What to Know About Making a Will in the Age of Coronavirus

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Estate planning lawyers we talked to this week said they had been getting more calls since the outbreak worsened.

Living Wills Health Care Proxies, Wills And Estates


“The least selfish thing you can do is to put it in writing now.” Estate planning lawyers say they are seeing a rise in calls from people who want to get their end-of-life plans in order as the coronavirus outbreak worsens.

Estate planning lawyers we talked to this week said they had been getting more calls since the outbreak worsened.

National Notary Association . Besides needing notarizations, however, wills executed in New York require two witnesses to be in the room when the document is signed. So does a health care proxy, which appoints an agent to make medical decisions if someone is incapacitated. On Wednesday, Ron L. Meyers, an estate planning lawyer in Manhattan, adjusted his practice to the times. From home, he used FaceTime to watch two clients and their witnesses more than 100 miles away sign new financial powers of attorney and health care proxies. He used his laptop to record a video of the proceedings. His clients used their phone. The clients, Phyllis Diamond, 74, a psychotherapist, and her husband, Peter Dignazio, 79, a retired engineer, bundled in coats and scarves, sat on the enclosed porch of their friends’ house in Columbia County, outside New York City, where the couple live. The couple have a second home nearby. Ms. Diamond and Mr. Dignazio, wearing vinyl gloves, signed the papers at a large table, while their two friends, both witnesses, stood six feet away. When the couple finished signing, they moved away and their friends moved in, Ms. Diamond said. “We thanked them profusely,” Ms. Diamond said of her friends. “We said we would have a virtual cocktail party.” Ms. Diamond said she scanned the documents, which she sent electronically to Mr. Meyers, who notarized them. She is also sending him the paper copy, which he will authenticate. In New Jersey, where notaries need to be present, Wynne Whitman, an estate planning lawyer with Schenck Price in Florham Park, also found a creative way to deal with social distancing. A friend told her that two emergency room nurses, who were single mothers and handling coronavirus cases, had posted a Facebook notice: They had downloaded estate planning documents from an online service and could not find a notary to authenticate their signatures. All lawyers in New Jersey can act as notaries, and on Saturday, Ms. Whitman met the nurses, who had set up a table in the front yard of one of their houses. A rock kept the papers from blowing away. Everyone wore gloves. “It was B.Y.O.P. — bring your own pen,” she said. Each nurse acted as the witness for the other, and another friend witnessed both. After one person signed, she stepped away while another moved to the table, Ms. Whitman said. What documents do you need? Besides creating wills and possibly trusts for more complex estates, lawyers suggest that people draw up a financial power of attorney and an advance directive, which designate agents to make financial and health care decisions while a person is alive but incapacitated. “Make sure that the people you have named know what their responsibilities are, and send them copies of the documents,” said Rudy Ogburn, an estate planning lawyer in Raleigh, N.C. With the financial power of attorney, the agent makes financial and legal decisions when someone is disabled, even for a short period. Mr. Meyers advises clients to choose a durable power of attorney, which takes effect immediately. During the weeks that a person may be ill with Covid-19, or another incapacitating illness, the agent could file taxes and pay bills, including premiums for long-term-care insurance, which could lapse because of a late payment, Mr. Meyers said. To safeguard against an agent stealing, he said, “only name someone as an agent you can fully trust.” Depending on the state, advance directives come in two parts. One directive is a living will, which describes the kind of life-sustaining medical treatment a person would want or not want if terminally ill or with no chance of recovery. The other is a health care proxy, or a medical power of attorney, which names an agent to make medical decisions. Advance directives typically cover permanent unconsciousness, an irreversible fatal illness or severe brain damage — all with no expectation a patient would recover and have a meaningful quality of life, Ms. Whitman said. “This is a high standard,” she said. “Ending life-sustaining treatment would require a very dire situation in the opinion of a physician.” Ms. Barney said it was best to name just one person to be a health care agent. “It is very difficult if the doctor needs to talk to two people if they do not act together,” she said. And if someone is drawing up documents now, she said, it may make sense to choose an agent who lives close by, given travel difficulties since the coronavirus began spreading. Also included in the documents should be a HIPAA medical records release form, which would allow health care providers to provide private information to approved family members, friends and others. Parents of college-age students and single adults in their 20s should ask their children to sign their own HIPAA release and perhaps an advance directive, lawyers say. Without these documents, once a child turns 18 or 21 (depending on the state), a parent cannot make decisions related to his or her care and may be unable, depending on a physician’s discretion, to get information on a child’s condition. Also, it is imperative to review, and perhaps update, beneficiary designations on retirement accounts and life insurance policies, experts say. A beneficiary designation on an individual retirement account or a company 401(k) account, for example, would override any instruction in a will for that asset. “It’s not unusual for someone to fill in a beneficiary on Day 1 of a job and never look at it again,” Mr. Meyers said. Holders of accounts and policies should be able to change beneficiaries online. People who do not have complex estates or the money to spend on costly legal fees can turn to online services such as Read more: The New York Times

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