump in power in his waning days in office would be a mistake.Bottom line: Whatever judges, tax cuts and electoral victories Trump bestowed on Republicans over the last four years isn't enough right now to keep Majority Leader Mitch McConnell or House Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney quietly tethered to him. They're signaling they're done. They're over him. And we can't emphasize enough that we are just at the beginning of the story of what the Republican Party becomes without Trump. Read MoreHow Wednesday will goAt 9 a.m. ET, the House will convene to begin consideration of impeachment. The first debate will last about an hour and it will revolve around the rules governing the impeachment article.After that, the House votes on the rule.Reminder that voting in the House takes time because of coronavirus protocols (and now metal detectors, which was its own scene Tuesday night as Republicans lashed out at police and fellow members when they were asked to go through them to get to the House floor).Once the House passes the rule in the early afternoon, the House will proceed to a two-hour debate. Final vote will begin between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. ET. As with all important votes in times of coronavirus, these things are a bit fluid in terms of timing. The resolution is expected to pass. The exodusRepublican Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney coming out in support of impeachment Tuesday ignited the first signal that the Republican Party might try to be something else after Trump. And she didn't just say she backed impeachment -- she put the blame of the events last week squarely on Trump's shoulders.How Liz Cheney became the conscience of Republicans"The President of the U.S. summoned this mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack. Everything that followed was his doing. None of this would have happened without the President," she wrote.The divide, the differences, the revisionism that we could see in upcoming months and years is just beginning. Little cracks are playing out across Capitol Hill right now. Staff for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy are calling on their boss to explain himself. The communications director for GOP Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas resigned. Those who disavow Trump both before and because of this moment won't necessarily win this ideological contest that is going to play out in the days and years ahead. Some are going to get on this bandwagon late, many months and years after they walked in lockstep with the President. And many may never disavow him at all. Trump's support is still strong. There's a reason that his followers took him seriously when he tweeted, when he made promises, when he gave instructions. We still expect just a handful of Republicans to vote with Democrats to impeach Wednesday. One aide put that estimate -- even after Cheney -- at no more than 20.Here's who we have so far:In the SenateMcConnell has not spoken to Trump since December, when he acknowledged that Biden had won the election, and the Kentucky Republican has no intention to talk to him again. McConnell's silence over impeachment is purposeful, sending a signal to his conference that is being heard loud and wide that if they want to vote to convict Trump when a trial unfolds in their chamber, they are free to do so. Long gone are the days when McConnell was trying to keep his conference together as they weathered the impeachment trial in 2020. There will be no conversations to try and keep more moderate Republican senators such as Lisa Murkowski of Alaska or Mitt Romney of Utah or anyone else from voting however they want.McConnell believes impeachment push will help rid Trump from the GOP, but has not said if he will vote to convictMcConnell had been slowly distancing the GOP conference from Trump for weeks. First by recognizing Biden won. Then by making it clear he wasn't going to renegotiate a stimulus proposal the President's own staff had helped draft. In his final days, McConnell led the first veto override of Trump's Presidency and now, McConnell is going to sit back and let his members do whatever they want to Trump's future.McConnell has tried -- as he often does -- to give his members room. Some members like Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina have rebuffed impeachment. Others, like Sens. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Ben Sasse of Nebraska, have said they'll take a look.What this isn't: McConnell isn't signaling here that he plans to bring the Senate back into session and hold an impeachment trial before Biden is sworn in next week. McConnell has made it clear that a trial is going to fall squarely in the incoming Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's lap. McConnell is still a Republican. It's still in Republicans' best interest politically to slow Biden's agenda. But, as CNN reported Tuesday, McConnell is telling people that impeachment could make it easier to rid the GOP of Trump. McConnell is having conversations with Biden over the rules that would govern a trial. McConnell isn't closing the door on his own vote, and he is signaling -- very strongly -- that if a member wants to vote to remove Trump from office, it sure would make it easier for the party to rid itself of Trump's legacy forever.Another reminder: The Senate can vote to convict Trump by a two-thirds majority. That requires 17 Republican senators. That's a lot of members. That's a lot of Republicans. But let's give it time. If the Senate votes to convict, it then can vote to never let Trump hold office again. Keep that in the back of your head. There is not only a way to symbolically move on, there is a way for the Republican Party to literally rid Trump from ever being atop their ticket again.A quick note about next weekDespite the unexpected move to impeach Trump for the second time, four confirmation hearings are already scheduled for Tuesday, a sign that Republicans and Democrats are finding some consensus to move forward despite the inflamed political environment right now. Reminder, these committees are still chaired by Republicans until Wednesday, meaning Republicans had to notice these hearings. Four Senate Committees -- Foreign Relations, Armed Services, Finance and Homeland Security -- have announced they will hold confirmation hearings for Secretary of State nominee Antony Blinken, Defense Secretary nominee Lloyd Austin, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas.Biden Transition

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Congress affirms Biden's Electoral College victory

Congress affirmed President-elect Joe Biden's victory after Pro-Trump rioters stormed the US Capitol and delayed proceedings. Follow here for the latest.

Civil War 2021, if only these politicians could work this fast on bills and other things. Biden wants to bring us together, we have just been pulled apart more. Hes got a lot of work to do. I want to see how they get him to answer a single question, how they get him to keep time and generally control him at all during the trial... 😂

Fantastic. Just a few years too late - should have got him last time. Impeach him once, shame on him Impeach him twice, shame on... Republicans A lot of those Republicans need to stop comparing protests about basic human rights to the attack on the capitol😬 Bye Felicia err I mean Donnie The Liberals are attacking our constitution they got us attack to had innocent American stores that got burned down because of the Liberals Democrats this is a call to Arms America did the u.s. general of the military said we needed to call to arms so be it this is a call to Arms

ImpeachmentDay Remind me, was there due process to 'examine the evidence' in the senate during impeachment1 ? No, there wasn't. You cannot now complain there isn't time/evidence this time, when you rejected a need for this process last time. All of house of representatives is on d size need to impeach of there self now

What's the difference between Donald Trump and Charles Manson? One owned a few golf courses Jim Jordon is not a bad actor audition. He's a Brown Shirt in Red Hat. His self serving whine for unity is part of the Big Lie Hitler spoke so fondly of. But this 2021 America and he is the enemy within. The coup is still being attempted.

Lets Make Sure That ALL Those Who Supported The TRAITOR TRUMP Never Ever Get Re-elected To Any Office Or Hold Another Government Position Of Any Kind. Remember That The Next Time One Of Them Runs For Re-election! JUST SAY NO! Smith83K People are discussing how Donald J. Trump can salvage his legacy. Let me help. Jailed kidnapped babies .... Sold out to Vladimir Putin .... Pathologically Lied to America .... Ignored Pandemic ... Instigated Attack on Democracy. His legacy is fine. We will never forget.

WHERE IS NANCY It's ok for the Dems to approve of the USA burning down and being destroyed. Quoted by Pelosi 'she doesn't care for statue', all the Rep did was come together and March for their rights. Never did Trump's mouth spill out any thing about hate or destruction. The dems are doomed. Gomer just quoted the History Channnel.

He rallied his base to attack the Capitol. Why is this hard got republicans to understand. They also could have died. Or watched all their colleagues die. When will it be enough. Crazy Ho hum. Won’t miss you! Imagine storming the capital thinking your helping trump then he gets impeached because of it 😂

An Impeachment trial would most likely take place after January 20, making this pointless. As a 'dumb' Canadian who doesn't know/understand all US policies/politics - what was the end result of Trump being impeached the 1st time? Was there any recourse? Just curious bc from an outsider, I didn't notice any change after the 1st impeachment. CuriousCanadian

I'm hearing on CNN that Republican's are refusing to support impeachment because they are still fearful of Trump backlash. I'm not hearing that they refuse to support impeachment because they are radicalised autocrats. CNN, they are radicalised autocrats, start exploring this! Wasting time and taxpayer dollars. The only thing a politician is any good at.

So how many deaths will it take for the GOP to do the right thing in regards to Trump. 50? 100? 200? 500? How many for them to go against him and finally start telling the truth? Especially that the election was never stolen!!! They cannot let Trump off the hook again! I think we need to impeach president congress senate governor and mayors. Start fresh and get those walking corpse out of there. We need a fresh start and we still haven’t gotten it. THE END!!!

Look congress is wasting more tax dollars. The litterally only have to wait 7 days. Meanwhile everyone else is still waiting for promised stimulus relief. What they say and what they do are 2 different things remember these punks have been able to find their homes....terrorism at work Meanwhile, Congressional GOP Representatives *STILL* don't know how to wear a mask to safely protect themselves and others.