What more could Congress want from the administration’s Russia strategy?

Lobbying on the incident reporting bill — Focusing in on small business

7/19/2021 7:30:00 PM

As lawmakers get back to town, the Biden administration is starting to use another tool in its kit against Russia and ransomware: Sanctions

Lobbying on the incident reporting bill — Focusing in on small business

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RussiaDOUBLING DOWN ON RUSSIA— As Congress gets back in full swing one last time before the August recess, the Biden administration is swinging harder at Russia. The million-dollar question: Is it enough to quell lawmakers’ nervers?Right before the weekend,

the Commerce Department deployed another tool in the administration’s toolkit: sanctions. An expected move, the sanctions targetedsix Russian technology firmsthat support the Russian intelligence services and barred U.S. companies from selling technology to them unless they can secure a special license (which are rarely given out). headtopics.com

— The sanctions come as President Joe Biden weighs his options for offensive cyber strikes and right after he announced aransomware strategythat includes weekly meetings with a new taskforce, a ransomware conference next month and the offer of millions of dollars in rewards for people who provide info about criminal groups. The sanctions are just the latest escalation of Biden’s response to Russia, where the presence of ransomware criminal gangs operating with seeming impunity is adding to Moscow's tense relationship with the United States and other Western countries.

But will it be enough? Read more: POLITICO »

Relocating a Commercial Spacecraft at the Space Station on This Week @NASA – July 23, 2021

Relocating a commercial spacecraft at the space station, while another one gets ready to launch to the station, and Perseverance prepares for a mission miles...

Rowing-Russia withdraws quadruple sculls team, Lithuania to get spotThe Russian Rowing Federation (RRF) withdrew its men's quadruple sculls team from the Tokyo Olympics on Sunday, saying the level of skills of two potential substitutes in the crew did not meet Games standards. This message videos for you prime minister Scott Morrison and ABC news Australia and all news the world share with your family message videos for you ABC news visit this link website Leave a space on either side of the hyphen, unless “Rowing-Russia” is a thing.

Russia reports 25,018 new COVID-19 cases, 764 deathsRussia reported 25,018 new COVID-19 cases on Sunday, including 4,357 in Moscow, taking the official national tally since the pandemic began to 5,958,133. Alhamdulillah ... rest in shit, pigs Russia vs America is just a drama, covid hoax proves it. Its a gobal agenda before the push of RFID Markofthebeast testing grounds for them now. SBSNews

Novak says Russia to raise oil output in H2Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said on Sunday that Russia will raise its oil output in the second half of the year thanks to the new deal agreed by the OPEC+ group of leading oil producing countries to increase their total production. 这个节奏把握的挺好 당신이 지옥에 간다면 그것은 하나님께서 던져 넣으시거나 사랑하지 않으셔서가 아닙니다 그것은 개인의 선택에 따른 것입니다 StandardOfEntry

Russia to unveil new fighter jet at Moscow's air showRussian aircraft makers say they will present a prospective new fighter jet at a Moscow air show that opens next week. Ta, jasne. Now there is a smile, I LOVE. He is desperate for the past Sad thing is the Russian revolution happened cause people were sick of war & starving. Lennin promised them bread & land. They got little bread and no right to property. That was taken from the tsar & family and given to the Communist politicians.

Russia conducts ship-based hypersonic missile test -Ifax cites defence ministryRussia has tested a Tsirkon (Zircon) hypersonic cruise missile, hitting a ground target off the coast of the Barents Sea at a range of more than 350 km (217 miles), the Interfax news agency cited the defence ministry as saying on Monday.

U.S. investor Calvey tells court: Find me innocent and Russia will get billions in investmentU.S. investor Michael Calvey on Monday told a Moscow court trying him on embezzlement charges that an innocent verdict in his case would trigger billions of dollars in foreign investment and help create thousands of new jobs.