What Delta variant? A mixed-bag Emmys tries to party like it was 2019

What Delta variant? A mixed-bag Emmys tries to party like it was 2019

9/20/2021 11:33:00 AM

What Delta variant? A mixed-bag Emmys tries to party like it was 2019

The approach was not inappropriate to a medium whose productions have largely glossed over the pandemic. And it was sometimes fun — if nerve-racking.

-related joke about “everybody dressed up like regular rich folks.” He noted the unique challenge to a being a Black host of the Emmys. “Because my people they expect that I can just give an award to anybody. Black people are like ‘Yo Ced, come on man, you got to give Martin Lawrence an Emmy. And not just Martin, see, you got to give Sheneneh one too.’ I’m like, ‘That’s the same person dog.’ Jimmy Kimmel don’t have that problem.”

With 'Essence,' Wizkid Wants to Chart a Global Course for African Artists Ed Sheeran Tests Positive for COVID-19 Days Ahead of His New Album Release Facebook dithered in curbing divisive user content in India

A color-coordinated Dan Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Annie Murphy and Eugene Levy present the award for outstanding writing for a comedy series.(Television Academy / Associated Press)Along with the host, the evening’s deejay Reggie Watts, announcer MC Lyte, and Leon Bridges and Jon Batiste who performed behind the “In Memoriam” segment (which somehow gets harder to watch every year — you’ll understand that eventually if you don’t yet), there was a satisfying degree of diversity among the presenters, almost as if in expectation that there would not be much among the winners, which indeed was the case. Apart from the cast of “Saturday Night Live,” the exceptions were “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” Michaela Coel for writing “I May Destroy You” (a series, itself in competition, for which she was also nominated for acting and directing), “Hamilton” and a Governors Award to Debbie Allen, who, looking back on all the hurdles she had to leap to finally stand there, delivered one of the evening’s few remotely political remarks: “Let this moment resonate with women across the world, from Texas to Afghanistan.” (The late Michael K. Williams, nominated for “Lovecraft Country,” was perhaps the most notable loss by a person of color; not surprisingly, Williams was chosen to close the memorial segment.)

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Pediatricians with kids speak out about delta surge fearsPediatricians who have children of their own speak out on how they're feeling during delta surge. horrible These people definitely should not be practicing pediatric medicine It’s proven kids have rare bad outcomes stop the click bait and fear mongering

A summer of delta postpones the 'great economic boom'The Delta variant turned the summer of independence from Covid-19 into a summer of hesitation, and the great economic boom that was expected seems to be locked in a perpetual state of 'coming soon.' Face it....this is not a serious country. The Republican Party is now killing tens of thousands of its own, to deny Biden a win on the economy. Funny that there’s no test for the deadly delta variant

How to Find the Best Children’s Mask as the Delta Variant SurgesFor parents looking to buy masks that offer better protection against the highly transmissible Delta variant, getting one that their children will wear is the most important rule, scientists say good luck This is heartbreaking! IT'S OUR JOB AS PARENTS TO PROVIDE A LEARNING SPACE FOR OUR CHILDREN ONE OF MY KIDS ISN'T OLD ENOUGH TO BE VACCINATED AND I HAVE A WEAKENED IMMUNE SYSTEM SO I NEED VIRTUAL LEARNING 406 HAVE SIGNED MY PETITION: why kids need to wear masks?

Scientific Evidence Doesn’t Back Booster Covid Shots, Researchers Warn — Even For The Delta VariantI am a London-based reporter for Forbes covering breaking news. Previously, I have worked as a reporter for a specialist legal publication covering big data and as a freelance journalist and policy analyst covering science, tech and health. I have a master’s degree in Biological Natural Sciences and a master’s degree in the History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Cambridge. Follow me on Twitter theroberthart or email me at rhartforbes.com

Covid-19 Deaths in Delta Surge Trend Younger in U.S.At Tampa General Hospital, about 90% of recent Covid-19 patients were unvaccinated, and those in intensive care were 46 years old on average. “These are working people, they’re people with families and children they’re still raising.” wow Orphaning your children by listening to Trump Republicans and Fokkks “News” - there fixed it. The pandemic of denial and political resentment was as bad as the Covid pandemic. Public health must now include education, and messaging as components to fight future medical challenges.

The U.S. economy shows immunity against delta after early scareAmericans are worried about the fast-spreading delta strain of the coronavirus, but not enough to stop them from spending money and keeping an economic... Lol thanks Nice joke... 🤣