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What Is Your School Doing to Protect Your Child from COVID-19?

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions from parents and caregivers

9/23/2021 5:00:00 PM

Parents & caregivers: How is your child’s school helping to protect students from COVID19? CDCgov recommends schools require universal indoor masking & use additional prevention strategies no matter how many students, educators, & staff are vaccinated.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions from parents and caregivers

Related PagesChildren are getting sick from COVID-19. Children are also having to go to the hospital at an increased rate due to rising rates of transmission of the Delta variant, especially in communities with low vaccination rates. CDC recommends all schools require universal masking and use additional prevention strategies regardless of how many students, educators, and staff are currently vaccinated. Masks are critical, but masks alone are not enough. Along with promoting vaccination for educators, staff, and students 12 years and older, schools must use several strategies at the same time to keep everyone as safe as possible. Examples of these strategies include improving ventilation and ensuring physical distancing. Federal resources are available to support these efforts. The following provides a set of questions you can ask your school to learn more about their COVID-19 precautions. This page also includes answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) CDC is hearing from parents and caregivers.

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Do you want to know what your school is doing to keep your child safe?As a parent or caregiver, you can and should learn more about how your school is using theCDC guidanceto help slow the spread of COVID-19. For detailed information, check with your school for procedures they have in place to help keep students, educators, staff, and visitors safe. It is also extremely important right now to teach and reinforce healthy behaviors for your children. Talk to them about the importance of masking, distancing, and frequent handwashing so that they can make choices that help keep them safer at school.

Here are some questions you can ask your school to learn more about their COVID-19 precautions:What prevention strategies are you currently using to keep my child safe in school?How will you keep parents and caregivers updated on any changes in the school’s prevention strategies?

How and when are you updating your protocols for COVID-19?Will you be hosting information sessions about COVID-19 vaccination for parents, guardians, and eligible students?Will you offer COVID-19 vaccination at the school?Are you requiring teachers, staff, or students 12 and older to be vaccinated against COVID-19?

Will you be providing screening testing regularly?What happens if my child’s teacher gets sick from COVID-19?Are there procedures in place for contact tracing?What is your quarantine policy if my child comes into close contact with someone who has COVID-19?

Are you allowing visitors on campus? And if so, what procedures are you using for guests?Are you using outdoor spaces for learning, extracurricular activities, or mealtime?What are you doing to keep students safe when they are eating meals?What are my remote learning options if my child has to quarantine or isolate?

Here are some responses to FAQs we are hearing from parents and caregivers that you may find useful:General Why does CDC guidance keep changing?CDC guidance changes because COVID-19 keeps changing and what we know about it continues to evolve. COVID-19 is still a new disease that CDC and others continue to study in order to provide the best guidance possible. CDC gives guidance based on the latest science to prevent and control disease, injury, and disability. All recommendations are based on available

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scientific data including outbreak investigations and tracking cases of COVID-19 in children. These investigations show, for example, that the Delta variant behaves differently from past variants of COVID-19. This means guidance will change as CDC learns more about what works best to reduce risk of COVID-19.

How can I find out if my school is doing anything to protect my child?Ask your school district and school to give written protocols or a webinar for parents to talk through the school’s plans and protocols. They should be able to describe COVID-19 prevention strategies along with steps to take when a student, educator, or staff member has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, has

 of COVID-19, or tests positive for COVID-19. This information should be provided in languages and formats that are accessible to all parents and caregivers.Is the Delta variant more dangerous to me and my child? Read more: »

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CDCgov CDCgov Local college is doing a lot. Local schools nothing at all. CDCgov We want option of remote learning they r our kids we decide whats best 4them they go2school with mask hand sanitizer school is clean kids still getting sick my daughter got sick we had remote last year whats the problem now they dont notify parents if someone got sick in school

CDCgov Masks will give us pneumonia or bacterial lung infections. Spanish flu masks killed the same way. CDCgov Masking would have prevented millions of flu deaths...but no one seemed to care. Covid-19 is more about profit than science. CDCgov Most of the schools in Texas aren’t doing anything at all to protect students from Covid-19 because our governor GovAbbott has blocked mask mandates & our attorney general KenPaxtonTX is suing school districts who tried to make mitigation mandatory. Politics is harming kids.

CDCgov I live in Florida, where they hold kids down and spit virus into their mouth. Next year I expect Florida will make polio infections mandatory and perhaps elect SmallPox for governor CDCgov My child goes to a private/hybrid school, it's small, under 70 kids. We have a positive case among students already, but the school director does nothing since she's an antivaxxer and the positive case is her son. His classmates and teachers are still not required to wear masks.

CDCgov How about when superintendence lie about the number of Covid in school districts or in the high school HAHS, HACC they are not reporting the numbers. For fear of being shut down. Please keep this Anonymous. CDCgov Mine isn't. At all. CDCgov They are not. Plano_Schools Plano Tx is ending their temporary mask mandate tomorrow. collincollege won’t even allow professors to talk about them. I go to class and only a handful of students wear them. The professors don’t even wear them. Makes zero sense.

India to target children for COVID-19 vaccine from Oct -sourcesAll Indian children aged 12 or older will become eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations from next month, when drug maker Cadila Healthcare launches its ZyCoV-D product, two sources with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters.

CDCgov In Oregon thankfully mask wearing is not option, really we should have a federal mandate for mask wearing in schools, but I realize that would never fly. CDCgov My district in TX (FortBendISD) still doesn’t have a mask mandate and they leave it to parents’ discretion for quarantine after exposure, but they do conduct contact tracing. Overall I’d give them an F- b/c they’re too scared of GregAbbott_TX to follow public health guidelines.

CDCgov Except in FL…R DeSantis and crew are not smart enough to implement precautions.

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Brazil’s Unvaccinated President Goes Into Quarantine After Return From New YorkUnvaccinated Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was self-isolating after a member of his delegation tested positive for the virus that causes Covid-19 during Bolsonaro's trip to the UN's General Assembly in New York The vaccine doesn’t prevent anyone from getting the virus and neither from transmitting it. And he already had Covid, which can cause the best possible immunity according to some researchers The man has Antibodies in hig levels... Natural immunity is 100 times better than experimental vaccines.

DeSantis says requiring students quarantine after COVID exposure 'draconian'DeSantis' new rule also allows students with COVID-19 and are experiencing symptoms to return to school, as long as they have a note from a doctor or nurse practitioner. This is just ridiculous. Wtf. Wake up before it’s too late. Learn the truth about the vaccines. It’s all on my Twitter page. ⚡️ Great idea Governor Great idea.

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