Medicare Drug Prices, Prescription Drugs

Medicare Drug Prices, Prescription Drugs

What Medicare Drug Price Negotiations Could Mean For You and Your Wallet

What Medicare Drug Price Negotiations Could Mean For You

9/24/2021 5:32:00 AM

What Medicare Drug Price Negotiations Could Mean For You

High drug costs are preventing seniors from taking medications as prescribed, but some politicians, like Senator Amy Klobuchar, are trying to change that.

Somecritics saythat with less of a monetary incentive, innovation by U.S. pharmaceutical companies could be stunted, but Klobuchar disagrees. “Drugs are developed all over the world and these countries still have much less expensive drug prices—and our American companies are selling drugs all over the world,” says Klobuchar. “So I just don’t buy that—that this will stunt their innovation or growth. They’re competitors. They’re going to innovate. They’re going to meet market demands.” Plus, Klobuchar points out that money from taxpayers has been used to develop advancements in medicine (like the

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, for example) so private pharmaceutical companies aren’t entirely on their own.How you can take action Read more: Prevention Magazine »

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Rep. Jones to those opposing lowering drug prices: who are you looking out for?Kyrsten Sinema has come out against the reconciliation bill's drug price reforms, which the majority of the country supports, according to recent polling. Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-NY) joins Joy Reid to discuss saying, ‘I think we are seeing the worst of what Americans believe about Congress play out in this moment.’ Yes, I enjoy paying more for my prescriptions ---says NOBODY Been seeing it since 2015. BanksResearcher SenatorSinema kyrstensinema harrisonjaime Primary her She is working against the American people.

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