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What's the Most Common Billboard Hot 100 Song Title?

From 'Angel' to 'Stay,' these titles are repeatedly taking slots on the #Hot100 chart. 📈

7/31/2021 7:00:00 PM

From 'Angel' to 'Stay,' these titles are repeatedly taking slots on the Hot100 chart. 📈

From 'Angel' to 'Crazy' to 'Stay,' and more, hold on ... to find out the most common Hot 100 song title.

So, is"Hold On" the most common title for a Hot 100 hit? Or, is it"Stay"?To find the answer, we combed through an alphabetical list of every song ever to make the chart ... over 29,000 dating to the list's Aug. 4, 1958, inception.

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First, some fine print: As the goal was simply to find the most common titles, different compositions, such as Michael Bublé's"Home" and Phillip Phillips'"Home," counted the same as multiple versions of the exact same song, such as the Jackson 5's and Mariah Carey's recordings of"I'll Be There." Punctuation also wasn't of concern. So, for the purposes of this research, Bieber's"Baby" was equal to Carla Thomas' hit from 1966"B-A-B-Y." And, exact titles (by words) only; Rihanna's"Stay" was treated as separate from Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories'"Stay (I Missed You)." Plus, spaces were ok, so Janet Jackson's"Runaway" was equated with Real McCoy's"Run Away."

Now, no more making you ... hold on. Let's count down the most common titles to grace the Hot 100. Here are those that have appeared 10 or more times each(*now updated through the Hot 100 dated July 31, 2021):Number of Charted Versions on the Hot 100, Title

10,Highest-charting: No. 1 (six weeks), Blondie, 198010,Highest-charting: No. 4, Savage Garden, 199710,Highest-charting: No. 9, Lil Wayne feat. Drake & Future, 201310,Highest-charting: No. 5, Three Dog Night, 196911,Highest-charting: No. 2, Gnarls Barkley, 2006

11,Highest-charting: No. 9, Jody Watley with Eric B. & Rakim, 198911,Highest-charting: No. 6, Phillip Phillips, 201311,Highest-charting: No. 12, Climax Blues Band, 198111,Highest-charting: No. 9, America, 197212,Highest-charting: No. 13, Justin Timberlake & Matt Morris feat. Charlie Sexton, 2010

12,Highest-charting: No. 8, Juice WRLD & The Weeknd, 202013,Highest-charting: No. 1 (four weeks), Nilsson, 197214,Highest-charting: No. 1 (one week), Shaggy feat. Rayvon, 200114,Highest-charting: No. 2, Chris Brown, 200814,Highest-charting: No. 1 (10 weeks), Pharrell Williams, 2014

14,Highest-charting: No. 1 (four weeks), Del Shannon, 196115,Highest-charting: No. 9, Lloyd feat. Lil Wayne, 200716,Highest-charting: No. 1 (one week), Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs, 1960... and, the most common title for a Hot 100 hit?17,"Hold On"

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Highest-charting: No. 1 (one week), Wilson Phillips, 1990Beyond Wilson Phillips' and En Vogue's No. 1 and 2-peaking hits, respectively, other top 40 hits titled"Hold On" include those by Santana (No. 15, 1982), Jamie Walters (former lead singer of the Heights; No. 16, 1995), Ian Gomm (No. 18, 1979), Triumph (No. 38, 1979) and Kansas (No. 40, 1980).

This Is the Most Common Song Title Ever For a Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 HitAre there any lessons to be learned from this research? Perhaps that titles about love, based on many of the examples above, tend to repeat. Overall, of course, it's a song's merit, as judged by the music-consuming public, not its title, that ultimately determines its popularity.

As for who'll chart the 18th song to share the title"Hold On"? As reader and charts fannoted on Twitter early on for this topic, we'll just have to ... hold on. Read more: billboard »

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This Is the Most Common Song Title Ever for a Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 HitWe sifted through the nearly 5,000 top 10 smashes in the Hot100's archives for the answer. daflopy DaBaby on top🐐

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