What's The Big Frigin' Difference?

What's The Big Frigin' Difference?

10/18/2020 12:00:00 PM

Test Yo Peepers: Can You Spot The Big Frigin' Differences?

What's The Big Frigin' Difference?

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Trump rally billboard says 'superspreader event this way.' (Literally). - CNN Video

CNN's Erin Burnett discusses President Trump holding rallies with thousands of supports packed together with few masks despite the coronavirus pandemic and the herd immunity proposal Trump is touting.

In the one on the left the cop is about to shoot Ice-T for no reason. In the one on the right the cop is about to shoot Ice-T because he wrote Cop Killer. The decal on the cop’s arm, the numbers on the building and Ice T’s black shirt underneath is jacket. wow! One more Big Frigin' Difference. Ice-T and no lemonade?

Y’all really doing this? 😒😒😒 1 is Extra 1, patch and jacket zipper The extra 1, what’s so bad about it? Extra 1 Thanks, I really love scrolling through all the twin pictures and finding what's different. Keep it up! There is 10 times increase upon every investment made with us under the period of inbalance with bitcoin, What this implies is that you can make as much as $10k in a week with as low as $1k Too Good to be True Right?.send a Dm for more info

Easy peezy. Always was my favorite section in Highlights when I was a kid. Zipper, Patch, Number, ...camera, tv 🤪 I solved it faster than anyone! Sweet! The picture on the left doesn’t have a red line in front of it. The cop on the left in the 1st pic has no crest on his arm the other in the 2nd pic does

Only thing I noticed is your zipper is down on the right Very easy. The name of the precinct The difference in the badge of the second officer. The man in motion sweat zip Easy

What's The Big Frigin' Difference?Can you spot the THREE differences in these Ice-T photos? 1000 precints difference

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HuffPost is now a part of Verizon Mediagood boy What about, would Trump kill Hitler as a child if he had a time machine? RT pls

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