What To Do If You Have Lost All Motivation For Your Work

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Losing motivation can be scary and disorienting. But, there is something else much more sane, sustainable and nourishing to orient one’s life; real motivation that isn’t even motivation at all.

Before 2015, I lived my life with a ton of motivation driving me. It got me up every morning and propelled my day. I worked hard and gave"success" my all. Rest and enjoyment of life was a distant consideration or something that would only come in the future. It was exhausting. So much so that I completely burnt myself out. By the end of grad school and three jobs later I crashed.

Maybe for you it’s not about proving yourself. Maybe it’s a level of wealth you think will make you feel secure. Maybe it’s achieving something you think will finally win you your parents’ approval. It could be any number of things, but I bet if you look there’s some fear there that has been providing the fuel to your past motivation. And while your motivation may be waning now from sheer exhaustion, that fear is likely still there and creating panic that you need to get your drive back ASAP.

Next, look at what your fear has been getting you to do and the lengths it’s been getting you to go. There’s usually an inner narrative that says something like, “I need to sacrifice myself, deny my needs, my genuine desires, my enjoyment of life for the future reward, for the thing I need to feel safe.”

It’s wonderful to see all this clearly. By recognizing the lies and false logic we’ve been following we can reclaim our life back from a lifetime of forced striving. But, I was left wondering, as you may be as well, “What will get me out of bed in the morning now? What will get me back to being engaged in my work?”If we’re not going to move from fear anymore, what else can we move from? We’ve got to connect with the genuine desire that has been lacking.


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