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What to Pack In One Carry-On Bag? Easy Outfit Ideas For A Summer Trip

Are you wondering what to pack for a summer trip in one carry on bag? Here is my summer travel packing list and easy outfit ideas.

8/3/2021 4:23:00 PM

Are you traveling this summer? Avoid getting stressed out by packing light. Here's all you need to bring. travel whattopack fashionover40 Nordstrom AmazonFashion

Are you wondering what to pack for a summer trip in one carry on bag? Here is my summer travel packing list and easy outfit ideas.

travel packing listand show you what I wore on my trip.Easy Outfit Ideas: The InspirationHere’s how I came up with these easy outfit ideas. I did not have much time to prepare for the trip and I was stressing out the day before I had to leave (I know this is common). In the nick of time

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an online article about traveling and stresscaught my eye. The headline read something to the effect that it is often more stressful to plan a trip it than when you are actually there. This was exactly what I needed to see right then!It was written by a therapist and one bullet point she made jumped right out at me! She recommended to

pack light(very light, as light as you can)to relieve your stress when it comes to traveling. I then realized it is true.  If I had too much stuff to carry it would not help me enjoy my trip. I knew I would feel so much freer with less baggage and with less decisions to make about what to wear each day. So I got strategic.

What To Pack? Keep It Light!Inspired to pack light, I went to my big pile of apparel I had initially planned to bring on the trip, and carefully edited and selected as few pieces as possible. It was only 4 days, right? So why would I need 6 pairs of pants? Yes, I knew I would need some layers because I get cold in air conditioning and I would be flying on a plane. I also kept in mind we may change for the evening and I would need more than 4 outfits. So I decided to work my travel wardrobe around blue jeans, basic black and white, and add on a few colorful prints. So my point is to pick one color theme and work around that.

I also know I usually bring too many pairs of shoes and they are heavy and take up a lot of room in my bag! So I limited it to only the most comfortable shoes so I could walk miles. Since I am well over 40, I don’t wear shorts anymore. Soand lightweight print pants were all I packed, along with one casual jersey maxi sundress. Everything was machine washable, too. 

Chic Travel Packing ListHere’s what I brought. Some of the items on this list I wore on the plane, so the rest all fit easily into a flight regulation size carry on bag. Read more: Fountain Of 30 »

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