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What Say You About this 'Duck Nail' Business?

What Say You About this 'Duck Nail' Business?

7/21/2021 7:32:00 PM

What Say You About this 'Duck Nail ' Business?

If you want to, you can, but I don't know if you should

There’s something to be said for embodying the sartorial spiritof the Jersey Shore when considering your own personal Y2K redux, but what irks so much about this shape in particular is, well, the shape, which is unnatural in a way that other nail choices, like ballerina nails, stiletto nails, almond nails, and the like, are not. Nail artists that spoke to

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GMAabout the trend said that the nail shape is an immediate throwback, paying tribute to their mothers, grandmothers, and aunts that flexed manicures like this that bucked traditional notions of propriety.“I was obsessed, so when I went into middle school my mom let me get them,” said a woman named Yazmin, whose

Instagramis a beautiful tribute to the extra-long, extra-fancy sets that dominate social media now. “I also want to recognize the Black and Latina community for inspiring these 90's/Y2K, and I will keep wearing them regardless if people like them or not, because the shape and creativity is phenomenal,”

she told GMA. It’s hard to argue with the creativity, but on a practical level, the shape is difficult to manage. Typing, texting, or opening a can of seltzer is manageable with long nails if the long nail tapers to a point; square-tipped nails, of the sort popularized now by any cut-rate influencer on YouTube or TikTok, look incredible but functionally, they are not as easy to wear as it looks.

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Even trashier & more ridiculous than usual! Actually its spork nails we need for our long backpacking trips where you carry out what you carry in Sensible Scoop food spear fish harmonica clump formation style to scare cougars & of course slay the tent No! But then again this generation let stiletto nails happen so .

I'd say someone has run out of ideas.

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