What even is Joe Manchin’s deal?

'Everyone knew right from the start that when Manchin is your 50th vote in a Democratic-led Senate then your climate change provisions are going to have a lot of struggles,' @sahilkapur says. 'He's now flexing his muscle specifically on what he wants cut.'

10/20/2021 7:31:00 AM

'Everyone knew right from the start that when Manchin is your 50th vote in a Democratic-led Senate then your climate change provisions are going to have a lot of struggles,' sahilkapur says. 'He's now flexing his muscle specifically on what he wants cut.'

The Senate Appropriations Committee — including Joe Manchin — signed off on trillions in new spending over the next decade. But the money isn’t going toward the things his constituents actually need. NBC News political reporter Sahil Kapur and MSNBC analyst David Corn discuss why Manchin isn’t delivering for West Virginians.

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sahilkapur Sen_JoeManchin needs to go. He is out of touch with what people need. He is working for his corporate donors not the voters. BuildBackBetter Manchin4Sale sahilkapur It is about ego and power, nothing else really. He can be President Biden from a Senate seat. sahilkapur That’s a rude headline. Sounds like MSNBC doesn’t like Joe Manchin. I thought you’re supposed to be a news organization?

sahilkapur WV...he is getting rich while you suffer. sahilkapur Manchin is our leader now 🤦‍♂️ sahilkapur Rotating villain. This isn’t hard unless you watch too much MSNBC. He is there to stop progress and Democrats have him there to be the fall guy for their failure. It’s orchestrated. sahilkapur I'm old enough to remember when it was 60 and Joe Lieberman.

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sahilkapur In a sense, Manchin is Climate Change's worst enemy. He will not go down in history as a hero of the Enlightenment.

Joe Manchin Hinders Infrastructure BillSen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is hindering President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda and getting called out for his actions. This is Joe Manchin (basically) He really needs to leave Dems and go GOP!! I am serious he is not a Dem! He should be lauded for his Saving America from the Radicals in the DNC plan. Thank god he is holding firm although it is questionable for how long.

sahilkapur Oh joy. Manchin really knows how to throw a good party. He knows how to make us happy. He is such an angel. We love him so much. We thank him for helping us, the people of the United States. His is so good. God bless Sen. Manchin. And Sinema. sahilkapur If globalists control our food, water and energy sources, they control all peoples and nations. The Climate Change Agenda is a power grab by the global elite. What do they really spend the climate change money on?

sahilkapur Joe Manchin is a Digrace to the People of West Virginia and to all Americans. We don't need him in our Party. Time to vote him out. DsOchoa sahilkapur Trump woukdve cut West Virginia off from all federal funds had he defied him this way. Just sayin. sahilkapur All these corrupt in corporations pocket gop politicians need to be investigated they are only in it for there own Benefit they could care less about the average American as long as there wallet gets fatter they’d let kids starve to death for a new houseboat.

sahilkapur I wonder why he's in government he doesn't stand for any of the democratic views he's thing answer his views he should be go away he's a hateful old man!! sahilkapur I heard Manchin has made more than $5 Million from his coal-related company and has fossil-fuel donors. I sure hope that is not why he is resisting climate change agenda. West Virginians can get training and jobs in the new energy economy - so why is Manchin blocking the way?

sahilkapur Just outright open corruption. This country’s done for if we don’t stop all the corruption sahilkapur Joe Manchin is a Republican. He's only in it for himself. He's not a Democrat or a moderate. He's a Republican. sahilkapur

Bestselling Author Calls Out 'Senator For Sale' Joe Manchin In Damning VideoDon Winslow rips West Virginia senator for conflicts of interest amid Senate stalemate. Joe Manchin has no 'conflict of interest.' He has only HIS OWN PERSONAL/POLITICAL INTERESTS. When he's offered enough, he'll cave to the vultures again, and sell W VA out once more. It's only a matter of time. The only Democrat with some balls still is Sinema, but she'll learn. Wrong approach. He must think everyone is his servant. By everyone I literally mean everyone on earth.

sahilkapur Manchin is not a team player…it’s really such a shame, because he could vote for America and not his wallet. sahilkapur sahilkapur Ugh....but not surprised. Really, I don't know why he and Arizona Sellout call themselves dems. sahilkapur Patriotic Americans owe a debt of gratitude to Sen_JoeManchin a principled Democrat (imagine that!) who is holding his ground under immense pressure by the Left led by the the King of Socialism SenSanders. He is an antidote to the insanity prevalent in JoeBiden ‘s GOVT.

sahilkapur You should brand each wildfire with his name from now on.

Joe Manchin takes on progressives with child tax credit demandFull child tax credits would reportedly be limited to households earning less than about $60,000 a year, under Manchin's demands. Sen_JoeManchin $60,000 in WV is not the same as in CA/NY/MA. There are significant regional differences that must be accommodated. Poor Americans, they play with their money for their political competition Makes sense. In a sane world, this would easily be accepted by the rest of his party (and half of the other party too).

Democrats Attempt To Woo Joe Manchin For Reconciliation Bill By Taping Single Hershey’s Kiss To Latest DraftWASHINGTON—In their latest effort to bring the centrist lawmaker aboard for the party’s signature legislation, Democrats reportedly attempted to woo Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) Monday by taping a single Hershey’s Kiss to the reconciliation bill’s latest draft. “Although we understand Joe won’t budge on certain issues, we… Weird. That stuff does working in NASA. carlquintanilla He doesn't want to give up his coal money for the people of West Virginia. the_shoe_yes Should have been a Werther's Original

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