What is Andrew Yang's 'big' Democratic debate surprise?

Yang mysteriously tweeted that 'we've got something big in store!'


Andrew Yang will be doing something 'big' and 'unprecedented' at Thursday night's debate, a senior campaign official tells NBCNews.

Yang mysteriously tweeted that 'we've got something big in store!'

he tweeted ,"For those wondering I will be crowdsurfing in sandals at Thursday's debate." Yang pulled a similar stunt before the July debate, joking in a tweet that,"I would like to signal to the press that I will be attacking Michael Bennet at next week's debate," referring to the Colorado senator and fellow presidential candidate. "If I only get 3 minutes of talking time in the next debate I'm still using all of them to attack @MichaelBennet," he said. Should Yang's hints come to fruition, it wouldn't be the first time his debate performance has been . He's also believed to be the first male candidate to not wear a necktie in a nationally televised presidential debate. Dareh Gregorian Dareh Gregorian is a politics reporter for NBC News. Julia Jester Read more: NBC News

Morning_Joe On the platform of, HEY! I'LL GIVE YOU MONEY IF YOU VOTE FOR ME! 🙄 Morning_Joe So now the democrat socialist communists are buying votes! Morning_Joe Yang is a jerk. He doesn't belong on that stage. ANOTHER CHINESE JOKE, Morning_Joe His ego trip is past its sell by date. Go run for city council if you want to serve, Yang. Learn something.

Morning_Joe He showed up It was a total turn off. Yeah he called Puerto Rico 🇵🇷a country 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤨🤨🤨🤨 Who cares? No thanks! LOL, and I was thinking he might be wearing a tie LOL !!! Buying votes?

Is Andrew Yang ready for prime time?Yang is one of the top six polling candidates in the Democratic primary field heading into Thursday's ABC debate. One of the lesser-known candidates, Yang still faces long odds. I personally would enjoy seeing him host 'Saturday Night Live.' Yang is a good man. But he is not fit to be president.

Morning_Joe MAGA 2020! GStephanopoulos BillKristol NateSilver538 FoxNews MSNBC maddow donlemon IngrahamAngle larryelder HillaryClinton hughhewitt ewarren GOP TheView MAGA Stupid He hasn’t dropped out yet lol He’s going to tell us he’s dropping out? bring common sense? 10 people ? Morning_Joe Let’s get serious

Raise UBI to $1 million per person, per year. Morning_Joe please don't stay in the race Announcing if he wins, he will give every American family a million dollars?....

Twitter applauds Andrew Yang crowd surfing - CNN VideoAndrew Yang crowd surfing is the latest example of a political candidate having some fun with supporters. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports. WhoIsJohnYang ? Looks like you guys know 😉 YangSurfing 🏄‍♂️🤘

Morning_Joe After all this “lead up”, I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a dud. Like some kind of crazy “give away”. Morning_Joe Man this is seriously stuff. All this stuff for one minute being famous. Pfff Boring Morning_Joe Another clown 🤷‍♀️ He will say that he is dropping out of the race... He'll have himself and the rest of the candidates committed to a mental institution... that's my guess.... and America will cheer!

Announce he’s giving each American $3000 a month instead of the $1k Or just crowd surf again? This is not the time for gimmick and clownry. I hope the surprise is him dropping out anonymossources Come out in a dress? First President to have gender reassignment surgery while in office. That will perk up the 'woke' crowd.

Tampa Bay signed him for tonight’s game as their field goal kicker. He will be the only candidate anyone watches. It would be big of him to end this nightmarish charade.

#YangBeatsTrump trends after poll shows Trump trailing Yang by 8 points in New Hampshire: He's 'honest, not racist'Biden was the only other candidate who fared better against Trump than Yang. 😆😆😆 Very interesting Yes. YangBeatsTrump but can he beat a riggeddnc

Skipping the debates which aren't really debates with candidates who will do and say anything to get attention. A rusty trombone to all the candidates! Is he going to tell everyone how he lies and deceives everyone. Now that would be news the TRUTH. AndrewYang Why does this crap feel like I'm reading something from the present moron in the WH? Don't need stunts, we need people who really work for the country. Ffs.

Probably offering 5000.00 per month for those who vote for him, along with EVERYTHING FREE FOR ILLEGALS.. HOUSING, FOOD, HEALTH CARE, CARS, PHONES, CLOTHING, DENTAL, VAP MONIES, DRUGS etc...... Seems Dems have to BRIBE people to convince them to vote Democrat Socialist!!! Oh please. Don't turn it into a circus for attention.

And so it begins...The Revelation of the Obama/Biden Adm-Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Strzok, Rice, Power-Perpetrating the Russia Hoax Lie on American People by Democrats and their Lame Stream Media..Lost Credibility.. I’m hearing that the debate hasn’t even sold all of it seats.... Song and dance number complete with top hat and cane!

HuffPost is now a part of OathYea, that’s the worst thing happening right now If you think that's bad, wait till you hear what they've been calling Joe Biden: 'Progressive'

Hopefully it's: I'm dropping out. Announce his run as an Independent? AndrewYang Will join SNL. Hopefully getting out of the race so we can get serious. OH MY GAWD! He's going to tell the truth!!! DOJ is recommending charges for disgraced former FBI official Andrew McCabe A criminal prosecution of the deep state is finally happening This opens the door for: Brennan Clapper Strzok & Page And the rest of the coup leaders to be indicted Justice is coming! RT!

He's going to NAME his VP running mate *yawn Stepping down He's pulling out!! 😂😂 Stage selfie

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders slam Trump over data showing fewer Americans have health insuranceHealth care likely will be a crucial topic in Thursday's Democratic presidential primary debate in Houston. More than 70 million have health insurance but they can't afford to use them. So they really do not have health insurance. By 'Americans', i'm sure they mean illegal immigrants Some people, especially young, healthy people, choose not to have insurance at that point in their lives. After the Obamacare mandate was removed, many decided to stop paying for health insurance because there was no penalty for not having it.

Honestly admit that all the other Dems have lost their minds? Is he gonna boof into the mic? So the Democrats have resorted to being side shows now in order to have any hope of getting votes? He is going to wear a tie? He’ll probably wear a tie. It’s going to be ‘Alexa... tell me about Andrew Yang’ and everyone’s eavesdropping Tech will start spewing Yang info

A new concept for any Presidential candidate, on either side, would be to only tell the truth. That would be historical. You get $1000, and you get $1000, and ..... Making Kong Po Chicken 🤣 Tell the truth?

What to watch for in ABC News' Democratic presidential debateThe third Democratic debate, hosted by ABC News and Univision, on Thursday will feature a single night of debate between the top 10 highest polling candidates. Drink every time Biden makes a gaffe. Biden has had decades to fix the govenment, ewarren has many plans and ideas to fix everything! Someone has a plan, and it happens to be a very smart woman! Time has come for change America! Big changes!!

Who? Offering more free stuff? Wow he's so brave. Gonna wear a t-shirt? That would be very tech bro. Big hands? The LunaticLeft is proof that LiberalismIsAMentalDisease He is going to give $1000 to all members of the audience? Chinese racist crowd surfs then they drop him on his head I want to receive $1000 per month as Andrew is suggesting for all adults in the USA

Pole dancing?

Here's an idea - Yang should get on stage and act like the kind of president that he wants to be. The debate stage is not the place to put on a show Whatever happened to talking politics? Oh wait your a dem...sorry carry on!! “I am Iron Man!” Throwing money into the audience I’m sure. Beto livestreamed getting his teeth cleaned. Maybe Yang is going to get a colonoscopy on live tv?

Don't tell me he is going to song? Yang's people really have this 'managing expectations' thing down, don't they? 🙄 What? Break dancing? Singing? Gonna be on dancing with stars, if he loses? He’s probably going to hang out with his wang out. Is he going to offer everyone $1500 a month to vote for him?

Wearing a hoodie You have my interest He's going to suggest more than $1k a week for everyone in America. If I had to guess, I'm going to say he will be,cartwheeling his way onto the stage tonight He's going to wear a dress. Something cringeworthy no doubt Years from now, historians will refer to it simply as 'The Fleshlight Debate'

He’s going to speak Spanish! Another undone button?!?! AndrewYang

He’s coming as his fursona and BetoORourke is gonna lose his shit Body surf? Revealing his “YANGGANG4EVA” tattoo? If you’re playing it up this much, it’s going to be stupid. Silly childish Bringing an American Flag on stage or wearing a flag pin? Because that would actually be nuts for the Dems. drop out?

He's going to whip out his yang.

Wear a tie. If it involes that pose and taking off his pants, I’m out! Wearing a tie this time? My 5’ tall 11 year old son is the crowd surfer of ever..... 🍻 Masturbating into an empty beer can while juggling aborted fetuses in an attempt to 'pwn' the Right? If he does that he gets my vote, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Make good on one of his campaign promises and give everyone in attendance $1000 Yes, making an a** of himself again. Trump wins. He's going to make it rain with fresh 100's he just printed. Whooooo hooooo He's gonna rap

Everybody gets $1000 When you read the comments on all these articles about the Democrats you realize there is a 90% chance Trump will be re-elected in 2020. Very sad. Pissing money away in the most amazing and forward thinking fashion? He'll wear a MAGA hat Dropping out during the debate? More line dancing?

Naked debates 2019. Truly we're living in the best timeline. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Hopefully......drop out! More 'ad nauseum.'

Is anyone else sick of the sideshow circus candidates without a whiff of intention to serve the American people and their headline grabbing stunts? I sure am. I know! I know!! Acting a fool in a shameless, last ditch effort to make an impression. Hoping to avoid dropping out of the race. The United States of America is not going to be led by a guy, who’s last name is a synonymous with the male genitalia. Please dude GTFOH!

He's a clown Lol Announcement... he's pregnant... it's a girl! Man km going to have to listen to this on the radio. Dont really want to see him naked.... Leftist theatrics showboating lies for votes. Meaningless deception. Song and Dance Routine?

Pls God let it be dropping out!!! Light a firecracker & drop it down his pants? Answer: being awesome and winning? He's going to make it rain with 100's he printed So what? He is gonna speak up ? No one cares! What's that giving away $2000 per month instead of $1000. I predict that he will end his run and endorse Elizabeth Warren.

Oh god...they are so boring. There is zero surprise in these people. They are all like zombies...

Who the hell is he? Why are they trying to force feed him to us? What is he supposed to be Asian Obama? I don't see it Oh good. Promises for more free stuff No matter how many flips he does, it’s not going to make me watch the circus. Never liked the clowns Show his ding dong in Hong Kong Tell the truth Still being on stage?

That Taxes would double due to his universal income policy You mean he might wear a tie

What can he possibly do as far as doing a line of coke during debate, pulling a gun out and pooping of shots, pulling out his wang and doing a yang wang dance, what could he possibly do. That DNC ‘allows’ AndrewYang to win the debate? That’d be ‘big’ and ‘unprecedented’ for sure. LeslieMarshall Who?

can’t wait Not LeslieMarshall I sincerely hope the 'big' and 'unprecedented' thing that Andrew Yang is going to do at the Thursday night debate is drop-out of the Democratic primary.. 'Stick a fork' in him, he's done. DropOutYang dropout 'The Hangover lll' After drugs in Bangkok he wakes up crowd surfs his way into the Presidential race for 2020

UBI4America Hes going to wear a tie Andrew Yang can't say right now...'Ancient Chinese Secret...!!' ;) The Dem candidates barely hanging on need to get out of the race so the message can be honed, right now it’s a mess.

willyuwaychang Leaked footage of Andrew Yang practicing his debate entrance. YangDebateSurprise Yang2020 Hype! He's putting on a tie? 🤣 How big could it be? I mean, really. LeslieMarshall Drop out? Drop out. Every answer in pig Latin? Omg He’s wearing a tie The Macarena? LeslieMarshall Note to Self: - Boxer Shorts? - already been done - Flip Flops? - Fucking lame - Pizza Delivery? Call PapaJohns

Budd Dwyer?

He's going to smoke cannabis Drop out, please Hopefully withdrawing from the race. 🙄 Let me guess he's not coming Announcing he will run for vp for Michelle Obama. Oh man, he is gonna crowd surf right across the debate stage, isn't he? YangTucker2020

Sources close to the situation are reporting that he will announce Chris Tucker as his running mate. Crowd serf? Gold chain? Hand out $1,000? Telling the truth? He's gonna wear a tie He's announcing a running mate and it will fall flat. Ugh. Put that away, Andy. Nobody wants to see. YangWang NOt wearing a jacket?

Talk about something besides his UBI? Like how he’ll handle foreign crises, or immigration issues, or education debt and loan sharks? I hope so. FIRE ONE UP 🔥 No matter who you are you will regret clicking on this link. Spare yourself.

If he’s gonna show his penis again, count me out. EVERYBODY GETS A CAR What is dropping out the race?! Whipping out his Andrew Wang on stage. giving out $1,000 to each member in the audience? He's going to be honest? dropping out Finally. Straight-forward coverage. 😴

WHO CARES Is he gonna say the fuck word? Let the wang hang yang He’s going to propose to Marianne Williamson. Heard he’s gonna wear flip flops. Maybe a Hawaiian shirt too🌴 He supports INFANTICIDE 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾‼️‼️ He will be trumps VP? Is everyone getting a check?

What? WONDER.... He is going to promise to give more money to Americans a month? A check for all Americans and our country is in so much debt.🤔 Beating Ted Cruz 1v1 CruzvsYang He's going to give everybody $1K to vote for him NBCAsianAmerica 2 articles in 2 days, good job NBC. And you got his name correct again. You are learning.

So we've got Valerie Plame appealing at a Dukes of Hazzard level, and Andrew Yang teasing 'a very special episode' of the debates. The dumbing down continues unabated, I guess. AmericaLee He’s trolling you guys. Because he knows this is how you write articles about him. He literally campaigned on only long form podcasts and town halls of pure substance for 1.5 years, with no media coverage. Now he has figured out how to get that coverage.

An intelligent idea, besides raising our taxes? There’s a debate tomorrow? He’s going to wear a suit and tie. One of those hibachi volcanos?

Smoking weed Like performing puppets. Each trying to get more attention. Pass the popcorn. Mosh Pit. ANDREW YANG will chug a beer on stage upon being introduced. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST 😆🤣😆😆😂🤣😂😆😆🤣😂😂 Free stuff for everyone! Would you look at that shit! A positive NBC headline. That he’s dropping out?

Ummmmm....he will borrow the T-Rex outfit the bridesmaid wore? Can you say ‘Candidate ANDREA Yang’? You mean he bought a tie?

jmadisonplc Getting his name on screen on NBC and MSNBC newscasts? Hopefully he keeps his clothes on & doesn't cry terrble scheduling Paying your loans? I bet he is quitting !! Hes quiting Is he gonna pull a Lenny Kravitz? He’ll vape on stage, there I solved it Tell me about it after it happens. AndrewYang annoucing elonmusk as his VP pick at tomorrow's debate

Unzipping his fly? What showing up naked? Or rebranding his failing campaigns? He gonna crowd surf again. Yang Gang baby! What? Is he stripping? I put nothing past these insane people! Baton twirling? What? Throw in the towel, give up, quit?!!! That's the only thing I need him to do. :( REBT :D FREE MONEY FREE FOOD!!!YAY

TuanAPhan1 I think elonmusk dared AndrewYang to do something crazy in order to support him YangGang Unqualified dude desperately needs attention.

Dropping out? He will get out the race because he has no chance! Give everyone in the audience $1000 Forwardprogres6 So many bitter people commenting on here. The people in your life must really love your constant negativity. Wear a tie? He’s going to Out cuss Beto? what? Drop out? He will endorse another candidate.

Move to higher grounds as the sea levels are rising?

Full frontal? Aside from crowd surfing in Sandals? :) ILikeYangToo He's got some good ideas on the surface that I'd like to see discussed more fully. Dropping out? Switching parties?

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