What to know about new COVID-19 variant omicron

Here's what to know about the new COVID-19 variant first detected in southern Africa.

11/27/2021 10:50:00 AM

Pres. Biden: 'The news about this new variant should make clearer than ever why this pandemic will not end until we have global vaccinations.'

Here's what to know about the new COVID-19 variant first detected in southern Africa.

Some European countries are reentering lockdowns, tightening vaccination restrictions and reintroducing mask mandates.Jerome Delay/APCOVID-19variant first identified in Botswana, with the World Health Organization saying Friday the new strain, dubbed omicron, is a variant of concern.

Previously referred to as B.1.1.529, the WHO urged countries to step up monitoring and surveillance, citing the high number of mutations and early indications that the virus was spreading in South Africa. The global health agency said it's still not clear whether the variant is more transmissible or causes more serious illness, or if it affects vaccines. And that such studies will take time.

Scientists have nowconfirmed87 cases of the new variant -- 77 in South Africa, six in Botswana, two in Hong Kong, and one each in Israel and Belgium, though hundreds more diagnoses are expected."We don't know very much about this yet," said WHO COVID-19 Technical Lead Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, speaking at an"Ask WHO" briefing Thursday. But concern about this variant stems from its"large number of mutations," Kerkhove said, which could"have an impact on how the virus behaves." headtopics.com

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Jerome Delay/APPeople lineup to get tested for Covid at OR Tambo's airport in Johannesburg, South Africa, Nov. 26, 2021.Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNN on Friday that scientists from the United States and South Africa will discuss the new variant on Friday, as early indications suggest it could be spreading in South Africa.

"Literally," Fauci added,"it's something that, in real time, we're learning more and more about."Concerns about this variant already have prompted the U.K., EU and India to propose travel restrictions from South Africa. The World Health Organization, meanwhile, is urging calm, saying it's premature to close borders.

Nic Bothma/EPA via ShutterstockMasks made out of traditional African fabric for sale at a boutique in Cape Town, South Africa, Nov. 26, 2021.There are thousands of COVID-19 variants, with new ones emerging all the time. Usually new variants disappear quickly because they're overrun by a more dominant strain.

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The now-dominant delta variant is so highly transmissible that most of the new variants that have cropped up in recent months have been unable to gain a foothold. In the United States, the delta variant comprises an estimated 99.9% of all cases.MORE: Why are coronavirus cases and hospitalizations on the rise in the US? headtopics.com

"There's obviously this tension between crying wolf and exacerbating concerns about the variants, but also being caught flat-footed and not responding swiftly enough," said Dr. John Brownstein, chief innovation office at Boston Children's Hospital and an ABC News Contributor."This is where we have to cautiously respond without inciting panic, because this could easily turn out to be a variant similar to others that have never really panned out to be global concerns."

Scientists across the globe constantly monitor all newly emerged variants to see if they're spreading in a meaningful way, and global health authorities have said they're monitoring this new variant closely.Pfizer and partner BioNTechsaidthey will conduct experiments to see if the new variant can chip away at vaccine efficacy. Vaccine experts said current COVID-19 vaccines, which rely on genetic technology, could be easily updated to better combat emerging variants -- though so far, that hasn't been necessary.

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Eight variants are currently being monitored by the WHO, which designates particularly worrisome strains as variants of"interest" or"concern." When they no longer pose a significant public health threat, the variants are reclassified -- so far during the pandemic, 13 have been removed from the WHO's list.

MORE: Germany and Austria seeing COVID cases rise among unvaccinated populationBut public health experts said the emergence of variants underscores the urgent need to vaccinate everyone on the planet."It gives us a lens into why as epidemiologists we've been so concerned about global vaccine equity," Brownstein added."It's a recognition that with not enough people around the globe immunized, it creates more opportunities for variants to emerge, and this is a very good example of that." headtopics.com

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Expanded eligibility boosts U.S. COVID-19 booster shots ahead of holidaysMillions of Americans got COVID-19 booster shots at a near record pace after the Biden administration expanded eligibility last week, but health officials concerned about climbing infections ahead of the winter holiday season urged more to get the additional protection. About 37.5 million people had received a booster shot in the United States as of Tuesday, according to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 'I think it is a good start,' said Dr. William Schaffner, a leading infectious disease expert from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, who added that he believed boosters are more important for personal protection than for curtailing spread of the virus. I would too if I had got the shot and seen that it really has not worked. I will feel good that I survived the first round as some have not. Keep being the trial monkey. Re: Booster Shot From the CDC website: COVID-19 booster shots are the same formulation as the current COVID-19 vaccines. (in case you weren't already aware).

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Montana steakhouse owner admits using a $75,000 COVID-19 disaster relief loan to buy vintage carsA Montana steakhouse owner has pleaded guilty to misusing COVID-19 relief money he received for his restaurant to buy several vintage cars — including a 1916 Studebaker. Lock him the fuck up.

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Expanded eligibility boosts U.S. COVID-19 booster shots ahead of holidaysMillions of Americans got COVID-19 booster shots at a near record pace after the Biden administration expanded eligibility last week, but health officials concerned about climbing infections ahead of the winter holiday season urged more to get the additional protection.

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If Trump was still in office the virus, would have took far less US lives. Trump, less than a year, had 3 vaccines and millions vaccinated. Trump was wanting treatments to take place, and started the rapid funding of treatment’s. Biden, makes it sound like, no vaccine, you’ll die This new variant is supposedly resistant to vaccines, remind me how everyone getting vaccinated will change that?

Factbox-Countries weigh need for booster COVID-19 shotsMany countries are rolling out COVID-19 vaccine booster shots, but there is no consensus among scientists that they are necessary and the World Health Organization wants the most vulnerable people worldwide to be fully vaccinated first. Canada's National Advisory Committee on Immunization is recommending booster shots of an authorized mRNA vaccine to those who are moderately or severely immunocompromised. Previously it had suggested the extra doses should be considered for frail older people and those with weakened immune systems. I am not taking mine! It's a flu, or did you miss the fact that last year there were only 1800 flu cases? Did you ever THINK to investigate that?

The vaccine doesn’t prevent infection. Animals carry Covid. We will deal with this the exact same way we deal with the flu. Release the patents for vaccination then The top UK health official warned that vaccines would 'almost certainly' be less effective against the new variant. Hey don't worry remember Biden has a plan. He'll save us all. Media won't report that 273,000 have died under his watch. Is his plan working?

My wife and both vaccinated. Tested positive 10/29. My brother was vaccinated, tested positive 11/20 and had to miss Thanksgiving. My trust in the vaccine has diminished greatly. I was watching the Thanksgiving Day parade 90 percent didn't have a mask on, so It still wouldn't end because people are not wearing a mask vaccinated or not

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It’s starting to make clear, that maybe the conspiracy nuts were correct

EU Regulator Clears Pfizer’s Covid-19 Vaccine For Children Aged 5 To 11I am a London-based reporter for Forbes covering breaking news. Previously, I have worked as a reporter for a specialist legal publication covering big data and as a freelance journalist and policy analyst covering science, tech and health. I have a master’s degree in Biological Natural Sciences and a master’s degree in the History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Cambridge. Follow me on Twitter theroberthart or email me at rhartforbes.com Can my cat get it

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Dutch government plans strong measures to curb COVID-19The Dutch government said on Thursday it would take strong measures to curb COVID-19 infections as hospitals scaled back other care to make way for coronavirus patients.

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