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What the Inauguration Said About American Fashion Today

What #InaugurationDay said about American fashion today

1/22/2021 7:32:00 AM

What InaugurationDay said about American fashion today

The outfits on display at yesterday’s inauguration reflected a more diverse—and ultimately more authentic—vision of how Americans dress now.

of decades past, Obama cannily moved between brands that best represented either her objectives for each event, or the U.S. at large while traveling internationally. For the Bidens’ first public outing as the first couple, this approach fell along more traditional lines: President Joe Biden wore a gray wool overcoat over a meticulously-cut, single-breasted navy blue Ralph Lauren suit, marking a clean break from the comically sloppy tailoring of Trump’s suits before him.

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Dr. Jill Biden, meanwhile,worea dress and coat in a sparkly cerulean tweed designed by Alexandra O’Neill of the New York label Markarian, before switching into a double-breasted coat by Gabriela Hearst for evening that was embroidered with the federal flowers of every U.S. state and territory. The latter felt like a particularly intentional choice, and not just for the piece’s inclusive symbolism: Hearst has long made sustainability a central priority for her brand, and with her recent appointment as creative director of Chloé, is about to become one of America’s most prominent exports on the global fashion stage.

Photo: Getty ImagesPhoto: Getty ImagesKamala Harris’s style decisions largely took a backseat during the campaign—understandably so, given that she was running for vice president, a role that hasn’t traditionally been scrutinized for its approach to fashion, at least in part because it has always been held by men. But the past 48 hours have provided an opportunity for her to express her values through style more resolutely, while still remaining inside her sartorial comfort zone. Attending the COVID memorial on Tuesday,

a camel cashmere coat by Kerby Jean-Raymond of Pyer Moss, which, while appearing as a more traditional silhouette from the front, turned around to reveal a curved shoulder seam that gave way to a flowing, pleated back.Photo: Getty Imagesshe worea knockout coat and dress by Christopher John Rogers, whose kaleidoscopic eye for color saw its particular hue of purple seem to shapeshift as the weather moved from overcast to sunny. Both Jean-Raymond and Rogers run independent, Black-owned businesses; the former quickly pivoted at the beginning of the pandemic to use the resources of his studio to supply PPE to frontline medical workers. Given Harris’s diligent attention to her style choices, the designers she chose to spotlight were also no accident.

AdvertisementPhoto: Getty ImagesThe other high profile style moments of the day? Ella Emhoff, the stepdaughter of the vice president, whowore Read more: Vogue Runway »

Biden says country may be back to normal by 'next Christmas'

President Joe Biden will participate in a CNN town hall tonight in Wisconsin. Follow here for the latest.

Inauguration style was on point on Wednesday - despite the fact that Gaga looked like she borrowed her dress from Moira Rose Incredible women, Incredible Style 👍👍🏾👍🏼👍🏻👍🏿👍🏽 Great article, just missing a word in the Jordans paragraph. Nikolas Ajagu is Maya Harris's son-in-law. JoeBiden & VP Inauguration top 3; 1. TheAmandaGorman 2. ladygaga 3. johnlegend Honorable mentions too for Garth Brooks and Demi Lovato. Great show all round.

They all looked amazing.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Lol...who is holding Gaga’s arm in this photo? Уродство Panem well represented