What Happened When A Homeless Shelter Moved Into My Upper Class City Neighborhood

What Happened When A Homeless Shelter Moved Into My Upper Class City Neighborhood

10/26/2020 12:11:00 AM

What Happened When A Homeless Shelter Moved Into My Upper Class City Neighborhood

I would like to think that for many people, it is hard to enjoy one’s luxuries when others nearby have so little.

Manyare decrying the loss of the Upper West Side’s elegance. But is having a high percentage of wealthy people in a neighborhood a measure of its elegance? True elegance has always been, to me, a mingling of character and etiquette. How you feel about other people is reflected in how you treat them. Your behavior is your calling card. So before you assume the Upper West Side is declining because of the homeless, look first to your own heart, and ask yourself if

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What a compassionate story. The world needs more of this

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