Shopping, Summer, Epicurious

Shopping, Summer

What the Epi Team Bought Online This Month

The condiments, grilling tools, and kitchen cleaning supplies we've been adding to our carts.

8/2/2020 1:39:00 PM

The condiments, grilling tools, and kitchen cleaning supplies we've been adding to our carts.

The condiments, grilling tools, and kitchen cleaning supplies we've been adding to our carts.

black tea, and I'm buying a lot of it. It's just a very lovely, everyday tea with leathery tannins balanced by a light sweetness. In cooler months I drink it hot out of a mug, but in summer I pour the hot tea into a tall glass packed with ice and a crazy amount of mint—at least twelve sprigs or it's not right. The tea takes a few minutes to cool down, but in that time it takes on the essence of that mint. (I got hooked on this at

Everything Taking Too Long ‘No tactic beneath him’: Schiff reacts to Jared Kushner meeting with Kanye Japan's first-ever hotel in a wooden castle breathes new life into fading rural town

, where it's called Nana Tea.) While I'm at Snuk, I'll put a jar of thisGreek honeyin my cart—it's a solid everyday honey to go with my solid everyday tea. Read more: epicurious »

New White House recommendations encourages mask use in schools, but doesn't require it

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest.

Go Green: The 6 Best Places to Buy Plants OnlineWhether you are a beginner plant parent or an experienced horticulturalist, here are the services you should check out.

Oracle BrandVoice: NIAID Seeks 1 Million Volunteers For COVID-19 Vaccine TrialsNIAID seeks 1 million volunteers for COVID-19 vaccine trials Sponsored by Oracle Oracle Daily dose Slow progress is better than no progress. Stay positive and don't give up. Oracle HonAgabaDunok Lets go Oracle If you want valuable tweets daily then follow TipsQt NOW.

Harris allies granted call with Biden campaign after Dodd blowupAllies of Kamala Harris sought and received a meeting with Joe Biden’s campaign staff this week after a leader of his vice presidential vetting team was quoted doubting whether she’d be a loyal No. 2 You help her with her career and she’ll do ANYTHING u want 😏 Because no one better dare call Kamala Harris an “effing Bi_tch”! AOC gathered attention because she was called that and spoke out! Thankfully so far no one had the guts to call KamalaHarris that to her face! SenKamalaHarris is so power hungry, she’ll do anything to get ahead, just ask Willie.

Are You Ready for the Djooky Music Awards? The Global Online Song Contest Is Accepting ApplicationsAre you ready for the Djooky Music Awards? The global online song contest is accepting applications What genre of songs?

Taylor Swift Rebrands Folklore Merch After Complaints From Black-Owned BrandTaylor Swift rebrands Folklore merchandise following a theft complaint from a Black-owned brand wow resolving this is never enough, simply have to use a dispute as the overwhelming message. man you journalists, that used to be content with just being reporters, can't do without dramatizing as a form of pollution, move on please!

Trump's defiant campaign amid pandemic ramps up ground game, as Biden looks for another wayPresident Trump’s reelection team is plowing forward campaigning across the country despite rising coronavirus cases. Meaning safe and smart.