What Do You Do When Your Favorite Presidential Candidate Drops Out? Start a Book Club.

What Do You Do When Your Favorite Presidential Candidate Drops Out? Start a Book Club.


What Do You Do When Your Favorite Presidential Candidate Drops Out? Start a Book Club.

For some of Andrew Yang's supporters, the next step is getting everyone on the same page.

“That was hard for me when Trump won,” she told ELLE.com. “Seeing people online…talk about Trump supporters like they're all racist and they're all just ignorant scumbags. I'm like, ‘My dad is not that person.’”This past fall, she found a solution to her political woes: presidential candidate Andrew Yang. A former tech executive who’s never held political office, Yang began his campaign in November 2017 and gained considerable traction for a long-shot candidate. His signature policy focused on universal basic income (UBI), in which he proposed giving $1,000 a month to every American adult as a response to the increasing threat of automation.

and realized she liked his ideas about UBI, something she briefly learned about in college but never considered a true possibility. “[I thought] it never had a chance, could never happen in my lifetime," she says. But when Ransom heard Yang speak, he made sense to her. She points to a quote from Scott Santens, an advocate for UBI, that’s stuck with her:"UBI is not paying people to do nothing. UBI is paying people to do anything."

and considered switching parties in California to vote for him in the primaries. (Ransom is certain he will now vote for Trump in the general election.)

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