What Is the 75Hard Challenge You Keep Hearing About?

Is 75Hard too extreme, or is it the perfect challenge? Here's what experts say.

11/27/2021 4:01:00 PM

Is 75Hard too extreme, or is it the perfect challenge? Here's what experts say.

75Hard is an intense 75-day mental and physical challenge, including diet and strict rules, designed to 'take complete control of your life.'

, low-carb — you choose, but there has to be a physical improvement in mind. This doesn't necessarily mean weight loss, but the diet change has to make you feel better in some way. Maybe you want to eat less sugar because you know it upsets your stomach. Or maybe you want to go plant-based to lower your cholesterol levels.

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Two 45-minute workouts; one has to be outside:There are no specifics about the workouts, how intense they need to be, or the type. You could do a strength-training workout at the gym, then take a 45-minute walk outside. You can run outside for 45 minutes, then take a yoga class. You can even work out longer than 45 minutes. You choose, but the outdoor workout has to happen, whether it's raining or -10 degrees out. The point is that you can't always control the weather, just like you can't always control things in your life.

No alcohol, and no"cheat meals:"No cheat meals means you can't stray from the diet you chose. That means if you say you're giving up sugar, you can't have one tiny bite of cake, or else you need to start back on Day 1. The point is to teach you how to stay focused on the goals you set. headtopics.com

Take a progress picture every day:Looking back at the photos will help you see how far you've come and keep you on track if you want to give up.Drink one gallon of water:This will teach you that sometimes, the simplest tasks can be the hardest to do.

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Read 10 pages of a book (audiobooks don't count):This has to be a nonfiction book, so you can learn something and grow your mind.Frisella explained in this podcastthat the point of this challenge is to help you achieve confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, grit, perseverance, and resilience. By pushing yourself to stay committed to these goals, to develop discipline even when it gets hard or uncomfortable, once the 75 days are completed, he believes you will be a different person,"guaranteed."

What Do Dietitians Think About 75Hard?

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