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What Do Y'all Call This?

What Do Y'all Call This?

6/4/2021 6:33:00 PM

What Do Y'all Call This?

While it may seem that the staff of Jezebel is just a bunch of New York crones gathered in a basement chain-smoking and click-clacking onto keyboards using our painted talons, the truth is we are from different places. And as such, these regional and cultural differences can lead to lapses in communication, such as the one that took place today during a serious newsworthy discussion about ice cream trucks. As things usually do, this conversation branched out into a larger more in-depth discussion of delicious summer treats when my colleague, the brilliant Hazel Cills , used a phrase I had never heard in all my days.

AdvertisementOne of the best summer treats, Hazel said, is a “water ice.” Now, I consider myself a worldly woman knowledgeable and sensitive to other cultures but what on earth is a water ice? Are water and ice not one and the same?Intellects reflecting on the properties of both water and ice

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ScreenshotShannon MeleroThe only thing I could think of that might come close to a water ice was a piragua, a New York City summer staple of shaved ice topped with flavored syrup—which would cover both the water and ice bases, presumably. But after we began discussing the texture of water ice, and after I took the lazy route and just googled water ice, I made an amazing discovery.

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Sorbet Desperate Engagement bait I call it what it is. Italian ice. Although my wife, a Jersey Neapolitan girl, calls it lemon ice because that's the default flavor for Italian ice. What's pictured there, according to her, is cherry lemon ice. Sorbet a photograph? water ('wooder') ice We can help here Wooder Ice, what else would it be?

Italian ice, but it shouldn't have a spoon and should be in a paper cup. Water ice Weekend!

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If it has a milk base: sherbet If it does not: sorbet If I’m in Italy or a shopping mall food court: Italian ice wooder ice. That’s an Italian ice! Italian Ice It appears to be a link to an article on your site It's a photograph. They're really common, I'm surprised they hired someone who doesn't know this

Icees Sorbet? Gelato? Sherbert? Ices.

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