What does the bipartisan infrastructure bill provide funding for?

NBC's Leigh Ann Caldwell breaks down what the bipartisan infrastructure deal will provide funding for as the Senate hopes to fast-track passing the legislation.

8/2/2021 9:02:00 PM

'This is the biggest reformation of the nation's infrastructure in generations,' LACaldwellDC says on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. 'Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has said he wants this passed out of the Senate by the end of the week.'

NBC's Leigh Ann Caldwell breaks down what the bipartisan infrastructure deal will provide funding for as the Senate hopes to fast-track passing the legislation.

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Senate finishes text of bipartisan infrastructure bill after rare weekend sessionSenators were working in a rare weekend session to finish the text of the bill that will pour billions into roads, bridges, public transport, broadband, rail, water and airports. Filled will BS and climate-destroying measures. I pray it dies in the House of Representatives. “Whatever I’ll sign anything I just want to go the fuck home” Buy saitamainu

Senate unveils $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, vote expected within daysThe bill calls for $550 billion in new spending over five years above projected federal levels, what could be one of the more substantial expenditures on the nation’s roads, bridges, waterworks, broadband and the electric grid in years.

Senate negotiators finalize bipartisan infrastructure billA group of senators have finalized legislative language for the long-awaited bipartisan physical infrastructure deal, bringing the Senate one step closer to passing a top priority for Biden Do the rich pay their fair share in taxes yet? If not, then more 'trickle down of nothing' for the rest of us. Great they’ll make all the streets nicer for everyone to fucking sleep on when they’re evicted. WeDontNeedHelp StrongTürkiye

Senate scrambles to pass infrastructure bill this week after House leaves for August breakSenators worked through the weekend to prepare the text of an infrastructure package for a vote this week after House members left for their August recess without advancing an extension of the eviction moratorium. The Democrats are going to lose their majority because of their refusal to pass voting rights legislation.

Senate work on infrastructure plan continues into SaturdaySenators are returning to the Capitol for a rare Saturday session as they try to make further progress on a roughly $1-trillion infrastructure plan. good Senate slow working elçilikten birini gönderip beni adresimden alıcaksınız bu kadar basit eğer bunun için hafta sonunu bekliyorum saçmalık yatımı ve istediklerimi gönder hemen telefonla arasınlar bilgi versinler. Fuck Your Flag

Schumer: Senate 'Will Get The Job Done' On Infrastructure PlanSenators convened for weekend work as they pulled together the huge bill. thanks shantelll_142 has all it takes to turn things well for you with her company platform and strategy on Bitcoin trade and other Crypto currencies..invest with her shantelll_142 and you will have a good return of your investment I was referred to this platform by a friend online and I thought it was a scam...but I was moved to try and yes I did earned....I just want to use the opportunity to share this to people to know how Miss shantelll_142 platform works...her good deed need a recommendation