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What the Mysterious Voynich Manuscript Says About Us

A medieval manuscript written in code has long mystified scholars and sleuths. Now it fits right into the conspiratorial world of the Internet.

9/25/2021 8:30:00 AM

A medieval manuscript written in code has long mystified scholars and sleuths. Now it fits right into the conspiratorial world of the Internet.

A medieval codex in an unknown language has long attracted sleuths, scholars and conspiracists. It’s right at home in the world of the Internet.

Sept. 25, 2021 12:01 am ETIn a BBC documentary series earlier this year called “Can’t Get You Out of My Head: An Emotional History of the Modern World,” the eccentric British filmmaker Adam Curtis mounted a pastiche of images meant to show that coercive hidden forces underlay contemporary life. He pointed to an ubiquitous “power,” tied to the global information economy, and illustrated his point in part with fragments from a late-medieval codex known as the Voynich manuscript. Doing so helped the documentarian to set a mood of mystery, but what did it really show?

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For more than a century, the Voynich manuscript has been the subject of fevered speculation and totalizing visions like Curtis’s. The text was written in either a code that has not yet been cracked or a natural language and cipher that haven't yet been identified. Its numerous illustrations of plants, astrological signs and women in thermal baths might point to its meaning—but for the fact that none of the plant species has so far been identified and the astrological signs correspond to none that we know. The women seem to be engaging in a sort of therapy common to many parts of Europe in the 15th century, but where they are precisely, and why they are bathing together in vast waterworks connected by strange tubes and ducts, is anyone’s guess.

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Are those Illuminati Covid plants? The Voynich manuscript reveals that there are so many selfish idiots among us in this planet who refuse to get vaccinated, to wear a mask, and to practice physical distancing to end the pandemic; and that rich nations refuse to share vaccines with the rest of the world.

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We'll hack the code, it's easy.

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