What I'll Miss Most About TikTok Is This Sexy Scottish Baker

What I'll Miss Most About TikTok Is This Sexy Scottish Baker

9/25/2020 9:32:00 PM

What I'll Miss Most About TikTok Is This Sexy Scottish Baker

His voice is as syrupy sweet as his signature sticky plum crumble cake.

. He first popped up on my FYP a few months ago, spouting helpful tips for shaping biscuits in a voice as syrupy sweet as his signature sticky plum crumble cake. I had no idea then what a Hebridean was, but I was hooked. (For the similarly uninitiated, a quick Google search reveals that the Hebrides are an island chain off the west coast of mainland Scotland. This checks out, given his recent

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kilt tutorialand very thick accent.)The Hebridean Baker has a scruffy Paul Bunyan beard, a knack for kneading, and that ASMR voice that sounds how I imagine a warm shortbread cookie might talk if it came to life. The effect is very Scottish-sexy, very

Outlander. Plus he's got a cute Westie that accompanies him to pick blackberries for his homemade jelly. As it turns out, watching a dog-loving hot Scot bake bread is the ultimate antidote to these dark times. Please Mr. Hebridean Baker, if you're reading this, consider moving over to Triller if TikTok goes down.

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