What's moving markets today: Live updates

Here's what investors are paying attention to.


Today's top business headlines: - China waives tariffs on some US goods - 6 in 10 Americans expect higher prices because of trade war - US income growth stalled in 2018 - Apple unveils new iPhone 11

Here's what investors are paying attention to.

The Federal Reserve should cut US interest rates to"zero, or less," said President Donald Trump in a tweet this morning. Lower rates would give the country the chance to refinance its debt pile at lower rates, Trump said.

The United States has some $70 trillion of total public and private sector debt. And a debt pile like that comes with a hefty interest bill. According to research from the Institute of International Finance, a 1% rate cut by the Fed could

Trump has long called on the Fed and Chairman Jerome Powell to lower rates to boost the economy, citing low rates in other countries as proof that America is lagging behind. The European Central Bank, for example, has not yet raised rates since slashing them to ultra-low levels in the wake of the European sovereign debt crisis. The ECB is giving its policy update tomorrow.

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My personal highlight: BORIS LIED TO THE QUEEN. 🇬🇧👑 🙈 It always amazes me that apple gets so much free coverage of its new products. Every time. Where no others do. It’s odd. Did you know that 6-10 cnn polls show the number 6-10... mmmm🤔 Free advertising for Apple or did they pay CNN for this mention?

What? 😂 Liberal media is so desperate for hatred. Trying to talk people into a recession and hoping for a recession is very un American. How embarrassing to be CNN Why are iPhone prices lower? Are those 6 in 10 Americans wrong? Why? Oh thou, I miss the times when we actually cared about new iPhone 🤷‍♀️

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Browns Fan Has Seizure On Live TV and Falls Off Van, HospitalizedA Browns fan was hospitalized after falling off the roof of a van while tailgating before the game on Sunday Oh my god That Browns fan wasn’t the only thing falling Sunday. The wheels also fell off the Browns bandwagon from all the fans & commentators that were putting Cleveland in the SuperBowl conversation. ClevelandAgainstTheWorld ClevelandBrowns MondayNightFootball NFL

Rescue underway for crew of capsized boat: Live updatesThe US Coast Guard is working to rescue four South Korean crew members aboard a cargo ship that capsized off the Georgia coast. Follow here for the latest. Save_Israa

Madonna Merch Bootleggers Targeted by Live NationBootleggers trying to sell rip-off materials at the 'Material Girl' concerts better think twice. I DGAF Free publicity can be expensive.

Rescue underway for crew of capsized ship: Live updatesThe US Coast Guard is working to rescue four South Korean crew members aboard a cargo ship that capsized off the Georgia coast. Follow here for the latest. Praise the Lord.

Wider Image: Israel's settlers and the Palestinians they live amongHis people's link to the land goes back to biblical times, says the comics ... *Israel's colonizers So let's get this straight, one says his Dad owns it and had it taken off him by force and the other one says an fairytale book says his ancestors owned it , around the time of people splitting the sea, turning water in wine and feeding 1000's of people with a loaf of bread 😳🙄

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