What foreign ambassadors really think about Biden’s first year

Pick up the phone, they say: “We're talking about 10 f---ing minutes of your time.”

1/21/2022 12:12:00 AM

After one year with Biden in charge, friendly nations say they’re much happier with U.S. foreign policy, but they’re frustrated by the lack of high-level access and plodding decision-making

Pick up the phone, they say: “We're talking about 10 f---ing minutes of your time.”

After one year with President Joe Biden in charge, friendly nations say they’re much happier with U.S. foreign policy, but they’re frustrated by the lack of high-level access and plodding decision-making.While fewer diplomats now have tweet notifications set for White House accounts, the rub is that they feel left out by an administration that takes pains to say it’s deliberate and consultative.

The ambassador added that America’s domestic problems and the pandemic limit how much time and energy the administration can spend with all who want attention. “There must be some frustration on the part of smaller countries, but that’s a reflection of the political realities that exist here.”

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Look. I wonder how many time-zones and burning tundra the US has. I would bring them all to the ... well, you know, how would I say it before an International forum? 🤔 Joe Biden is doing a great job Beats the hell out of the last guy.Joes like Obama cleaning up another disaster. Republicans won’t like it being the cause so they blame everybody an anybody

Note to all foreign governments: The circus and comedy show is over...we have a real president now. Putin at least is pretty pleased, as are the Mullahs and China. 👍 JonLemire More ambassadors need to be confirmed. Call Sen Cruz Not a word about how the US State Department was hollowed out under Trump and how senate Republicans are dragging their feet in approving the appointment of staff.

I'm here to show my appreciation to TarellaCampbel who took me out from zero to hero. I'm so glad to be among your winning team ma'am and I will always show my gratitude and work with you always. He needs a lot of naps. And unlike Trump, he's not constantly dialing for dollars (for himself and his evil, corrupt, criminal family). You might usefully point that out, you clowns.

Trump negotiated a bad China deal. It has expired -- yet perplexingly, Biden isn't abandoning itOPINION: The Phase One trade agreement contained no real mechanism for enforcing the global trading rules. It’s time for the U.S. to abandon the deal, global trade attorney Neena Shenai writes. Trump had the right idea. It was a stepping stone to further and better agreements. You gotta start somewhere. Biden can’t hold a knowledgeable conversation so of course he can’t build on what was started and it’s all falling apart because of it. biden doesn't even know what he wore today, to think he'd even be aware of who the leader of china is, is a stretch.

Biden Still Thinks ‘Big Chunks’ Of Massive Social Spending Bill Can Pass This YearThe president still believes Congress can pass portions of the Build Back Better Act by the midterm elections, despite skepticism from Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.)

How Biden’s first year became a tale of two presidenciesInside the White House, there is still optimism: “President Biden was elected to a four-year term, not a one-year term.” I don't think America can take 3 more years of Jimmy Carter 2.0 Inside the whitehouse maybe, but not with a majority of the American people. Need to clean up💩💩💩 from the last 🤡🤡!!! Still cleaning it up. Repubes are just vengeful and he can't get anything done!!

How Biden's approval ratings have changed during his Ffrst year in officePresident Biden concludes his first year in office with the second-lowest approval rating of any President's freshman year at the White House. Low approval with media & the elite help! Biden won't be happy with that! He is a record breaker with votes/jobs/economy etc so being second (even if it's second to last) is a disappointment, he wants to be number 1! I never thought of meeting a legit bitcoin trader after been scammed many times at my age but the heavens sent SamAndCoTradin guided me and help me make a living through bitcoin with my coinbase app, I recommend you to meet him now and also be a beneficiary of good work

Joe Biden's 7 biggest achievements during his first year as presidentA taxing year for the Biden administration has also achieved marked success. It’s only 2 really Brought to you by Biden Corporate give aways and the rest talk. That list is pathetic.

One year in, Biden confronts the limits of his powerDemocratic euphoria has faded as the president's ambitious goals have run headlong into the harsh realities of a 50-50 Senate, GOP opposition and a conservative Supreme Court. Lol found out you can't force that b.s vaccine on ppl huh يحاولون ويحاولون ويحاولون بلا توقف