What Radical Self-Care Is & Why It's So Essential For Black Women

'The act of self-care has become critical to surviving in the modern world, especially as a Black woman.'

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1/21/2022 11:02:00 PM

'The act of self-care has become critical to surviving in the modern world, especially as a Black woman.' Here, psychotherapist OludaraAdeeyo shares why radical self-care is essential, as well as a practice to try. ✍️

'The act of self-care has become critical to surviving in the modern world, especially as a Black woman.'

that these three areas of your life are intertwined, so when one is acting up, it affects the other two. Thus, you must learn when to use your radical self-care skills.When to use radical self-care.Knowing when you need to use radicalself-careis essential to your wellness. The answer? Every day. What makes radical self-care so different from other types of self-care is that it requires you to give your full attention to your well-being. Ever get a stomachache when you had to make a tough decision? Or when you were feeling extremely nervous? Or how about the time you said yes to something you didn't want to do? You know what I'm talking about.

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