What's on TV Thursday: 'Good Girls' on NBC; final episode of 'Conan' on TBS

What's on TV Thursday: 'Good Girls' on NBC; final episode of 'Conan' on TBS

6/25/2021 9:04:00 AM

What's on TV Thursday: 'Good Girls' on NBC; final episode of 'Conan' on TBS

What to watch Thursday, June 24: 'Good Girls' on NBC; 'Conan' final episode on TBS; 'When Nature Calls With Helen Mirren' on ABC; season finale of 'Clarice' on CBS.

You would have to be a most grumpy, dour, negative, naysaying, stubbornly unhappy, anti-life sort of person to turn up your nose at NBC’s “Making It,” a new competition series hosted by former “Parks and Recreation” costars Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman that premieres Tuesday.

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Walker(N) 8 p.m. The CWAdvertisementWhen Nature Calls With Helen MirrenThis new documentary comedy (adapted from a hit British comedy series called “Walk on the Wild Side”) presents a variety of creatures going about their lives in spectacular natural settings. Dubbed-in commentary imagines the inner thoughts of the featured creatures. Helen Mirren narrates. 8 p.m. ABC

Beat Shazam(N) 8 p.m. FoxTop ChefThe remaining chefs get an early wake-up call from host Padma Lakshmi to go dig for clams in this new episode. 8 p.m. BravoBeat Bobby FlayWolfgang Puck makes his first-ever appearance on the culinary series, alongside Ted Allen (“Chopped”). 8 p.m. Food Network headtopics.com

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Relocating a Commercial Spacecraft at the Space Station on This Week @NASA – July 23, 2021

Relocating a commercial spacecraft at the space station, while another one gets ready to launch to the station, and Perseverance prepares for a mission miles...

Hollywood Salutes Conan O’Brien As ‘Conan’ Wraps: Late-Night Legend Is “Just Getting Started”Tributes to Conan O’Brien, from the worlds of comedy, film, tv, music and politics, flooded the internet on Thursday, as the comedian’s TBS late-night talk show Conan aired its final ep…

Conan O'Brien Greets Fans, Jokes About Final TBS Show and HBO Max ProjectConan O'Brien jokes about his final show on TBS and his future plans. For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to him RonelMoses32 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success⚖️ Ok

Conan O'Brien signs off by celebrating the 'intersection of smart and stupid''When Carson, Letterman and all these legends go off the air everything is meticulous,' Conan O'Brien said. 'Of course, we would think of a bit with Jack where Jack pretends to get hurt and while shooting it, Jack gets hurt ... It's somehow fitting.' explains so much, including his ratings and having to work for tbs

Conan O’Brien and Seth Rogen Share a Joint OnstageTV’s longest-serving late night host, Conan O’Brien, smoked weed onstage with one of Hollywood’s biggest cannabis lovers, Seth Rogen, during his final week of shows at TBS. While … Sethrogen ConanOBrien Disgusting Sethrogen ConanOBrien Watching this on YouTube & tried to kill myself w/ Diet Dr. Pepper. Seth said something about Tom Hanks masterbating as I took a gulp.I don't think I've felt that much pain since childbirth. Soda everywhere, I'm self waterboarding and I get a freaking Charlie horse laughing!! Sethrogen ConanOBrien Nope. He didn’t inhale. Andy did tho.

Andy Richter Reflects on ‘Conan’ Legacy (and Absurdity) as Conan O’Brien Exits Late Night'I don’t see [other hosts] having a masturbating bear or a robot that’s a pimp,' Richter says of 'Conan' ahead of the longtime late-night host's final episode. 'Our show is full of nonsense like that. And I'm pretty proud of tha.' The masturbating bear was so funny to me. I don't know why I couldn't stop laughing at that.

Juno Temple's tips for binge-watching 'Ted Lasso' season 1Rebecca singing “Let It Go” and Keeley and Roy’s first kiss makes TedLasso episode 7 a special one for Juno Temple. Find out which other TedLasso episodes she loves most on QuickBinge: sponsored TedLasso Did she say 'Ray'? brettgoldstein TedLasso Great episode! (Also 1-6 and 8-10.)