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World, Cop26: How The Un Climate Conference Works

What is COP26? How the pivotal UN conference could avert global climate 'catastrophe'

The COP26 international climate talks in Glasgow this November couldn't come at a more crucial time.

9/23/2021 11:31:00 AM

Here's everything you need to know about the COP26 international climate talks in Glasgow this November, and what world leaders hope to achieve

The COP26 international climate talks in Glasgow this November couldn't come at a more crucial time.

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Hubble Finds Evidence of Water Vapor in One Hemisphere of Europa

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope observations of Jupiter’s icy moon Europa have revealed the presence of persistent water vapor – but, mysteriously, only in one hemisphere.

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Op-Ed: For a generation born into climate change, hope isn't an option. Activism isIf you're 25 years old, you grasp the near certainty of climate catastrophe. Then you fight it, because what choice do you have? opinion Climate Change = Fake News 🤣

UN chief says climate alarms are ringing at a 'fever pitch' in frustrated speechGuterres appealed to world leaders Tuesday to show solidarity and act on the climate crisis, warning that humanity was on track for 'catastrophe.' And those alarms will keep ringing because the same old fogies are the ones still kicking the can down the road because you've done nothing for how many YEARS? And now, it's too late & you all still have NOTHING to offer. Climate change is a problem, and human beings have made a significant contribution to said problem. However, many of the policy proposals to address it are unworkable and ridiculous. Wind and solar will not adequately provide for our power needs. Please read my thread pinned। And Spread my thoughts all over the world, it will establish peace in the whole world. Politicians have the same old things from which nothing will happen. Support me This will establish permanent peace in the world.

South Africa adopts more ambitious emissions target before climate summitSouth Africa's cabinet has adopted a more ambitious emissions reduction target ahead of a United Nations climate conference in November, the country's environment department said on Wednesday. South Africa is the favorite experimentation site for the globalists.

Road to COP: Denmark’s green giantOrsted is one of the most highly valued players in the global energy transition. Chief Executive Mads Nipper’s main job is to ensure things stay that way as demand for its wind power intensifies. Ahead of Glasgow’s critical COP26 conference in November, he chatted to George Hay.

German auto giants bet on hydrogen cars for zero-emission futureMost of Germany's carmakers are pumping billions of dollars into hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles alongside their battery cars as they believe the industry could soon see a shift

U.N. chief grades world on vaccine rollout: 'F in Ethics'U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres accused global powers of hubris in the face of coronavirus vaccine inequalities, the climate crisis, and ‘billionaires joyriding to space while millions go hungry on Earth’ Maybe the UN needs to stop grafting the money meant to provide economic development for the poor. At least the billionaire joyriding provides American 🚀 nerds 🤓 well paid jobs that feed their communities. But yes, the useless UN, amazon takes $ubsidies and blames SpaceX And what s***hole was he born in, that he left at the first chance instead of making it better?