What Happened To Leonardo DiCaprio's 'Shotgun' Wedding To Camila Morrone?

What Happened To Leonardo DiCaprio's 'Shotgun' Wedding To Camila Morrone?

8/6/2020 9:10:00 PM

What Happened To Leonardo DiCaprio's 'Shotgun' Wedding To Camila Morrone?

About a year ago a tabloid story started floating around Leonardo DiCaprio hastily marrying Camila Morrone with Brad Pitt set to be the best man. A year later, DiCaprio is still unwed without children, so Gossip Cop was right to debunk this story. Let’s take a look back.

Gossip Copwas right to debunk this story. Let’s take a look back.An Unexpected Pregnancy Cases An Unexpected MarriageSurprise pregnancies and secret weddings have been tabloid fodder forever but most magazines are wise not to combine both stories, as it makes it easier to be disproven.

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NWdid not heed this advice when it claimed DiCaprio would marry Morrone because of an unexpected pregnancy. Despite the marriage being a “,” DiCaprio was still planning “a dream storybook wedding” with hisOnce Upon A Time In Hollywoodco-star Brad Pitt serving as best man.

At the time, sources close to Pitt and DiCaprio both assured us that this story was false. A year later, A DiCaprio wedding and baby would be frontpage news even in a pandemic. No wedding happened. No baby was born.Gossip CopTwo Big Claims. Both False

In the intervening year, DiCaprio has not gotten married, although tabloids continue. Morrone and DiCaprio have been together for a few years now, which is very long by DiCaprio standards. They’ve been quarantining together as well andPeoplereports true love

. An engagement could come soon, but as of now, nothing has been confirmed. Read more: Gossip Cop »

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