What is Prime Wardrobe UK? How it works on Amazon & why it's so good

What is Prime Wardrobe UK? How it works on Amazon & why it's so good

6/11/2021 7:00:00 AM

What is Prime Wardrobe UK? How it works on Amazon & why it's so good

Prime Wardrobe is for Amazon users in the UK can now use Prime Wardrobe to shop for the latest fashions. Find out what Prime Wardrobe does, plus how to use it and all of the benefits.

RELATED: How to get FREE money to spend on Amazon Prime Day - and help small businesses tooWhat is Prime Wardrobe? Prime Wardrobe allows members who have a shipping address in the UK mainland to build a box of up to six eligible garments, checkout without payment, receive items in a resealable box with a printed return label, and keep or return at no cost through in-store and carrier drop-off within 7 days.

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Allowing you to test and trial the latest fashions, Prime Wardrobe's eligible selection consists of clothing, shoes, bags and accessories – including jewellery, watches and luggage – for women, men and kids. READ: Amazon Prime Day UK 2021: Date confirmed plus the best deals and everything to know

Which brands are included with Prime Wardrobe?  Stocking the most-loved and popular fashion brands, Prime members have access to:MORE: Loved Kate Middleton's £2,300 heart-shaped earrings? Amazon sells a £14.99 versionHow to use Prime Wardrobe Members will be able to identify eligible items through the Prime Wardrobe badge or Prime Wardrobe eligibility statement on the product detail age.

You can then pick up to six items, which will be delivered straight to your doorstep at no extra cost. You'll then have a seven-day trial period to find the best styles.Once you've decided which pieces you'd like to keep, simply login to 'Your Orders' page and mark which you'll be keeping and returning. 

To return, use the resealable bag and included prepaid return label or choose the return option which is most convenient to you. What are the benefits of using Prime Wardrobe? Ensuring customer satisfaction, Prime Wardrobe allows you to try before you buy, without charge. You can simply try on from home and take seven days to decide whether or not you'll keep your order. 

Prime Wardrobe makes it easier to return your items, and it's included within your Prime membership at no additional cost.  Read more: HELLO! »

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