What should you do with your stimulus check? The experts weigh in.

What should you do with your stimulus check? The experts weigh in.


What should you do with your stimulus check? The experts weigh in.

“It’s a one-time check. People still have to pay their bills month after month,” said one economist.

CDC Foundation . While some have referred to the aid package as “stimulus” for the economy, others say it is more of an “income support program.” “Ordinarily, when governments are trying to stimulate the economy, a transfer of cash can allow people to spend more, buy more, eat out more, all of which helps to keep the economy growing,” said Aparna Mathur, a resident scholar at American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank. When people have been told to shelter in place, and take every precaution, they’re not going to go out and spend more. “The idea of the stimulus isn’t to boost the economy now but rather to aid financially stressed households and keep consumers from falling further behind,” McBride said. The purpose is to feed families, keep a roof over their heads and keep the lights on. It’s not about shoppers spending more than they would normally. Perhaps when the pandemic is passed, if there’s any extra money left, it can safely be spent on something more than on covering the essentials. “The ‘stimulus’ aspect of the cash transfer can play a role later down the line when the health crisis is behind us,” said Mathur. Despite the millions of dollars being sent out, Gould says she doesn’t think the payment to consumers will be enough. “It’s a one-time check,” she said. “They still have to pay their bills month after month.” Ben Popken Read more: NBC News

Pay your bills. What else..? Buy a gun Save it. Cuz they are gonna make you pay it back. Just found out my car needs $1600 in repairs... Pay for medical bills The question is offensive. This is not a lottery ticket prize. Most people live check to check. And will use it to pay their next bills. As a retiree who watched his savings drop, it gets set aside for my next property tax bill.

Save it! I know they will ask for by it back somehow! Let someone else tell you what to do with it... Principle payment fuck you very much Save it for a second round of disease? I would say pay bills and buy supplies

Oil companies help drive gains for London stocksLondon stocks added to the biggest gains since 2008 on Wednesday, with oil companies leading the way higher as investors weighed up a massive stimulus package out of the U.S.

It's not a stimulus. It's a relief check. Stimulus is EXTRA money. This is survival money. I, for one, plan on doing the patriotic & humane thing: giving my entire check to the airlines. I’ve been heartbroken ever since the news broke that they were only getting $25 billion in bailout money. That’s barely enough to cover the first round of stock buybacks 😢

Saving to put $10K down on a new car. This will definitely help. Pay rent and get food. I'll be going with food, water, and electricity by stocks You might be able to pay one of two months rent! Then your screwed again! Pay the rent and keep the lights on!!! Wtf? This isn't a christmas Bonus!!! It’s only $1200 to a majority of families. That’s not even enough to pay many people’s rent.

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Will you get a coronavirus stimulus check?The Senate has agreed on a $2 trillion bipartisan economic stimulus package. Many healthcare workers in New York and California will not get anything. What about a full time college student who is still claimed on their parents taxes They are being affected as well! Not enough.

Tell the companies asking for another bailout. Pay some bills. Buy some chicken wings and Mountain Dew. Buy a pizza. College students totally not represented. No check for them, parents claim them. No child credit, they are over 16 What stimulus check? Pretty simple. Pay the bills and survive. Donate for the children

Why do we need experts to spend $1200 its not that much money. Yet big corps got half a TRILLION. But yes lets grab some experts for us.. spending a stack. Gtfoh chrislhayes PeterAlexander mitchellreports AOC iPhone sales gonna go through the roof. Whole lot of car down payments too. And in 2 months, there will be a spike in repossessions

Can we at least wait until we have this piece of paper in our hands? Who knows what will crop up between now and then? I had notice today a water pipe is leaking that I knew nothing about. I have $600 fed taxes due as well as all the usual plus my 3 month car/house ins next month Ummm pay bills and groceries

Senate unanimously passes massive $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus that includes checks for AmericansThe economic relief plan for American workers, businesses and hospitals is now expected to be passed by the House on Friday and signed by President Trump. THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RodneyE34641593 Not low income retirees who are about ready to go homeless Crumb check for little people, pork for big corporations. Pet projects, raises for crooked politicians. This bill is horrible

Pay half a mortgage payment and light a match Hand it right back to the banks. I don’t get one Hmmm. What shall I do? Pay a for a couple of week's worth of rent, or pay for a month of health insurance? Decisions, decisions. How about either paying bills or holding onto it until this is over? Y’all acting like $1200 is a lot of money

Invest in the stock market while its low. No brainer. I was wondering what stimulus check then realising it's about the USA tita means cheque. Why isn't it paid directly into bank accounts as in Australia? Buy Joe Biden T-shirts GOTTA PAY RENT.. THEY DIDNT FUCKING FREEZE IT! RentFreeze2020 😠😠😠😠😠😠

The best way to spend your $1,200 stimulus check, according to financial advisersThe federal government is poised to send millions of adults checks as part of a massive $2 trillion stimulus bill aiming to support an economy reeling from... $1200, that’ll really get people through 😂 What a stupid article, not even worth a click i'm buying the iPhone 11 Max Pro.

Someone with a job telling someone without a job what they should be doing with their money? Cute! Not 'stimulus' check. Relief check. Move to an other country.... How can they be experts on what my individual needs are? Pay your bills? Food and rent . Save it to pay the high tax debt we will all need to pay.

The experts should mind their own business

Coronavirus stimulus checks will come within three weeks, Mnuchin saysTreasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Thursday that people will start getting relief checks within three weeks, as the country reels from the coronavirus pandemic. I don't get a check, not really fair. Day late and a dollar short? How quickly did Boeing get theirs?

How about pay the fucking rent Pay the rent? Feed the family? I don't need an expert to tell me that I need food, & pay rent! Oh.. maybe take that trip around the World?😉 Toilet paper! Um, put a tiny dent in my credit card debt? It’s not really a stimulus check. They R giving U an advance on next years refund! It’s not free money-spend wisely!

Buy masks for hospitals invest in testing for the rest of us.... With whatever is left after rent. Invest in crypto. Your welcome

4 smart ways to use a stimulus check to set yourself up to build wealth - Business InsiderIf you're one of the Americans who might get a check under the stimulus bill and you don't need the money immediately, here's how to put it to work. Buy BITCOIN

Now they want to tell us how to spend our hand-outs? Just keep your money, and your opinions, to yourself. Don't need either one frankly. Pay for a 12-roll pack of toilet paper? Twins and booze. Pay rent, idiots. Obvious choice is to invest in toilet paper. I'm going to get a new car. Pay my IRR taxes. Sorry but immediately pay bills, thanks!

Donate it to Amazon?

Don’t hold your breath 😏 I don't get one You mean the check I won’t be getting because I’m a dependent but my mom won’t even get 500 because I’m 18. (17 in 2019) 😐 I’m buying a gun Save to pay property taxes & maybe have some flowers delivered to plant in back yard. Since we are on prolonged quarantine due to high risk age group, some flowers would be nice.

Save it for your potential cremation? Oh what, too soon? Pay rent and bills You should take the money and hide it until things get better. You may need every penny and more when the stock markets crash, & the unemployment numbers hit a spot north of 50%. They want you to spend it, but you need to not listen to them. They won't take care of your family!

Buy stock in Trojan Condoms It's going rights to a student loan.

Give it away Pay you bills, just a thought Buy toilet paper. We need to get it first. Save it! Cuz we don't know when and if we will have money again! Pay debt. Put towards rent, heat, electricity, water, food, phone, bills. That's not nearly enough to put back into the economy. It costs money to survive and it costs a lot more than that.

Wasn't the point to help pay bills...not like cocaine and hookers is avl...well 🤐 $1200 converted into 1 dollar bills will keep me in toilet paper for a month or so.

Man, who knows if half of us will ever see a check Maybe we can all just give it back to trump so he leaves office? Kind of a catch-22. Whether you spend it now on rent, bills, or necessities, now prob makes most sense. Runaway inflation is a strong possibility... Gold monocle, top hat, cigar Quarantine urselfs experts we got this

Buy snacks and 🎮 video games, it isn’t enough to do anything else then ask ADL or Kennedy Center for a loan. Buy an obamaphone. Pay bills! Pay your bills - rent, utilities, groceries, gas. Do not need experts for that. Reduce your debt. Do not spend on anything non-essential. Food?

HOW CAN I REFUSE THIS “CHECK?” If we get something we will save it like we have been saving for the past three years. I swear we were psychic on this one..... Not ask you about it that's for sure. Staycation Hookers & Blow? It’s not a stimulus check. I'm too poor to receive one. Stocks baby. Buy low. Market is gonna snap back and gotta ride the inflation curve somehow.

It’s not a stimulus check. But keep going. Pay my bills

Assuming people have a choice beyond rent, food. PIZZA Experts? EXPERTS? People who live payceck to paycheck with little or no savings? Is that what kind of experts?Then I must be one too. Ask away. It's not a stimulus check. what stimulus check? We all might be dead by the time that shit ever happens. Buy food and gas, pay my bills. Stupid question.

Save my for a down payment on a home.

How is it possible that people who doesn’t earn income—public assist recipients—didn’t lose their jobs, r getting any $? Mind as well all of us not worrying about going 2 work cuz the gov support us along with our 5 children & our lazy men/women...smh!! Do you think the coronavirus risk is low just 3 weeks later? March 1st, 2020 coronavirus comment posted on twitter by Andrew Cuomo... 'There is no reason for undue anxiety--the general risk remains low in NY.' Hmmm...

im gonna buy a hazmat suit so i can go outside again I get $900 dollars a month from Social security. I was told I'm over Income for the stimulus check or bailout .. I'm just a poor Veteran fighting a Service Connected Claim I'm over Income for Medicaid. Who care,s if I get a check. The Wealthy need it more than me..

Stocks. Send an “expert” to my house to replace the water heater & gas line that decided to break 2 days ago. I’m sure they’ll have no trouble paying for an urgent replacement tank & gas repair! Buy food. Tell anyone who tries to evict you that you're infected. Give it Boeing. 🤭 Lotto tix of course. Duh.

Cigarettes and lottery tickets what else?

If ask him an easy question, like his sons name. Wouldn't expect the right answer though. That's be an unfair expectation for a Presidential nominee. Origami cranes, obviously Pay your fucking bills! Well, if I was getting one, which I'm not, ammo. More ammo. I plan to save mine. I’m good financially because I’m still working.

Would those that receive Social Security even get a Check? I trust your experts just as much as I trust journalists... which is not at all. Buy food. Put it back and watch.

Rents, rents and rents. If you possibly can squeak by, donate to hospitals Pay my bills tf WTF? I don't care what the experts say, I'm paying my rent. Buy a bidet Pay my rent, apparently. Thanks for the landlord bailout! I wish I was getting one. Keep it until I file my 2020 tax return because I’ll ha e to give it back to the IRS anyway. It’s not free money

When we get our stimulus checks in 6-8 weeks Hopefully not be homeless.

its elfin 1200. it won't go anywhere. ffs. get real “Buy a new tophat for my diamond caviar holder.”-Donor Class Whatever TF I want, lmao why would I listen to the same class that crashed the economy in the first place? What check? I was thinking groceries....and I was also thinking, I'm the only expert on what I need to buy

At-14s are on sale! I'm going to take a good guess there will be bills paid which is what it's supposed to be for. “I’m going to donate mine to our wonderful President who works so hard for us for NOTHING.” 👆🏻Words I never think and would die before uttering Donate to defeat MoscowMitch

Buy gold and watch inflation happen What stimulus check? Gun, ammo & TP Pay my rent? What kind of question is this 1) don't listen to MSM. 2) repeat step 1. Toilet paper saveit Definitely not getting your nails done like these FoxNews imbeciles. DontBeLikeFoxNews Stick it up trumps ass Save it for paying my taxes, of course...

Mortgage Tell me what to do with my money? F U It’s not enough for 1 months rent. Pay my bills Buy stock. 🙄 F off. Support local journalism? GFY. Mine will go right back to them to pay my taxes. Bills. Food. You know, the essentials.

Donate to local food pantry. It’s a Survival Bill not a Stimulus Bill. It’s spent before we get it. It isn’t a Rescue Bill either, as I heard it described. It will help many of us keep our head above water but what about next month when we still can’t pay rent or buy groceries? The stock market? Nobody has a stimulus check. At this point there is no stimulus check. Apparently the Dems in Congress only care about political ground that they can gain. Again, Pelosi is a controlling witch whom we need to remove from office. She believes she runs the country. And we allow it.

Cash it ASAP! Not necessarily to spend it, but to guarantee that it is good. I'm Still full time so it's going to be mortgage payments saved. Really? The check is in the mail? One size fits all? put it in the stock market Going on vacation to China. I don't need an expert to tell me what to do with $1200. stimulusbill stimuluschecks

The CEO of NBC is infected with the virus of the CCP, which is the retribution for your slander of Falun Dafa. Pay part of my rent because $1200 is not nearly enough 🙄 Buy a string for a yoyo! STFU. We'll do with it what we damn well please. Save it so you can pay your taxes. WAFJ- EoTP Hey! Asswipes! We can figure it out on our own.

I have seen tax accountants warn that you will have to pay it back or it will come out of your income tax refund if you did not file yet for 2020. Is this true? I might be able to keep my health insurance and my house -- that's about it. I’M GOING TO DISNEYLAND!!!! Just kidding. Imma buy some food.

AllyNBCBoston pay some bills off .. If you pay your mortgage is that considered double dipping on the bank’s part? Invest in the Forex Markets! Coke and hookers Put in in your ROTH WE SHOULD TURN OFF NBC NEWS Part of my rent. Only part. Pay bills The three weeks talking and three weeks waiting. Not everyone will get it...

All of it goes strait to rent Nothing left for anything else 🤤 Buy some cocaine and some hookers. Pay mortgage, car payment, car insurance, buy food, pay utility, cellphone bill, cable and by gas all these so-called 'experts' are nothing but dummyrat bots.....we don't listen to them...or follow anything they tell us to do.

I’d never have NBC tell me how to spend my money. Thanks Stocking up on toilet paper. Maybe a bidet would be nice🌞 Pay a month of health insurance. Kiss my ass. That’s what you can do. I don’t need your experts to tell me what to do Well that's helpful. Guess they figure nobody can figure out what their own bills and needs are. So glad the 'experts' are here to figure it out for everyone cause we sure would be lost otherwise 😱

The correct answer is buy gold. 💰 LOL experts in the same breath as nbc LOL So, now they are telling people what to do with their measly COVID-19 check? Why don't they tell the billionaires what to do with their $500 billion bailout? Why do i need an expert to tell me how to spend $1,200 ? Use it to help defeat Trump and GOP in November.

Buy an AR-15 Not getting one Start my business 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ Guns and ammo. Go to the liquor store 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

Buy a gun Guns! Lots of guns What ever I get will go right back to pay this years tax return... Casino or scratch offs Check out the credential of these 'experts'. Not a single one with a job that produces anything, or provides a service, in sight. These elitists 'splaining to us great unwashed. NBC is pretty much useless across the board.

Saving account Hit the nino, and flip it to another c-note... Experts are apparently not very charitable. Give it to Trump for his 2020 reelection. Buy groceries, pay bills. Stupid question, NBC.

NBC news giving you advice to do what you want with your money you are a joke Pay 1/2 month's rent? Why are the experts thinking this check will be extra income for investment?! 🙄🙄🙄 Most people will use it to pay rent and bills 🙄🙄🙄 It's not enough to pay rent. DuPageCounty has very high rents. Don't know abt u, but our landlord basically said, if any of his renters can't pay the rent, he's going to evict bc HE doesn't hv $$.

Excuse you, I am the expert on my checking account It's called paying bills Buy Apple says CNBS Donate to DNC Save til this over then bills

Now you want to tell us how to spend our money, thanks but no. Donate it to Text TRUMP to 88022!!! Stimulus? Pfft. Peanuts. gonna invest it all in toilet paper I’m buying some stocks The experts? Last I checked it's $1200 not $120000🤣 Sure, let's have the super wealthy 'experts' tell us what we should do w checks... most of us have these things called bills to pay and dont exactly have money coming out our ears. That 1200 will be gone within 2 days for the majority of us!

Pay rent and groceries Pay bills? Are we for real right now?

Drugs and hookers Buy groceries, pay rent, utilities Jeez!

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