Harrystyles, Fineline

Harrystyles, Fineline

What Should Be Harry Styles' Next Single From 'Fine Line'? Vote!

Which Fine Line song could be his next hit single?

8/15/2020 6:00:00 PM

What should be HarryStyles’ next FineLine single? Vote!

Which Fine Line song could be his next hit single?

Fine Linesong could be his next hit single?Out of the eight remaining songs on Styles' sophomore album, three of them charted on the Hot 100 at the same timeFine Linehit No. 1 on Dec. 27: "Cherry" at No. 84,"Golden" at No. 86, and"She" at No. 99. Maybe the highest-charting and other fruity sounding song could be the 26-year-old singer's fresh pick.

Billionaire Mark Cuban: One of the 'most patriotic' things you can do is get 'obnoxiously rich' and pay your taxes In Pennsylvania, advantage Biden with a big boost from women: POLL Michael Cohen responds to the New York Times reporting on Trump’s tax returns

He could also remind fans of his mantra"Treat People With Kindness" by re-releasing the song as a single, which already gets support from the brandedon his website to even a billboard right on Hollywood Boulevard in LA. Read more: billboard »

‘Brad Parscale hits her’: Former Trump campaign manager accused of domestic violence

Police footage shows Parscale being tackled and handcuffed.

Everything that comes from Harry Styles is just perfect so it can be any of them and we'll love it 😌💚. Golden GOLDENNNNNN Justice for Sunflower 😔 He should blonde his hair😂😂 🚨 'Millennium' Millie Weaver Arrested (see description) 💥 At time of posting the reason for her arrest is unknown. More than likely it is related to her recently released expose called 'Shadowgate'

cherry 🤔 🤔 💕💕💕 Canyon Moon Golden TPWK To Be So Lonely I know that you’re scared because I’m so open...

Trump: Voting By Mail Is Fine If Your Last Name Is TrumpTrump has spent months now falsely claiming that voting by mail would lead to widespread fraud—but it seems if he, a family member, or someone in his administration does it, it’s totally fine Hold fake news frauds Vanity Fair accountable for 4 years of PUBLIC DECEPTION. The point is ... he has no intention of leaving office. Pentagon, are you watching this?

Civil society is last line of defense to protect U.S. from Trump authoritarianismKyle Murphy, former senior analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency, talks with Rachel Maddow about why the creeping authoritarianism of the Donald Trump administration led him to resign his government position, and what Americans can do to help preserve democracy as Trump bends government institutions to his will.

'Bottom line is, I'm not pleased with how things are going,' Fauci saysDr. Anthony Fauci says he isn't pleased with the state of the pandemic in the US. “We're starting to see the inkling of the upticks in the percent of the tests that are positive... that's a predictor that you're going to have more surges,” he said. Zero fucks about what pleases this guy. Fauci is a fraud. Did Kamala spread her legs for you too doc?

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Poll shows growing disconnect over Trump's hard-line immigration policiesMost Americans support travel restrictions implemented to slow the spread of COVID-19, but a poll finds disagreement over other immigration issues. Like democrats really care. Ya Trump is exploiting hard line immigration policies in an effort to deceive his white Republican victims and redirect attention away from his illegal tax returns, Covid-19 incompetence, and pending investigation into his dubious financial transactions at Deutsche Bank.