What to Know Before Heading to a Protest

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If you're heading to a protest soon, you need these tips from kandistmallett

, social movements can vary in their degree of escalation and confrontation with police.

Mass protests can go sideways quickly. This is why it can be helpful to attend accompanied by a group of people you trust. Connect beforehand via Signal or other encrypted messaging apps and decide where you’re going to meet up in case you all get separated. This is why it’s also important to have a protest buddy that you stay with at all times. This should be someone who shares your expectations for the night.

Wear comfy clothes. I always try to think what would be the most comfortable if for any reason I get arrested. I also try to wear darker clothing, usually black, without any identifying labels., but now in some cities it’s required. So protect yourself not only from the coronavirus but also from the surveillance state by covering up. I also suggest sunglasses if the protest is scheduled during the day.Staying hydrated is key for maintaining endurance.


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Just a surprising pivot for Teen Vogue to be all in on Marxism. Who reads this stuff?

Do NOT be stupid and head to a protest. You risk getting arrested (good luck finding a job), being injured, and killed. Stay home and watch a good movie, or better yet, read the Bible and learn something worthwhile. Reading what the old hags at write is not.

Do not head to a protest! Why expose yourself to possible arrest, harm, or even death? Do not listen to the old troublemaking hags at who sit around and think of stupid things to say on Twitter.

LONDON SaveJulian .rustyrockets .StellaMoris1

We're Protesting against Racists like and CondeNast employing Coward Racist editors like christinedavitt saying the N word, and leading a Racist witch-hunt to fire a Black editor

who would've thought TEEN VOGUE would end up being a voice for the proletariat

MoreUtterPiffle Always wear comfortable shoes is some fucking revolution in itself.

really so you are encouraging people to join communist mob destructive protests - get IN THE BIN


Encouraging your readers to join terrorist groups. Teen Vogue really has lost the plot

Mob show up at teenvogue office and decimate it, clearly they are asking for riots

Heightened police aggression? You mean after ppl throw rocks, bricks and frozen water bottles at them? Or maybe after ppl shoot at them?

this seems more your speed. Go away.

girlmuseum I don't think anyone cares


You can start by getting down to 1 World Trade Center, Manhattan where Teen Vogue, part of Conde Nast publications, has its offices. They are bound to have lots of computers, phones and cash to steal and I hear many of the female staff are worth sticking your dick in.

What? No bomb-making instructions? Or ISIS terrorist manuals? Your magazine is evil.

What a shit. Remember the covid pandemic! Stay at home !

U might want to rethink what u r advocating

PandoraNyxie Delete all fingerprints/face ID from security settings. In some places you can be legally compelled to unlock your phone with biometrics Most Android phones have settings that encrypt your device after restarting. Enable it and turn off your device if arrested Remove SD cards

What this is missing is telling people not to go if they live with any elderly people or people with high risk conditions! I'm a long time protester but young & healthy people have to consider those they live with too. There are other ways to support like bail funds.

IndustrialWrkr comrade teen vogue based af as always

another thing if you’re there you’re not an observer. There is no such animal.


thx bae

Comrade Teen Vogue coming through again.

Turn off your phone. A Stingray doesn't need your location services.

karencheee 🙄

Make sure colors have no labels or visible.They are tracking people and cover your face.

Walk with your knives and guns and take out officers when they're off guard. Very good tip.

Damn! Teen Vogue giving solid advice!

Aiding and abetting baby...

TheSamhita Solid advice

Why turn off phone's location? If someone takes me from the protest without my consent I would like everyone to know where I am

You guys rule

teen Vogue with the shits 💚

These are really solid tips. Thank you for helping people to be responsible and stay safe. 🔥💖🔥

kandistmallett People saying there’s anarchy in Minnesota. I hope they’re talking about a man getting slowly choked to death in broad daylight, on a public street, while people helplessly watched and recorded. That’s as lawless as it gets. Thanks for the protesting tips! Stay safe!

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