What 6 Of The 7 Countries With The Most COVID-19 Cases Have In Common

They're up-and-coming nations. They're regional political powers. And they're especially vulnerable to the impact of the pandemic.

7/31/2020 10:11:00 PM

Of the countries reporting the most coronavirus cases, 6 out of 7 are middle-income nations. (The other is the U.S.) They're major emerging market economies, regional political powers — and they're especially vulnerable to the impact of the crisis.

They're up-and-coming nations. They're regional political powers. And they're especially vulnerable to the impact of the pandemic.

."In Russia, they're doing a lot of testing. The more people you test, the more confirmed cases you're going to have."Keymer specializes in Russia and the former Soviet bloc countries for WorldAware and has also been modeling the impact of COVID-19 in these nations.

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He says some middle-income countries globally look worse than others in this pandemic simply because they are open, dynamic societies and their case numbers are being reported. But that's not true everywhere.He points out that both Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, two middle-income former Soviet states, have reintroduced nationwide lockdowns in the past couple of weeks despite reported case numbers remaining relatively low.

"And then in Turkmenistan, which is a much more difficult place to get information about, they've closed the borders and I don't think they've officially got a single case of COVID," Keymer says."But you can bet your bottom dollar that they've got COVID."

TheWorld Health Organizationhas raised alarms about Turkmenistan despite its continued insistence that it has no cases.But on paper at least Turkmenistan looks like it has far less of a COVID-19 problem than Peru, which has tested aggressively and openly reported results. Peru has a testing rate of roughly 70,000 tests per 1 million people — a rate more than five times the global average.

Tanzania is another middle-income country reporting remarkably few infections. The east African nation actually hasn't officially reported any cases to WHO since April, when the president declared that the virus had been driven out of his country by prayer.

Even with the marked differences in middle income countries — everything from governance to public sentiment to economic structure — there are certain commonalities. It is clear that middle-income countries face similar risks as wealthier nations for coronavirus outbreaks but have far fewer resources to deal with them.

Interestingly, the relative wealth of a middle-income country appears to have little to do with how many infections it has.Deborah Barros Leal Farias, a lecturer at the University of New South Wales, says the experience of middle-income countries shows that a nation's economic status doesn't determine its success in battling this pandemic."If you take the U.S., the U.K. and Sweden, they are also having horrible numbers," Farias says."And then you can take a country like Vietnam or Thailand and they're having phenomenal numbers."

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She says the real issue in keeping case counts down — even more than resources — appears to be leadership.Of the four countries with the most cases globally — the U.S. and three middle-income nations: Brazil, India and Russia — all have conservative or right-wing leaders who espouse populist or anti-science views.

In Brazil, President Jair Bolsonaro downplayed the seriousness of the disease as tens of thousands of Brazilians died from COVID. Even when he tested positive for it himself, Bolsonaro continued to tout the anti-malarial drug hydrochloroquine as a cure despite studies showing it wasn't effective against the virus.

Ester Sabino, a virologist at the University of Sao Paulo, says Brazil never had a cohesive national plan for how to address the outbreak and she says Bolsonaro has been a distraction."In April and May, the main discussion [in Brazil] was whether we should or should not use chloroquine instead of saying how do we stop this," Sabino says."There was not a good plan. That's my opinion. A lot of time was spent on things that were not the key things for the control of the disease."

Researchby Sabino and her colleagues shows there were more than 100 different introductions of the virus into Brazil in the early days of the pandemic, mostly from travelers who had been in Europe. Then the virus spread to every corner of the vast country.

Lockdowns managed to slow the initial explosive spread, but Sabino says there needs to be more focus to contain the ongoing outbreak."There is no magic. There is no free lunch. If you want to control epidemic, it's hard," she says."And you have to work a lot. We can't think about politics."

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Are the 51 studies on HCQ around the world showing positive benefits anti-science? The top epidemiologist at Yale anti-science? However, the bogus study published by the Lancet citing heart problems with HCQ is anti-science. teacherrogers Thank you NPR, for telling us that 4 of 5 (less lying China) of the most populous countries in the developed world that are capable of widespread reliable testing, also have the most cases. Groundbreaking stuff

Picture of 'your shameless science' Putting India in with anti-science views like Bolsonaro? Consider my contributions revoked. The killers of their people the right wing nuts. The most neoliberal capitalist hellholes you mean? Since MorningEdition hasn’t seemed to listen to my request to report on this, I thought perhaps I’d link this chart from the website. You can note for yourself that cases of COVID have dramatically increased since protests began. Science

What your graph and headline fail to mention is that those four countries are also among the most populous, in the world. The number of those countries' citizens and the high number of travelers in and out of them add to the risk and spread. Politics play a small role if any Iran shud be in the list 2. Iran is a rich country. It has an influential power in the region. It has right-wing leadership & has been hit the worst with the pandemic. A new scandalous report was released by BBC that how Iran actually has 3X more cases but hid the figures.

Why are you limping “populist” in with “anti-science”? What do you mean when you say populism? Almost sounds like these countries are paying the price for having a racist as a leader. The universe is funny. Medical Luddites. Let’s see, science says test. We test the most so we have higher totals. Anyone that died was tested. If found with the virus then the death is COVID-19. Even if it was a car accident and the person was never tested before. New math?

Actually it is the science that must be ashamed of itself. Having built huge scientific health infrastructures in USA and Europe, it failed to keep the pandemic deaths lower than those of Africa where there was no scientific health infrastructure... Now do death rates....of course we have more cases as we test more people....SMH

So much of presumptive thinking...! You aren't scientific thinker either.... Most deaths occured in Science world of Europe and USA and not in Africa...that has no health system... Yor arrogance of scientific temper is far too clear... I still don't understand why people have such a hard time normalizing for population. If you do that you can see that Peru and Chile both have more cases than Brazil, and India pretty much flies of that list. Although this would make finding a nice narrative more difficult.

sansasbaby Most cases...may also be a factor of high population? Ability to do testing as many of these cases will never be severe enough for medical attention. Also cases of a virus with a 98% survival rate is not significant. It's death rates Define right wing.... This is not journalism, this is bs lying politics using our donated funds. Cease and desist, and fire who ever wrote this, or time to DefundNPR !!!

Where's Chy-Na? Feck off God help us. It's so shameful we are in this position as a country. Humiliating and disgraceful and despicable. MaThEmATicS Raiderman324 el_paw yummybacon77 Meaningless. % of population tested? Do you even math? Gaslighting 101. Since the US is first, I am surprised our “dear leader” has not tried to spin that as winning!! He most certainly has not understood anything concerning the covid19 pandemic we are experiencing!!

Nonsense.On what basis are you saying Indian leadership during the ChineseVirus19 pandemic has been anti science? Whoever has tweeted this has he/she been in India on the ground? Or was it just your inherent bias? Defund NPR ! The most unscientific post ever I have come across. Guess you should stick to news, arts, music etc as in your bio & leave science to those who understand science

Eliminate NPR. Since when is Donald Trump “right wing”. Not even close. Radical left is the enemy of the USA!!! Defund FAKE NEWS NPR!!! National lockdowns were effective in keeping numbers low and slow spread. States (both BJP and non BJP) goofed up massively on local controls and numbers are reflective of that. 2/2

This is just lazy analysis and affinitive clubbing. Modi is non left Wing (and why LW and MSM in India hate him)....but nether populist nor anti science. India's numbers are reflective of chronic (massive) under investment in public health and population densities. 1/2 This is misleading. Here’s what I’m seeing FakeNewsNPR

CancelNPR Of the newsrooms with the dumbest analogies, NPR just catapulted themselves to the top. Now do the states with the most Corona deaths. Morons. trintran Would ya look at that! Just doing the tests lisadclancy The US hotspots are run by Dems. Right... I like the video from Brazil where the city council breaks into the local hospital that is supposed to be full of covid patients but when they got in there wasn't a single patient. Weak try and pathetic fail.

🤔🤔 Which means exactly what Seriously? Defund NPR! Hello NPR listener: Do you still support this kind of agenda-driven fake news propaganda, funded by your donations & tax dollars? Pls StopFundingHate from this AntiIndiaNPR. There you go. What has been unscientific about India's response to Covid? It has one of the best recovery rates and one of the least death rate. If it's a right wing government it becomes unscientific?

There is no agenda behind this tweet huh DefundNPR Propaganda arem of Russia, China and Democratic Party They are NOT anti-scientific views!!! They are just a differing opinion, a second opinion if you will. ...or both... gut these fish Send a message to repressive and elitists leaders by charging Trump with CrimesAgainstHumanity

trintran Shocker Not surprising, of course it will be worse where Science is denied because where Science is denied intelligence is lacking. One need not look farther than realDonaldTrump to know that. I would like to see the numbers divided by the population numbers. This time correlation IS causation!

Defund NPR!! Just CCP propaganda!! RedWave2020 “Anti-science” 👉🏼🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 So much winning!! DumpTrump2020 Yes! But Socialist countries KILLS them! 7-31-20 United Kingdom Spain Italy France Germany Sweden Belgium Netherlands Total Population 354 million Total Covid-19 dead 170,954 US Population 340 Million Total Covid-19 Dead 153,138

Fake information, ignorance is strong within your organization. Let’s look at the states. Left wing. Same for racist states and cities. wwgowga Who wrote this is either a mystifier or holds a primary school certificate Must rank both Infected and Deaths AS A RATIO TO TOTAL POPULATION Dumb Yeah size may not have anything to do with it. Or the amount of testing. Or the amount of truth telling 🙄

realDonaldTrump Mike_Pence ICYMI Never support PBS or NPR Leftist propaganda orgs 'I'm Joe Biden and I approved this message from my campaign.' Where’s China you partisan hacks? DefundNPR If you break down the US numbers to the only stat that matters, deaths/1mil, how far down before you see “right wing” government?

India : Right Wing ✅ Populist views✅ Anti science views ? ❌ Get your facts rights NPR.. this is a crappy article Defund NPR, Demo crap propaganda! You've officially lost the narrative. CDC admits the reporting is flawed. I’m counting the days til you’re defunded and shut down. Un-American trash I hate comparisons like this that go off of gross and not per capita. They are 4 of the 10 populous countries in the world. US and Brazil are still doing objectively terrible in per capita, while India and Russia are not based on their data (which can certainly be questioned) 1/2

Quit spending my taxed money on npr The top 6 states carrying over 50% of all coronavirus deaths in the US are Democrat led and controlled. That leads to the conclusion that liberal policies drag down the best science backed advice the conservative led nation provides. ABSOLUTELY FALSE!! This is complete nonsense. Literally EVERY class in any peripherally relevant subject learns correlation does not equal causation. How many US deaths because dem ny leader put patients in retirement home? How many city/disease epicenters run by dems? This is complete conflation.

Many, many medical doctors have come forward with scientific evidence that Covid19 is being politicized and the numbers are grossly exaggerated. now do nursing homes in democrat states Oh, hey that's interesting. That's not going to democratically run cities in the US? That would make for an interesting article.

Some countries are larger than others just like some news organizations are worse than others. China is lying, but you knew that. Now tell us if those countries also have the most testing! 💥 You are a complete idiot. Europe as a whole has over 200,000 deaths. Defund NPR! All you do is spew lies and Communist propaganda!

TeresaShank5 cases mean nothing when it was proven riots and protest caused the numbers to go up. We are petitioning to take back the funds you received, You are part of the deep state and work for Soros and Obama, Screwing this country with your lies on the virus we are on to you DefundNPR DefundPBS

Not true about India. Modi never showed Andy anti-science views. All this is due tu underinvestment In healthcare over decades when there were no “right-wing” leaders. Where’s Sweden DEFUND NPR !! If you zoom in on some US states and consider population size, we see that this is no longer a pandemic. It is time to move on. Deaths/population: NY: 0.17% NJ: 0.17% CA: 0.02% FL: 0.03% TX: 0.02% It is ridiculous to even talk about it at this point. Scamdemic

definitely the UK UK, Canada, Germany, Italy and France all have higher death rates. Forgot to mention that NPR. Who’ve tested five times as many people. You guys sound more like a propaganda arm of the DNC, then a actual news organisation. What dribble. BINGO ! The dems don't like Russia for it is no longer under communist regimen. They prefer China no matter what.

You must be refunded now. So obviously, the complete opposite of what's going on in the United States. Must be nice to have government fund an organization for stupid people. fakenews dontbearichard This is a misleading anecdote NPR has always been a crock of s*** Fools we are to believe China’s numbers - fooled NPR

Yamiche ´s Lies Same people this coming from think there are more then 2 genders But but but... You doesn't tell that Because of Comunist & extremely leftist country has developed this 'Wuhan Viruse' for become Superpower. What do you expect this is coming from communist and Russia! Ps China Defund NPR

Righttt.... worldwide cases only occur outside China hahahahahahaha this a BIG FAT lie... just because the CCP do not disclose real data doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Political Science Let’s do the highest death rate..and yes.. I will add a newer one next... So it's populism that's the enemy? It's 'anti-science' attitudes? Not the polices of the U.S. that have undergirded injustice? Also note that the countries listed should have had their populations tallied. That graph without this information is misinformation and propaganda.

It's no coincidence. I just hope these shining examples of poor leadership are held accountable by the people of their countries. KILLERinCHIEF TrumpCrimeFamily When did Russia become right wing? Check out the effect propaganda has on its discheeples. The states w/highest death rates in U.S. are run by Democrats who made their own decisions on how to manage this. ~50% of deaths can be directly attributed to Democrats shoving elderly into nursing homes causing their deaths. Democrats killed Americans. Defund NPR. FakeNews

Weird. Your idol, Dr. Fauci, just praised Trump's response to this pandemic. 🤔 India shut down from March to May due to COVID. PM Modi is right-wing, but he is not 'anti-science', nor did he behave in a 'populist' manner re: COVID. Your reporting on India is often disappointingly inaccurate, ... You forgot to add China on the graph 😏

NPR is publishing again !!!!! Defund NPR Sure, because countries like Iran are known for delivering insanely trustworthy official statistics... especially on topics that might paint the leadership in a less than favorable light. Anti science, or anti failed models, anti false narrative, anti false claims. Don't conflate science with propaganda. Oh, I forgot the source of the tweet, Nonsence Propaganda Rubbish. FakeNewsMedia

'anti-science' And among states in America? Lol 'Journalism' 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Now do states. FakeNewsMediaClowns FakeNews DefundNPR The rate of death 4 virus is btwn .0056 and .0014. Which means those that R infected by the virus have a survival rate of between 99.44% & 99.86%, which are a range of outcomes similar to the death rates for a serious or mild flu season.

LIARS! NPR IS A BUNCH OF SPOILED BRAT LIARS! 🙄 dumbest tweet of the year? Now do U.S. zip codes long run by Democrats. Thanks for reminding me why I don't listen to NPR anymore. Change the N to C for communist...everyone knows In Lock Step with Demokrats. I'm NOT surprised, but still disgusted. Defund NPR

CNN level gaslighting. You mean like supporting kids returning to classrooms based on the recommendations of pediatricians and epidemiologists? Looks like the left is denying science...time to shutdown NPR. Defund NPR (N)efarious(P)ropaganda(R)egurgitated = FAKE NEWS from COMMUNIST PROPAGANDIST leftwing doesn't test, because they don't give a RATS ASS about the people

NPR is controlled by Pharma This has to be the dipshittiest weirdo stuff yet. What do you do, hire interns to trot out crazy crap on the week-ends? defundnpr Yes fake news come to a legendary conclusion. It does not matter to take into account population, poulation density etc. Fake news is the enemy of people.

DefundNPR With left wing states and cities leading the charge!!! You can chuck in Boris, UK most excess deaths for the first 6 months of the year. He was going down the same road until he nearly died from it. Thankfully since then has been far more cautious, which hopefully means we don’t do a “Florida” or “Texas”

No FakeNews should get any tax payer dollars. WeWillVote So inside the USA all the States with the highest case and death rate are Democrats States so what’s that say? Not surprising that you fail to mention where this virus came from. A laboratory in wuhan China! A left wing country. Your article does not talk about your statement made here. Additionally, what you have here does not reflect well on . You better fire the person who put such a thing out.

Fake news from the communist news Keep up the good honest work. 'The Socialists are coming, the Socialists are coming, the Socialists are coming!' Whoa, they're already here! NPR is garbage. Marxism is for losers Chinese Communist Party is for losers. Wonder if there is a correlation to the population at all.. hmmmmm

8 out of the top 10 death totals are States governed by Democrats! Including the top 6. I can't wait until your crap is Defunded! Do you seriously expect us to believe China or Russia’s numbers? This is garbage. The sun makes the earth warmer during daytime. All of the states in the US with the worst count are left.

The cost of right wing government is your own lives As long as we pay your bills, it's best you stay out of politics. YOU MUST BE DEFUNDED!! TAX DOLLARS WAISTED IN PLAIN SITE NaziPropagandaRadio defundNPR Wow...you’re just now noticing? And these are confirmed numbers, who knows what the actual numbers are.

How about we check top 4 states im US? NPR is left-wing garbage, not journalism. defundnpr China doesn't report their data. I bet China has more deaths than anyone. Fauxi is a fraud. Has governors ordering everybody to lockdown, social-distance, wear a mask NO CHOICE. CLOSE SCHOOLS, BUSINESSES, PUT PEOPLE OUT OF WORK in Snapchat interview he says its YOUR CHOICE to have sex hookups with total strangers. Winning favor w free sex Dems.

most of the deaths are in NY, NJ and other Dem strong holds. doesn't fit your narrative. but then you are just left wing apparatchiks It's past time to defund They are not for America, they are anti American to the core. realDonaldTrump time to cut there funding permanently Joe Biden when asked at Iowa Fair how many genders are there? His reply is……three (8-9-19)

All the worst states with most death in America are run by Democrats, now what. You're LIARS. Also the largest population and most testing. Go figure. 🤔 HUGE: MASSIVE CDC FRAUD UNCOVERED - CDC Grossly Overcounting Active China Coronavirus Cases Causing States to Keep Their Economies Closed Indefinitely

Both sides pick the science that fits there needs. It’s not left or right wing. Disgraceful. authoritarian leaders are a disgrace in both the right and the left what a surprise Almost as if those countries also have higher populations. Plus the US has tested more people that the total population of most the countries in the world.

Shocker. DefundNPR activists, not journalists SARS-2 Covid 19 is Apolitical. 🤣 Of All the Right Wing Ethno-states that restricted travel, None have SARS-2. NPRKarens would like you to believe that Nationalism causes more deaths that Globalism and open borders. However, That is ignorant. I've never heard realDonaldTrump expouse anti-science views and NPR continually attacks him for NOT supporting minority groups disregarded by established elite groups (i.e. populist views). This sort of reporting is dangerous.

Coincidence? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 So, right-wing politicians are adept at stirring up crisis, but are unable to govern their way out of them. Sounds about right. I would suggest all of those down to Iran are either right-wing, or anti-science or both. NPR you are totally wrong about India having anti-science views. (Does not mean others do..)This tweet is a known false-hood that you are spreading

Idiots spotted This is pure shit. NPR is a joke. What a worthless cut of the data. If you want to actually compare countries, you use cases and deaths per million. Thank you, NPR for this totally unbiased, well thought out crock of shit. Number of cases with no context such as per capita rate or info on the number of tests. This is pure anti-US government propaganda funded by the US gov’t. Defund

How do percentage of population, or per capita dolts. So the coronavirus is about politics, basically. Thanks NPR. Finally, the agenda is out. Someone came prematurely.. Npr shills for china 🇨🇳. You forgot to acknowledge the US state with the absolutely highest number of deaths. Who runs that state and largest city again? Hmm. And psst, number of cases doesn’t mean much. You do know 24 to 60 million Americans get influenza each year don’t you. Doesn’t mean much then 🤷🏻‍♂️

While Modi can be termed Right-wing in Indian political setting, I do not think there are anti-science sentiments in general population. For example, no one in India strongly opposes wearing a mask, including Narendra Modi and his officials. They do have right wing leaders, who have set up more testing than the leftists out there with their heads in the sand ignoring facts like how COVID IS BARELY IF AT ALL WORSE THAN THE FLU ON DEATH RATE

Yes, I’d rather live in Iran because of this chart 🤦🏻‍♂️ Lying 🤥 NPR is a science denier now? Who would have known. You are so incompetent, you did not even adjust for population trying to make a political point. The top countries with highest per capita deaths: Pure propaganda- shame on you NPR! There are 8.3 million idiots in this world 😂

China's plan I'm sure. Corona be like - Sort by ideologies. Let's start from right. Shitty logic. First they said, it is spreading more in cold regions. Top 4 countries are also one of the biggest countries with large chunk of population. India has not even hit it's peak yet. Just wait till December...

That’s the prize we pay for allowing it to happen. Nonsense..... And left wing helped in spreading virus Did you just vomit nonsense? Yes, you did. Is this a parody account? Seems to me the important figure would be deaths per cases. Last I checked the coronavirus dashboard, 4.7% of US cases resulted in death; UK & France were triple that.

Dkmorris0204 That's the stupidest fucking headline ever This happened today, NPR!! The so called anti science PM of India was speaking at a national Hackathon event. Wonder if it's ignorance or your bias that makes you lie so blatantly 🤦🤦 Even class Xth student would do a better analysis . moron You could not explain in your entire blog anywhere that right-wing government of India, when and where took anti-science stand like Brazil....seriously is this your research...

Defund NPR AlexiaSinger3 Of course. That's because the Leftist globalist entities that are propagating this disease hate the Right leaning nations who espouse freedoms and liberties. This is a table of most diagnosed cases, not most cases. They are different. You also seem to be missing any normalizer like population, but I guess you knew that NPR and decided it didn't fit your narrative.

1) It's so scientific that a country run by communist CCP nutjobs is not on the list! 2) You have not normalized the data by population, thus you are mathematically imbecile 3) I thought NPR is not propaganda outlet like Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, BBC et al. But I stand corrected Woww... Hatt off ...what a news 😂😂😂😂😂 also talk about population and testing...plzzz 😂

What a piece of garbage this chart is, fitting for NPR though. Defund NPR. DefundNPR Jokers at NPR comparing a country of 1.3 billion with a country of few million on absolute number of cases and making sweeping statements...buffoons is cancelled buh bye DefundNPR Now do the states. Where is China btw? This Virus was created by a country considered epitome of Left Wing Politics. It is actually a Left Wing Virus.

Top three are definitely on the CCP hit list as well. You would actually consider Russia as right-wing? 🥴😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 must think their viewers are incredibly stupid. I'm beginning to think they are right. Of all the countries that are autocratic, corrupt, poor, and hypocritic, most are ruled by left wing crooks who use sugar coated slogans to deceive people.

Thats only proves that China did spread the virus purposely. Oh, the virus had an agenda Cute. Tax payers fund this crap? You must love dictatorships like Iran then. A country severely sanctioned by USA. Or may be China that persecutes 2 million muslims. You are awesome. Making money out of America & singing for Iran. 👌👌

Why is fed govt giving grants to this crap propaganda? America leading the world thanks to Donald J. Trump. We are blessed. Anti-science views? You mean like that there are only 2 genders? Couldn’t the fact that the US has conducted more total tests than any other country, and is ranked 4 in testing in terms of overall per capita population have a little to do with this? Hmmm?

This is the most clownery in four sentences Not sure about your data analytics, but one thing is true and tested that the world is suffering because of Leftiest government , that is Chinese Communist Party. Lol wow, yea NPR not bias at all 🤦‍♂️ How can you be anti-science? I'm anti-facts. That is such amazing bullshit, it’s laughable. Now do per capita assholes.

Lol. Comparing absolute numbers instead of per capita. Shows who is anti-science here. What happened to scientific analysis? npr should not spend tax payer dollars on left wing nut job Please. Oh really ! This is your understanding of science ? And you also want to teach science as a iphone 12 maker or sanitizer, mask maker....reallly ? Is that really science focusses on these issues? Idk what kind of science r you thinking of. Come on all the intellect commentetors !

The best job was done by China of course- most probably where your funds might be coming from?. They are totally pro-science (whatever that means) and pro-left wing.. But alas, nobody believe them any more. I have stopped hearing anything NPR dishes out..What a fail! This is pure absolute trash. They are attempting to cover up the fact that 80% of our deaths have been in far left states and NY alone has 6x the deaths of the top Republican state. They have gone full blown propaganda for the left. Here are the death numbers. You decide...

And what about the states in most of these countries with maximum contribution to the COVID case / death figures? I would encourage your reputed team to do some more research before tweeting hyperboles! Incompetent reporting again and it is raining on Saturday so sure why not again. crazyville NPR, DM me and I will give you a lesson in elementary statistics

Assuming you’re naive enough to believe reported numbers. This is a special kind of stupid Our population is largely unhealthy. Has nothing to do with who the president is. 40% obesity rate. Underlying medical conditions that come with being overweight. Complete moronic. MY TAX DOLLARS PAY FOR THIS DUMB SHIT❓ REALLY SMH

Only a leftist, block headed, science hater, nut-case, hillbilly will present this as a 'fact'. 1. Cases are only confirmed when tests are ramped up. 2. When compared in millions (harmonisation?) India will be somewhere in the hundreds. Data is not everyone's cup of tea. Shoe horned your ideology, through an inaccurate use of basic statistics. Delete your tweet. Better still delete your Twitter.

Good ol NPR, the publicly funded left wing propaganda machine never disappoints. So basically the four biggest countries - except China who are lying through their teeth. This is a horrid excuse for “journalism” You really should be ashamed You are 🤡 news Good try comparing TIGER🐯 with CAT🐱 👆this exactly is example of anti science...

Yet another empty narrative pushed by the leftist propaganda machine. (This is why the media is even less trusted than congress) Of the list of religions with top terrorist activities, comes the Religion of Peace in the Top. RIP Science 😂 China and North Korea should be our Role Models. Twisted logic. Appalling. Since you tuned hard left some years ago you have lost my donation.

Shocking Hey , would size of population by country have any relevance? Here comes one more propaganda so called right wing leaders And what about the left wing (China) you didn't mentioned about them And what about the fact that these are the most populated countries in the world So Or the liberal media are misreporting the numbers?

You don't get public funds so what's with the name? Sad that we have to fact check main stream news because of blatant bias. LOL! Not sure what this NPR is, but whoever uses just 'number of cases' to correlate scientific / political views, and call it data science must not be worth wasting time! Would you like to redo your index by looking at no. of cases per 10k inhabitants... 1/n

Whichever asshole came up with this stat and correlation probably got a zero in logical analysis during school time Your journalist never read statistics in college or school , did he/she? Yeah totally right wing decision to send infected into nursing homes, killing thousands. So when can we expect the virus vaccine from not right-wing countries? & Indian government is Not Right wing.

brianstelter You left out the fact thst they are the most heavily populated nations. And most of those cases in the US are in cities with liberal mayors... These are the kind of smug, Conservative bashing headlines you get when you have an infestation of liberals in media. Amazing that the NPR is tax payer funded.

North korea has lowest cases among all. So Dictatorship is better. See the flaw in logic. Seriously any sane or normal publication would look at the cases per million. But apparently ideology trumps truth. Seriously and people wonder why media is losing trust = Welfare Queens. Here in India, this right-wing govt is also planning one NPR And that is gonna be awesome 🤣🤣

But you told us the virus wasn’t political. Claiming right wing governments are anti-science while just pushing propaganda that is biased and anti-science ... These guys don't learn. Ever. Don't know basic stats. Let them peddle more and get more exposed. A classic case of how to lie using numbers! Dont call yourself scientific anymore.

Nd the motherfucker who gave the world this virus is ruled by a left wing terrorist. CineseVirus OMG - which leftist woke nut job of a millennial came up with this graph? Ever hear of per capita? India has fewer deaths and a great recovery rate compared to the number of cases! Also, define right wing in India! You can’t!

What F'd report, it had to be numbers vs population, a number, what an idiot who writes such reports and I too will take a report that shows that we are doing great. Needs to be shoved up the reporter's you know what. Go back to school and learn basics properly. In order to compare within limits of reason, tests must be same, definition of case must be same, rate of testing must be same, systematic biases must be same, margins of error must be same ...you get the drift, i hope.

Every day you show your innumeracy. wow, I reallky think at this point you should lose public funding. This is just outright rank propaganda. It appears it is time to defund NPR. So do we, although he’s a fake right-winger, but he’s backed and supported by right-wingers. Per million it’s pretty low for the top 4! Nice try National Pravda Radio!

Modi supporters are so mad lol! Yeah because they don’t hide numbers like Commie China Pls dont spread your stupidity like this. Stupid apply per capita norms Are you paid for by my taxpayer money, leftist propagandists? Yeah. That's why the bars are moving towards Right, Right? And all the NPRites are falling for it because they're to stupid to actually read a chart or think through this ridiculous 'scientific' conclusion on their own. SMDH

How much testing was done in the Low Countries But the world is fighting the virus made by left wing leadership Rubbish, immature and cheap...!! Why doesn’t NPR report on multiple cases for the same people? How about positive tests that were never taken? Or what about the CDC admitting up to 40K+ deaths labeled as COVID19 actually could be Flu? How about postmortem tests given to obviously nonCovid deaths (car accidents)?

If these countries are on top, that means they are doing maximum numbers of Wuhan Virus Test. so , basically they will cure more people fast with less life loss. Yes, of course...China is not actually winning by a couple hundred million cases. Go away. Hahahahahaha... Leftist half brained logic... Guess this is a mandate for believing in Marx..

kya scintific research kiye ho bhai.... gajab ka skill set hai.. 🤔🤔 kahan se late ho bhai Your daily reminder that this world is full of anti-science Leftist nutjobs who come up with such analysis. 1. Cases are a function of tests done. 2. Cases per million and deaths per million makes India slide a hundred places down; below your favourite left-wing govts.

FUCKING LIARS!! Toh tu China ke sahi bata de waha toh Left wing ki sarkar hai, gand kyu phat jati hai Tumhari 🙏 Every data chart has bias “usually” unintentional. In this case w/out testing the entire population of each country and reporting both positive and negative outcome, the data is meaningless. This chart and headline appear to have been put together by a middle school student.

And that is why mathematics is what which should be mandatory not political studies and humanities. Why are these clowns being funded by us? 8.4 million followers and less than 10 k likes in over 12 hours. Means : 90% follow you just to humiliate you. Our Analysis. CASES PER MILLION!!!! Stupid NPR is spreading unscrupulous misinformation. See the rate per million.

It’s no surprise that Commie Lefts started it and went under cave to distract on Right Hey NPR how many of these countries have 'Pro-science' left wing Govt The problem with this 'data' is that in the United States these are the states with the most cases per 100K people: 1 New Jersey 2 New York 3 Massachusetts 4 Connecticut 5 Rhode Island All states with left-wing / Democrat Governors. Why is that, NPR?

Amont top 10, 8 countries have far right/left USA, Brazil, India, Russia, UK, Iran : far right/nationalists South Africa, Mexico: Far left. Coincidence? Where is China on this graph? Nothing to do with population size. Ni hao. What shit is this 😂😂😂 even 12th class kid will know that to compare, you need common denominator 😂😂😂 what a propaganda shit 😂😂😂 commies are liars. Always.

How can we base anything on science when we have inaccurate numbers? POsitive test results from people who were never tested? Incentives for healthcare facilities to state that COVID is the cause of death to get $$$ Project, lie, repeat!! The Democrat way!! 🤷🏽‍♂️🖕🏽🇺🇸 It's not you rather science maths statistics has failed you

Why is it that 'news' media always lists total number when it should be per capita and Per Capita when it should be total numbers? It's like when they compare a country with 5 million people to the US which has more than 300million people You really do not have any grasp on reality. My god the stupidity. Aren't those countries um....rather large. What's the death rates compared to let's say Belgium.

JournalismIsDead! POTUS VP PressSec Mr. President please look into defunding this clearly anti-American outlet or tying its funding to daily presentation & promotion of the U.S. Constitution, American government & American history. Taxpayers are funding Marxist Radio. Ironic. NPR is being anti-science when it blatantly lies with statistics by ignoring obvious confounds including population and amount of testing. Better to use COVID deaths per 100,000 population. Even then, there are confounds.

And the left wing china created this virus ...🤣🤣 Please read innumeracy.... You thought you can fool people... 😂 Pls also share case per million data otherwise you are just trying to push your propoganda Thank you NPR for once again showing us how useless you really are If it's not per capita it's meaningless. And please also do deaths per capita? And should we break out by state? Because that's not going to work our so well for you. Thanks for proving you've become a joke

Now do the chart as 'cases per million'. 🙄🙄 I can't believe we fund your BS You people are pitiful. By population as well. More disinformation... I swear you can’t believe about anything anymore. DefundNPR. Trump followed all the “experts”, according to Fauci. Anti-science my butt... You guys have a disdain for the truth. Nuts.

Defund NPR Click bait tweet. Where is china? So much for being Center and non biased. Re India: Indian PM is NOT -'right-wing', all his policies & actions are 'left-wing' -populist, look at his unpopular actions -anti-science, despite some statements, all his actions are based on expert advice Do not forget India has the largest population of poor in the world.

China is left liberal 🤔nice to know👍 Now do deaths per million Now do this one: Another way to say that is that countries that value individual liberty have a much harder time compelling people to abandon their businesses, places of worship ect... This article in a nutshell. Saved you a click. This is actually worse than having no data at all. Control for population or don't show anything. Control for outcomes (DPM) or don't show anything. This is a perfect example of a highly biased writer cherry-picking technically true but highly misleading data to fit a narrative.

And using Science Left Wing Communist just destroyed 700000 families and still counting ...Bloody Communists Left Wing is real kiling machine . Obviously you lack basic education. And China virus comes from leftist Care to divide it by population? The nefarious agenda of yours is so brazen qnd obvious to any non-brainwashed person. Pathetic and Disgraceful.

NPR is trash. Such liberal activist bullshit propaganda. Why are my tax dollars paying for this leftist drivel? But fact remains the Corona was gifted by a Left Wing Communist Country and Leader Xitler. So still Left Wing Communist remains the Master of Death , killing innocents in huge number. Stfu with the propoganda. 'Anti-Science' ... Oh except when scientist's say something contrary to our narrative. Don't believe those scientist's.

Nothing else going on over there at National Pathetic Rubbish? Where do I apply for a refund? radhabharadwaj npunwani sheila22941708 ranisa04 _Abhimanyu___ now NPR🤦‍♂️ Anti-science is the art of labeling things anti-science to make the anti-science science. That’s exclusively a left-wing phenomenon.

Lol, by this logic, corona virus originated from left government, China. How can you stoop this low to satisfy your ego, while people are dying. If countries with most coronavirus recoveries globally, all top 4 have right wing leaders who are popular among masses proving that recoveries are direct function of RW tendencies of leader. Lessons for other if you want more recoveries elect RW leader.

Am sure more than 70% of cases would be of left, aur protest karo... yehi hoga 🤪🤪🤪 Same retarded logic is used for men and women income disparity Typical NPR anti India agenda... stop listening to this trash long time back Cases, huh? Testing methodology, validity, reliability? I am sorry but your report is totally wrong,the Indian prime minister is not anti science,he always wore a mask,ever since the pandemic started and he is encouraging Indians to do the same and practice social distancing,so your report is bullshit

Let’s go comrades!!!!! What the hell was this? Russia has right wing political association? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 You guys are so ridiculous it's funny. This is the dumbest take ever. Over 90% of the deaths in US are from citizens who live in cities run by Democrats. It’s local policy that is killing people. While criticizing people for being 'anti-science' you can't even do a per capita calculation. SMH.

Lol😂 I can't believe I ever listened to NPR. I listened daily until March when everything shut down and I was no longer driving. Then I started doing my own research. I doubt I'll ever listen again. Countries with liberty and freedoms versus oppression, strong fisted control and people that disappear in the middle of the night.

Btw,*Scientifically Falsified*CO2ClimateChange Demonizes CO2=The Source for All Food&O2=Life on Earth via Photosynthesis,which slows then stops 150ppmCO2!Current CO2 is*still*too low for Optimal Life:Greenhouses use 1k-2kppm toFood & Satellites show Earth is still Greening Up! Hey we will take your government funding ... no big deal ... misinformation...

Using per capita death numbers is much more indicative of COVID impact. You've created a chart showing a combination of population size, testing capacity, and COVID impact, and then drawn conclusions from it as if it shows only COVID impact. Shame for unscientific and erroneous tweet. Show data per million. Shame that you don’t talk about extreme right wing Islamic countries where minorities are dwindling.

China thanks you for your service What's funny is the folks screaming that these leaders are anti-science never produce any real data to backup their claims because in this particular case, the actual science and real data is clearly on the side of the 'right wingers'. You just have to be willing to look at it.

Are you ignorant or something? Weird ? It is almost like belief in science could be helpful?! There’s no way to stop a virus. USA has done the most testing and have more cases....duhhhhh. The only way to contain is herd immunity. Ya ya but the virus is orignted from ur lovvi dabbi China. BTW deaths/million n cases/ million r highest in a swedan, belgium, great socialist countries which's thought only gives leftist orgasmic pleasure. Bhaad me jao .

The question you have to ask yourself is why they continue to be popular and get elected despite all your efforts Where is China India's current infection rate is 0.13%. Since 2014, India's Govt. is a corruption-free one, democratically elected based on work done & NOT populism. As its citizen, I can assure you that, it is not anti-science; in fact, its the opposite. Please don't spread propaganda & lies.

Liberals are bad at math, again. Maybe if we actually taught it in school we wouldn’t have such problems. I guess teachers are too busy dissing George Washington. More bullshit analysis by NPR. India has a population of 1.1 billion and UK has a population of 66 million. Yet you compare the absolute numbers of the two countries. Looks like NPR is the one that has sacrificed scientific thinking in favor of propaganda!!

This is also useless organization run by radical leftist. LOL Your cognitive ability seems deranged. Else, would not post juvenile nonsense. Can happen when frustrated and fed on intolerance. So proud of our Govt..Canada doesn't even make the list! What a heap of BS!! And the left wing leaders don't' report Corona cases at all or under report them. So much for your bogus conclusions, bozos

How about taking population into consideration. Bunch if dumb fcks Learn some maths along with science. That will help you to avoid posting stupid tweets. Biggest population and most testing. NPR = Fake News Cut off federal funding asap The Mecca of Communism ' AChina', the country of winnie's is the exporter of this highly sophisticated scientifically virus. I guess they have taken all the scientific temper.

Remove India from the list. Show us a single proof of India being unscientific in its approach towards the pandemic. Your report is biased and based on political leaning. Its you who is unscientific on your reporting Country CFR by HCQ usage: More stupid posts by NPR. Because there is very less communist country like north korea

Have you ever heard of the term per-capita? Try it. You compare a country with 1.3 billion people with a country with 10 million people on 'number of cases' and you claim to be 'scientific.' 🤣 At least try to disguise your propaganda in elementary scientific understanding. Do China Defund NPR Well done National Proletariat Radio. (Now show cases per population)

I never expected such a bizarre pseudo analysis from an organization. Can you also quote the infections per million of population. Do you understand t hi at it is the per million infection rate and death rate that is more important and not absolute number or infections. Silly Foools, Check the population of India! Before only checking our Cases Let me explain- If in Hotel A, there r 50 corona cases and 1000 customers, In Hotel B, there are 55 corona cases, and 10000 customers, Then which Hotel is better controlling it ? A or B ?

There is no clear cut science on this virus or the “experts” wouldn’t be changing their minds every other day. Locked down for four months to “slow the spread” yeah that worked out really well. Keep waiting for that vaccine though Does you unscitific way consider population density, poverty and pollution? NPR smells a$$es.😂😂😂😂

Of all the liberal shitnews sites, NPR is the shittiest Paid news Globalists lies Yup population does not matter as long as the ruling party is right wing Looks like you have extreme expertise in twisting facts. Possibly, the vile in your commie brain is impeding you to consider that the denominator is the population. Take this, and see what happens to the calculations. With respect to India.

India's population is 1.4 billion.. Just 1.75 million cases out of 20 million tests conducted. Just 0.5 million active cases. Less than 40000 unfortunate casualties. What the fuck are you talking about? And you are giving a tough competition to NationalHerald in logic. You both urself called news portals but are mentally bankrupt. Again 2 min silence for those losers who read and trust you.

But it was started in a left wing leader country😂 Nice try NPR. Next time get an actual statistician to create graphs instead of some humanities intern. Consider cases wrt India’s population and it would slide down below countries lead by your left wing leader. As always your stats hide more than what they reveal.

And out of those 4 countries 3 are making vaccine for it. All of the countries which have left-wing and authoritarian leaders who espouse socialist are doing nothing waiting for other to make vaccine. 😂😂 Which countries have left wing leaders? Venezuela? Let them pay first for tests, then they can join the ranks. Vetican city is doing good. Only 2 3 cases

India is not ruled by an anti-science party. Keep that sh*t in your trash antivax country. Don't apply it blindly to the rest of us. We have more cases simply because of higher population and a democracy that reveals the true numbers. You diots claim to be journalists? Smh Who imposed one of the strictest lockdowns in the world? Right wing narendramodi and India did. Who didn’t do a lockdown? Left liberal Sweden didn't. Who is anti-science now? What a joke u guys r.

Nd u call urself a news portal? Wt propaganda has been spread 4 right-wing being anti-science. In India, we made history by launching the mst no. of satellites under the right wing govt. India's budget is now all-time high 4 scientists. 2 min silence for those losers who read u. Ok this is just plain stupid. Looks like NPR jurnos doing ass hair interpretation of data.

It's almost as if being right-wing is a disease that kills people Thats funny and stupid..even corona is laughing at u..😂😂 How is a communist Putin, a right winger🤔 Guess the population of these countries doesn’t matter, only the IQ of article writer and editor matters 😏 Shut up clown 🤡 brianstelter No surprise that a far-far-far-far-far left, fringe, CONSPIRACY THEORY-pimping, whack-job, leftist/feminist, PROPAGANDA organ like NPR 'thinks' that it is 'news' that countries with the second, third, sixth and ninth largest populations have more cases than Luxembourg does!🤣🤣🤣

You shud see the population as well...plus in india more than half of the cases are from non BJP states😊 Please spare India from your agenda. Thank you So the countries with largest populations have most covid cases. Fascinating science. Why don't you mention the country which was theorigin of the deadly virus, wait it was the left wing leader's country.

😂😂 Your daily reminder that this world is full of anti-science Leftist nutjobs who come up with such analysis. 1. Cases are a function of tests done. 2. Cases per million and deaths per million makes India slide a hundred places down; below your favourite left-wing govts. U should also accept that all 4 countries are democratic and unlike china which is responsible for pandemic not hiding true number.

Even by standards, this is a poor analysis of the data. Please do not run Jihadi wing ideology everywhere. Check death per total population and apply some brain cells before favoring Jihad . Thanks USA has a population of 350M and does 800k tests PER day. No other country is even close. Population size doesn't matter huh?

You are grossly misinformed. BJP4India has socialism and Secularism as it's goals in its constitution. narendramodi swears by feminism, is a huge admirer of Allah and Prophet Mohammed. Are these RW characteristics? Please ask your reporters to do deep research 🙏 Now do a piece on the Dem run states and their C19 numbers

more than 8 million followers, still sucks at statistics Must be hard for semi literate leftists to bear a slew of burdens. Pity Wow. You are left wing at all. Terrible headline and content. So pro left. You should go out of business. Right wing are fighting with the virus but Left Communist China has created this mess.

This is called comparing apples with marbles What your statistics show is that worlds largest democracies with largest population are all ruled by RW govt Compare cases per million then India is the best compared to all others PS -Covid originated from a communist country🤪 Hey ,what is there to portray right wing Govt for this pandemic casualties? Do u hold right wing Govt responsible for this pandemic? Get a life? Tomorrow u will blame them for natural calamities too. Is it? Utter rubbish report. iamp_g LagnajeetMoha12 urs_a_k iamssunill

Where is China? Of all the brainless people in the world almost 100% are leftists. Anti-science 🤣 no such thing and nobody believes there is. brianstelter Funny that a far-far-far-far-far-far-far left, fringe, whack-job, leftist/feminist, PROPAGANDA organ like NPR that 'thinks' that 'men' can get 'pregnant' and pimped the idiotic, DEBUNKED 'collusion' CONSPIRACY THEORY for three years is talking about 'anti-science views'!🤣🤣🤣🤣

What’s it like living in a one variable world? Indian Americans should stop donating to fake news NPR You forgot to mention 1 thing This whole shit started from a country which has Left Wing leader😠😠😠 Tell your motherfuccckr bosses to take responsibility of this shit brought to mankind instead of pointing out it to its victims

So does it include Saudi Arabia? You really aren’t qualified to analyze a 2x2 matrix much less a graph if you 1) think Putin’s government has anything in common with Trump’s and that 2) “right wing” has anything to do with the behavior of populations in regards to masks and social distancing. Stupid to compare, do you really think Russia has only that many? Could they be perhaps underreported? How about China? What about Italy? at the height they were overwhelmed. In America you can get a test in any CVS now, how can you compare?Better to view deaths per million.

NPR pretends China doesn’t exist In a single tweet you have discredited all the actions taken by these govts. And when did you start giving certificates. What a nonsensical post so far as India is concerned! India with 130 crores population is at 97th place amongst all countries in terms of people affected per hundred. Recovery rate is amongst the highest & mortality rate amongst the lowest.

You’re a biased Marxist group and need to be defunded NPR so sad that as a public radio service you have become a biased political agent 1. Cases are a function of tests done. 2. Cases per million and deaths per million makes India slide a hundred places down; below your favourite left-wing govts. Cooked data to favour your argument. Flawed , it is.

This is final stamp on Fool leftist and their limited thinking Let's not forget the credit goes to a LEFT wing governed country It's called CHINA See it as % of population.. And most countries have RW leaders.. we understand your burn.. Also, India was among very first country to impose science defined lockdown... U guys are nuts..have no brains..

Is there any *left wing* news organizations that doesn’t hate America? Who knew Putin was a conservative? Lol It's because they are great countries that everyone wants to get to therefore they have diversity and density. “Anti science” - good one. Why the fuck is China not on this list. Y’all are liars. =the new “onion”

No idea how this applies to India. To be fair the PM there has done everything possible. But the structure and the demographics of that country are such that no one can fix it. Nothing to do with rightist or leftist ! Also, how about a graphic showing how an autocratic communist regime didn't allow whistleblowers to talk about the virus in early phases that could have stopped the whole pandemic?

The top 4 are also 1/3 of the world's population. Duh. LiberalsSuckAtMath joncoopertweets I hope the people of the world return to their normal lives🙏🏻👏🏻👍🏻 Nice try NPR but someone needs to take a statistics class!! Thank Goodness we pay for you! You’re Awful. It started from a left wing country...🤦🤦🤦

This couldn’t be stupider 🤣🤣🥴 why is tax dollars going to an open NWO scum of npr... You have to dig deeper, the surface says little! American's talk at arms length while in Brazil it's 12inches or less and that includes people they just met. Some of those Countries have Brutal police who'll club you if you don't comply to their direction and people laugh at you.

Which anti-science views PM Modi have Defund ! Right wing dictators that care only of themselves not their people! You people have ran out of ideas. Try harder next time, maybe talk about Clinton on the island Weird how leftists rioters get a pass, as always, from biased media. BS Politics all day long, exhausting

*still ignoring China and believing their fictitious numbers* Right wing? And to think my tax dollars allow you to....well, think. Nice. All the racist states and cities have Dem leaders. Where is that headline. DefundNPR GFY NPR is trash Read my chart. That a funny take. Incorrect and beyond projecting NPR bias. Nevertheless, funny for its spin.

Propaganda BS Childish report . . Willfully misleading Give me a break. NPR is a joke Are you suggesting Vietnam and Thialand shut down? Quite the opposite! This is embarrassing.... for NPR Liars your not honest EVER and should not get a penny of federal funding. Pathetic propogganda outlet you folks would make J Goeble proud.

joncoopertweets Not surprising is it A small biotech called Sorrento Therapeutics announced Wednesday that it had licensed a Covid-19 test from Columbia University that, according to a small study, can provide highly accurate results in thirty minutes using only a person’s saliva. This is literal communist propeganda

most tests=most cases you elitist's bird-brains need to be defunded!!!!!!!!! Science saves lives, ignorance is murder. Covid-19 is not a toy for mad power-hungry politicians, they will all fail! Month of politicization laid the groundwork for Israel's second wave. Coronavirus has exposed the weakest links in the Israeli governing system, starting from the very top.

Interesting... Seems like all blue tick accounts have been infected with anti mind virus Never thought of Russia is a right-wing leader? You're very strange NPR reason 1002 why we need to defund National Public Radio. It is significant and noteworthy that in the a la Trump-led states, that have downgraded and downplayed the virus, the pandemic is much longer and more rampant than elsewhere.

DefundNPR So is this feed run by high school sophomores or propagandists? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Is this supposed to be a serious piece? Really? How utterly irresponsible of you. Utterly. How about the high number of cases in NY and NJ. What accounts for that? Bunch of political morons that work at NPR!!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂😂😂😂

Now do number of deaths per American states and their leadership. Or American cities. We’ll wait. USA needs to be more like China! 🙄 keep pushing your socialist agenda shameful It’s a political warfare. Not a coincidence Dnc run npr Cases do not equal death. I also don't believe that since labs have 100% positive results - which is statistically impossible. People who've never been tested notified their test came back positive. A piece of fruit & a goat tested positive. China Lied - People Died!

NPR is getting so bad. How about reporting on your beloved Bill Clinton? EpsteinDocs ? You can't possibly all tgese numbers are accurate from all these countries. ThirdActor I’m sure this is the reason they get voted in . The schools they attend are curved to relay a propaganda base .That become leaders fighting science & real economics.Notice that most of the time they don’t read. Like muller report.Most related they didn’t read it.Same 4 science .

Where’s China? Do you really think people won’t understand how intentionally misleading this chart is or is it that the writer doesn’t understand? We need a statistical break down which includes a symptomatic, recoveries, recoveries with treatment, recoveries with the type of treatment used, hospitalizations recoveries from hospitalizations etc. the list goes on

realDonaldTrump Why do we continue to support this nonsense? So what I got from this article is this: - elect Democrat - get taxed more - make US middle class poorer to fit in same category as the other 6 countries. This is partisan nonsense and has no place at a government funded national news organization.

...If a hospital is asking for refrigerator trucks, it's because they are doing this. Amherst hospital in New York was doing and probably still doing it. Other nurses from other places spoke and said it was going on in their hospitals as well. cough New York cough What an irresponsible false statement. DefundNPR

Number of cases mean nothing without a denominator (being total number of people tested). Anyone who understand science knows that. It also means nothing when hospitalizations and death rates are decreasing. Nice try though. And you just won the award for being the fakest of all the fake news! Congratulations!!!

Time to cut funding for basic stupidity and bias. NPR believes China. Ignorance with a bar graph. This has to be one of the most ignorant and misleading charts I’ve seen yet. BUT, it is ....😂 Are kidding me? Anti-science views? You guys are so full of sh*t. Total cases is different than cases per /population. And nah, I’ll pass on a regime similar to the one in Iran, no matter how many cases the US has.

JonathanHsy FYI top 10 most populated countries are: 1) China 2) India 3)United States 4)Indonesia 5)Pakistan 6)Brazil 7) Nigeria 8)Bangladesh 9)Russia 10)Mexico. When you do more testing, you have more cases. NPR, some of the stupidest shit anyone could waste their time on! Can we get a Fauci ruling on if this is a bad study please?

And have all banned HCQ use in many places or the entire country. 🤔🤔 clc202000 All of the top 4 are NOT considered to be developed countries. This includes US which acts and is run like a third world dictatorship. Just fucking stop. My God... Don’t give us BS, other countries even didn’t do mask or secluded people like we did&they did better. If Biden get elected, you guys will cover his butt by hiding actual death rate&hospitalization. The only difference for you, leftist is who is in office. Look Obama &H1N1

Or they’re the countries with the highest populations If Trump was really a right-wing dictador you wouldn’t be able to post this and other propaganda. Everybody would be in jail. What happened with NPR? You became Hillary’s voice. I remember when it was about culture. Miss those times. Fake or misrepresented information. This rag is a leftist, Marxist paper that can’t make it without spreading division and disinformation.

This is astoundingly unscientific in its conclusions. My 6 grader could drive a semi through the holes in this article. You should be ashamed of yourselves for printing this. Putin and his puppets are a threat to humanity NPR is full of BS Why don’t you do some actual research and figure out why our numbers are drastically inflated. Hospitals and physicians benefit financially from cases coded as Covid and the diagnosis is paid at 100% no deductible and no copay.

Whoa. No way. The US has more cases than Chile? I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that the Chile is so much smaller than the US. And it doesn't matter that Chile has a higher infection rate on a per-capita basis. NPR would never resort to cheap propaganda ploys. DefundNPR Oh my how nice for the Originating Country no accountability. China

A) what is this headline, NPR? B) if you don’t compare a per Capitan number you’re misleading your readers. Comparing the US to Italy or Brazil is not apples to apples. Didnt know Sweden had a right-wing party ruling. This is why i hate the media pushing political views is more important than facts. This is false information.

I like how the top of the list is occupied by the largest and most populous countries, with the exception of China which has been lying about its data. Good job NPR for showing us completely meaningless information. Defund . It matters little to me that are dishonest hacks, who lie consistently regardless of the subject. What does matter to me is that the dishonest hacks at NPR is subsidized by the American taxpayers.

Keep stirring up the pot NPR This is why you're no longer taken seriously. Smh FAKE, Twisted, bullshit numbers. NPR is Leftist propaganda and needs to be defunded. Immediately. Somebody show this fool a map. This post is anti-science. Do better. I hope you are next on the list to be defunded by TRUMP. Then the UN next year.

Shocked, I tell you Funny how China didn’t make the list 🤔 USA is the leader in a BAD way. Thanks to lack of leadership at the national level (Trumpy and Congress) and our 'it's all about me society' Why do we allow tax dollars to NPR....time to cut them off! Now do China. Unless you want to put guards on people’s houses to enforce the quarantine, most of the burden of stopping the disease falls on the people themselves and the government has less influence than you might think. We aren’t children. Everyone knows how this spreads.

It’s only a problem here because you rats are trying to get Trump. Again. fail Once again NPR proves to be the unreliable narrator. I guess the size of population and the amount of testing done doesn’t figure in? Wrong metric. Where hasn't the US been ruled by the sciences? In one word SHUTDOWNS? I thought this was a reputable news source. What a joke you are to the world NPR.

Fucking Propaganda. Trumps such a bad fascist dictator that the media is allowed to relentlessly attack him with impunity! Anti-science views, like more than 2 genders My tax dollars help support this propaganda service for the democrat party? Need to cut 'em loose from that teat. Ahhh... Look at that. Our “unbiased” media doing some riveting journalism. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 It’s true, the media truly is dead... Activists pretending to be journalists.

This is what they think if anyone who refuses to drink the liberal Kool-Aid. Weird, but Belgium is led by a woman and has the highest death rate. You people are anti science to be honest Please note all you tl;dr folks. The article itself MADE NO SUCH CLAIM! Imagine a world where liberal Democrat commies had to pay for Right wing propaganda with their tax dollars 🤔

This graph is a joke. Also, conservatives are not anti-science. That lable is a false liberal talking point that is divisive and promotes hate. You take your money from the Chinese communist party. Stop lying to the American people and creating faux fear Well that doesn't sound biased at all How absolutely ridiculous. What 20-something decided this would be a relevant Friday afternoon project.

Fake news. This is so false and disingenuous in so many ways and a total insult the the intelligence of your audience. Why do the taxpayers fund such harmful propaganda? Defund NPR Now do covid death's in state's run by democrats compared to republicans. Then do Nursing Home's. EnemyOfThePeople Thank Trump for the record number of tests.

The US can’t even haul criminals with arrest warrants off in unmarked cars, but you want us to be like China that did the same to suspected COVID patients to COVID concentration camps. You dont understand that the more test we do the more we will find out who has it the countries with less cases dont have less cases they have less tested cases this is once again fake news

NPR.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 idiots So populism = anti science? Don't see that 'unbiased' observation in the article! Your chart means nothing unless you take population into consideration. FYI, the US is 10 on the list of the most coronavirus cases globally, with 14.2K PER MILLION people; India is 96, 1.2K; UK is 43, 4.5K. Perspective?

Hey npr you could take the exact same number and look as great failure or great success. Nice! Great failure. Political much? How about deaths per million? Let’s see that. of cases means better testing- defundNPR Says a left wing media outlet go figures. How are there economies? What are the death ratios?

Left-wing NPR is as ridiculous as usual. 🤦🏻‍♂️ AND THIS IS WHY NPR SHOULD GET NO TAX FUNDING😡😡😡😡😡 TFW you don’t understand statistics but feel the need to say something. Why do taxpayers pay for such crap? Defund npr Way to go NPR. Way to unite. You'll go the way of CNN. Remember, the left always eats it own...one small slip up and poof they got ya!

And weirdly a majority of the US cases come from states with Far left governors.... National Beijing Radio Why is trying to sell me a used car that doesn’t run? They are truly the enemy of the people. Full on propaganda machine. Ok. I hate trump. Let me see what i can try to bash him with today. Oh look over here, completely bullshit chart woth data that is incomplete.

Well, that headline gave me a good chuckle. Ya don’t say? Conclusion!? The virus only attacks fascist rightwing populations 😂 this is the most absurd and banal reporting I've seen... The side that argues that there are more than 2 genders calling the other side anti science ....interesting Judging from the list shown , it could be other factors like the number of coastal international airports and flights at time of outbreak ? DUH .

DefundNPR Defund NPR not even fake news.. it’s stupid news.. this chart is so ridiculous If this were true, which it isn’t, a party didn’t put the virus here, China did and China knows that it cannot control the strong leadership of the Republican/Conservative parties, so it tries to do away with those of strength! Let’s be real this virus was no accident!!

defundNPR DefundNPR This is moronic. The solution, as suggested by this graph, is to move to a country with a smaller population. It's almost like NPR is rooting against us. The US has the most testing by FAR. Test more = discover more. Could use same data from US & say because we have found more our testing is superior. China has 5,000 deaths, we should do what they're doing! Said w/ sarcasm

Holy shit, you expect ppl to just soak this in. Can you also show a chart with populations factored in you sad excuse for news. FakeNews FoxNews POTUS realDonaldTrump LOL NPR And your Leftist Love, the CCP, set it off...either by omission, or more likely commission.... There is much blood on Leftist hands.

Why is NPR still funded by tax payer dollars? I do not have a problem with the DNC buying this type of partisan bull shit science from someone, but conservatives should not be forced to contribute to more DNC fake news. LIARS!!!! DefundNPR Of all the counties, it’s Democrats stupid enough to blame everyone but CHINA

Complete nonsense Like 72 genders So we tested 40 million. What is the percentage tested for other countries. Bet it’s not close to us. More tested more positives. Not hard to figure Guess science isn’t an “option”, is it. The premise is complete garbage, it’s pure propaganda. DefundNPR Oh NPR. You are the dumbest and most gullible audience decide if CNN. Then again, as evidenced by what you put out, you already know this.

Most deaths in US have occurred in states run by Left wing governors. Virus started in a Communist country. But I am so glad my tax dollars are spent to parrot one political party and ideology only. You really can’t be that dim. Or maybe you can. Totally flawed argument This NPR tweet is absurdly stupid. My cat is better at stats.

Why not discuss the global agenda that 196 countries signed onto - you can find the agendas on IMF, WHo, UN, Clinton foundation, Gates foundation, Rothschilds websites. Where’s China? Rightwing & anti science do go together, but I don’t believe you know what populist means. Populism is an appeal to democratic egalitarianism and the opposite of elitist oligarchic capitalism. That later is the established order in this country, for which NPR is a propagandist.

I thought you NPR folks were supposed to be smart. You cant even present simple data without clearly slanting your conclusions. Any 3rd grader could figure out your bias. Is that why you are keeping them out of school? And are the most vaccinated. Everybody will test positive cause everybody has RNA in them. Fakenews

LTCF DEATHS in OUR Country. NJ-6916 NY-6582 MA-5486 Illinois-4136 PA-4904 CA-3970 CT-3238 And top 5 total deaths by state as of July 31. Can I get my portion of tax $ back that funds your bullshit “public” radio? It’s 100% leftist propaganda and it’s all lies RonBrownstein Democratic women should be in charge of everything from now on. It’s clear.

Lolol the right - ‘all the cities with rioting and high murder rates are run by the left.’ The left - ‘we don’t need to use per million to give an accurate view of COVID cases, we just need to put something out to distract from the riots and murders in left run cities.’ Now do Sweden Fact: These are among the largest populations on earth. Opinion: Espousing right-wing, populism and anti-science views. Interesting how the nation that produced this virus gets every benefit of the doubt in their virus numbers.

Now do which Countries lead in testing. I’ll wait. American had months of riots and protests causing our huge uptick... now we are all paying for it. defundNPR What a completely useless and misleading chart. No wonder NPR is no longer respected. Where is China on chart? Xi and gov’t with a population of 1,439,737,30, want the world to believe they have had 4,600 Wuhan deaths. Both Xi and gov’t are liars; NPR and other MSM are Chinese bought and paid for liars. Traitors to us/US.

The replies are encouraging, NPR needs to be more creative with their agenda driven reportage cos everyone can see through their BS. Shocker You really think your readers are this stupid? How are you not embarrassed to post this? So populist places have lots of cases and relatively few deaths, while non-populist places have fewer cases but more deaths? So populist 'anti-science' places are actually handling the crisis better. Good to know.

This is why your 'news' organization can't be trusted. Tell the complete facts, not a single pointed graphic. This is more fake news. Can you not interpret data, or are you willfully pitching a narrative? Defund NPR! NPR wants us to be like China and Iran. Just shoot the people when they get infected and not have them spread the virus.

Why do you get public funding again? To be biased? To promote one side? it is statistics designed to present a biased opinion The ever leftist NPR reporting their leftist version of whatever it is they are trying to say... Alternatively those countries have more transparency about honestly reporting their case numbers, irrespective of population. Jeez, NPR.

Why the hell does my tax money go to this crap? 😂 Talk about desperate This is why I do not donate to PBS or NPR. You are biased. This is factually in error. A BIASED MEDIA IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE! Looks like they’re better at testing. What God isn't fixing this with rejection of demon sperm? Fake news

These are countries with the most TESTING and therefore more apparent cases. I notice you haven‘t compared deaths. Show a chart of deaths per million. My goodness. The United States has more illegal immigrants than of these nations have citizens. Now do a chart and deaths per million for individual states in the US. then comment on the political affiliation of those Governors

Hey whats the other thing they have in common? Idk maybe population? What do you think? Could that be something you might want to mention or nah. Wow!!! You’ve gone to far. That headline alone is off. Anti-science? Right-wing? If thinks they’re unbiased🤦🏽‍♂️. Your headline fits a separatist narrative that is only helping a divide if your saying DT is “right-wing”, you guys are the problem. Jewish daughter? Shame on you

Also largest populations! DefundNPR Ok, since we’re going down this stupid logic hole, I allege we’re doing the worst because of NPR. None of those other countries have NPR as a media source, so OBVIOUSLY that must be the cause of all our problems. Lol, see how STUPID that sounds blaming one thing Idiots.

Hey npr, “intellectual honesty”: look it up! Well I’d be digging a little deeper here Guys, or try just telling the truth. Anti-science views? Don't you mean Covid management strategies you don't agree with politically or ideologically? Fake News! We are not fooled by this article. What a ridiculous take. I would offer up those countries have better testing programs in place. But hey, dont let facts influence your TDS suffering, i mean its not like you are taking my taxes dollars...oh wait

Now do a per capita analysis or do you only cater to the brain dead. This is what living in an echo chamber does to “journalism” You should define ‘science’ first. But let me guess, for you “science” is to firmly oppose to a 200 people mass gathering, but vividly promote massive “protests”. Are you really that dumb or just playing?

Dems and media use political science and we are fed up. DefundNPR What a waist of my tax dollars! Please name one anti-science view in trumps policy and the CDC. Correlation does not mean causation, but nice try dwallacewells So happy to see you've noticed and are reporting this. So where is the case number for China, the country which inflicted the virus upon the world?

Shouldn’t this be done per capita to create a more accurate picture? But I guess that wouldn’t paint the picture you want. NPR is left wing trash Are you friggin kidding me?This is why you’re irrelevant. 'NPR', haha! China should be ousted from the world for infecting all of us with their carelessness and corruption.

living up to the joke it is. Well done, guys. Well done. Of the top 5 states with high death rates, all the mayors and governors are Democrats. Where’s that story? Defund NPR. No tax dollars, sink or swim getti_spaghetti Does James Clyburn work for NPR now? Sounds like his analysis of a chart! Misleading info of course from nprpolitics defundNPR

Defund npr ! realDonaldTrump I bet this came to the writer in an epiphany in the middle of the night. How pathetic! The trick is, you don't know which countries have the most cases Show a chart and make up a phony headline. Wow, more proof that NPR is state-run propaganda, and that liberals simply don't understand math or data.

Where's China? NPR going the way if NYTs . Sad . Defund NPR Defund npr ! realDonaldTrump Gets money from taxpayers? This has to stop!! NOW Defund NPR! FakeNews Most deaths or most deaths per capita? THIS is the entirety of the information? Not good with research, are you? Why do my tax dollars go towards this trash? realDonaldTrump ?

Do my taxes pay for any of NPR? If so, I'd like a refund. NPR please stop. What happened to facts? Our President is not anti scientist. Scientists are on the coronavirus task force. Everything we have done to stop the spread is based on science. Please, please, please stop. The citizens of this country are not stupid. You are biased.

Science always wins Fake news. Leave it to NPR to spin things to fit their narrative. There's not a shred of journalistic integrity anywhere in that organization. 🙄 Literal nonsense LOLOLOLOLILOL. nice try Daily reminder: We are taxed to pay for this drivel. DefundNPR Embarrassing my tax dollars pay for your bs

What is the opposite of populism? I am going to go w/governments dominated by credentialed elitists whose governing philosophy is 'we know what's best for them.' did you run something like this in late Winter/early spring or just wait till you could take a snapshot w/o China? It's demrats, and media behind this, Patriots are not driven by propaganda, we r driven by facts. Lie after lie is the basis for us not to trust the forefront. Fauci.

I’m shocked What a great time to be anti science! Not. Now let’s pull the COVID deaths per capita stats and see who’s top 10. Per million! Per million! The surely isn’t part of a propagandist media. Also the most testing i’m shocked, just shocked What a nonesense statement by NPR and is why we need to defund it.

russmove Immunity is the best. Our natural immune system is the best cure... Editorial review needed. The article presents an incorrect analysis. Different countries can have different reasons for the high figures. Please strive to not politicize the pandemic and it's mitigation measures. The right wing is the worst

russmove USA is the most tested, therefore the most cases....mortality is at 1%+ ....and that includes nursing home patients murdered in Michigan, Oregon, and New York.... God help the USA BS propagandist NPR at it again. Not taking into consideration population of the countries. and sprouting their own nonsense agenda about the leaders . Of course it pines for neoliberal corruptness to be back.

brianstelter When right wing extremists were given power- hindsight 2020 Folks. The depopulation agenda ain’t being implemented by Bill Gates. Finally... We are WINNING Maga TrumpThreatensAmerica TrumpWouldHaveSaid This is a disjointed piece with no real point or value to understanding the pandemic. China, Cuba, Venezuela, etc are left out of the piece.

Why so much BS? There is no anti science leadership in India. India has done much better than any other country in that list. Stop this stupidity And how many have businessmen leading their countries and therefore have way more testing than anybody else? You know, more testing produces more positive results. Got narrative, NPR? Because you sure as heck don't have logic. Go wag the dog elsewhere.

The corporate press is factual but not truthful michaelmalice brianstelter They are also countries with the highest populations.🤪🤪 brianstelter The math should be per capita. Also, what defines populist? The US is testing more people than the entire rest of the planet. Grow up NPR. Case data, in isolation, is basically fearmongering.

9 out of top 10 states with the highest Covid death rates are lead by Democratic Gov. Hmmmm seems like the liberal leadership is failing once again NPR must be defunded. It is a leftist, enemy of the truth. Wannabe dictator realDonaldTrump and his imbecile idols do not care how many die as long as they can grift money from those under their heels. That is why I will VoteBlueToSaveAmerica and VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare

Lol and why oh why would you leave CHINA off this list, do tell. Even NPR are CCCP shills now. Right-wing MALE leaders. Let's not pretend this is anything other than male hubris killing people. Imagine that You dumb fks don't even know about per capita metrics. 😂 🤣 😂 DeniseDresserG Is this another article that you didn't read DeniseDresserG? You know, it never mentions Mexico btw... 🤔

Hi NPR, which 'anti-science' view of the Indian government are you referring to? The part where they imposed international travel restrictions, the part where they announced a nationwide lockdown to curb the spread, the part where the PM appeared every now and then on the /1 Testing with more people. Stop the politics

let's not forget the amount of false reporting of Covid going on in America for political reasons morninggloria You don’t say. This is the best worse and most mis-leafing headline, and people wonder why folks don’t trust the media? BTW Trump is NOT “Right Wing”, stupid inference. _Imogenius Just imagine This could have been NZ if NZNationalParty had been govt

Quick npr, how many sexes are there? There's some things like population density missing from this equation? Of the countries with the most coronavirus recoveries globally, all of the top 4 have right-wing leaders. This is true blue agenda driven reporting. Facts be damned. Wowzerz, who’d a thunk that one eh?

Lol all the right wing nuts trying to blame Democrats. Hilarious and stupid Thank you NPR as always for your unbiased news reporting. This only confirms the ignorance of right-wing leaders and their inability to listen to the facts. 'Anti' science PMOIndia is working on 3 vaccines, world's cheapest testing kits and being pharmacy to the world. LiberalismIsAMentalDisease

brianstelter How reliable are numbers from some of these? India? Russia? Iran? Shocking. Just right wing, not populist Oh wow what a surprise. If only we could've predicted this. Whoever could've known this could happen when we elected an abject failure into office? /s brianstelter folks - you have to understand that these 'leaders' would like for there to be fewer older people & people with chronic illnesses. They are 'economically minded' & these HUMAN BEINGS just cost too much. So given an opportunity to reduce the number of costly citizens, they do it.

I would not put South Africa and Mexico great straights either. Good old NPR! Populism and science are not mutually exclusive concepts. In fact, it may be scientifically true that putting the needs of your citizens ahead of globalist schemes is best for a country. brianstelter I’m sure a trusted news organization like NPR have dissected the numbers in regards to population and amount of testing as to not mislead the public....right?

brianstelter Need to show the charts of cases per 1000 population. This is meaningless for comparisons. And the most Massive economies.... But tell us more. What is your basis for saying that Putin has said something populist or anti-science about coronavirus? The only way to make this comparison meaningful is to make based on population. I assume you didn't do that because you wouldn't get the talking point you wanted if you did. Stop misleading.

We also have very unhealthy people brianstelter defundNPR MissDonnaMeagle Turns out fascism is bad for you brianstelter And that includes us Right wingers aren’t going to believe this, unless you turn it into a statue, that’s how they learn their history There's a very serious problem when you lump science in with political ideology. Any real scientist would find that unnerving and cause for alarm, as science is apolitical.

right winger: I don't believe in science science: I take that personally... Stupid! Like the virus understands political stances. Talking about anti-science, this is typical Left wing B.S.! Europe has the most deaths per million. If you exclude the “liberal” northeast the US is doing very well. Using this crisis to further a political agenda is despicable. Population density age of the infected & timing of the outbreak seems to be the biggest determiners so far.

Very interesting information Testing. N lots of it. This is evidence that right-wing views are dangerous and anti-scientific. We must ban, censor and outcast those that hold these evil views. SHOCKING that anti-science leadership is doing poorly versus a pandemic. But the larger question is - why do we have a vast portion of the population that supports anti-science candidates? How have we as a society failed these individuals so completely? How do we change it?

Which state is doing the worst? Important story, but I really hate the way the word ‘populist’ is abused by the media. The problem is that they’re right-wing leaders with anti-science views. That’s it. The 4 countries led by stupids. Vote stupid get stupid The left denies IQ science. DeniseDresserG DeniseDresserG Estados Unidos, Brasil, India y Rusia son los primeros cuatro.

And all of this makes you wonder why they are voted for again and again... Ob da etwa ein Zusammenhang..... 🤔 Arghh, cases per million population. Otherwise its just a population by country plot. Full disclosure: My agenda is to point out that the UK is at the top of the charts. The countries at the top share a politicised response that sidelines or underinvests in public health.

So if my country India had an awesome scientific leadership, the best ever possible, it would have had less cases than Vatican city? If you read the article it says nothing about Indias anti science stance. Actually, it is one of the countries with a stronger public health system but the population is its enemy. Though they are testing a lot and many states still have periodic weekly lockdown.

andrewzimmern How many of us had masks leftover from H1N1? You don’t even pretend you aren’t a leftist propaganda outlet anymore. Russia isn’t right wing, its authoritarian. No need to water the term down. ALSO TIED TO CHINA DeniseDresserG Well Mexico fits the bills, only our 'dear leader' is a left wing moron.

'of the countries reporting the most cases globally, 6 of 7 are middle-income nations' a more fair headline Wow, who’d thought? Oh WTF is this about? NPR has gone off the rails. Comeon this is just silly Autocratic countries such as China and Iran have concealed the number of people infected with the Chinese virus. Are they considered democratic countries?

MaraLiasson The median age of death from Covid-19 is 78. The median age of death from all other causes is 76: Is Trump proud that the US is ahead of all the other nations— including some third world countries! Great job, Mr. Pres. MsGentryTeacher This is not correct! Populist is the wrong adjective. Nationalist or jingoist would be better. Have your editors work on this.

Testing? Liberal bias. By the way. There is NO other news than EpsteinIsland . 25 yrs in the DC Swamp. RealBigBrain And the one in South Africa just kills striking miners. JuddApatow sure on anti-science / populist stance of india? It went in lockdown when it had less than 600 cases. PM apologised to country, while saying there is no alternate to it. Mortality rate& death/M is better than the apple of left wing eye and ultra developed, Germany and canada.

Another overlap; All have rough relations with the ccp All have dense populations in some places Chinas numbers are bullshit. npr is a bullshit place for information, as is proved with every subsequent article UROCKlive1 True senatemajldr realDonaldTrump GOP neeratanden Exception india I’ll take “Things that don’t shock me at all” for 200, Alex. 😒

'populist' k Yep and less per capita deaths than left wing countries, but that doesnt fit with your narrative. Iran, Mexico and Russia, really? JuddApatow yeah we know THEY’RE ALWAYS WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING November is coming quicker than my next Amazon mask delivery... They also seem to have a history of mass incarceration rates

Learn how the concept of 'per capita' works and apply that to your unhelpful charts. Don't make readers have to do the math for the entire chart when you can just state it in per capita terms to make an effective comparison. That 'anti science' populist US sure is able to leverage science and technology to lead the world in testing. But absolute testing and absolute cases probably have no correlation. Weak article NPR, you're better than this.

Out5p0ken That sort of says something about the fascists and dictator wannabe's. USA! USA! Right wing populist men as leaders . _cingraham Oh come now. How about - there are the most populous. And all of the early big infection countries were left of center, socialist leaning (except for the UK) Holy slanted headline, Batman! Your TDS is showing FakeNews

They call themselves nationalists. The alt right. It's oxymoronic that they care not people are dying. JuddApatow Death rattle of an empire 🖕🏾 NPRKarens believe Open borders equal Zero Deaths? 🤔 neeratanden ‘Populis’ ain’t what’s going on. You’re halfway there but you need to try harder. Concentrate. It’s a adjacetive both those ‘leaders’ use. Begins with F. Ends with Ake.

Imagine that. How about modifying the graph to show the leaders that are coo coo? This is just a list of the countries with the largest, most urbanized populations... Except China, because of course they are being totally honest about their numbers. India? Anti-science? The country that is single handedly producing most of the covid vaccines for the major companies in their final trials?

JuddApatow You know, sometimes it’s ok to not make a list! Canada _cingraham If only there was a stay home order to stop the spread? Riots are covid safe right? “Unbiased journalism” JuddApatow NPR is not hiring the brightest Jews these days. They used to be smart. Loathsome, but smart. Sad. its not a natural pandemic its democrat sabotage

This is so misleading you should be ashamed The top cities with the most violence are run by democrates. Interesting correlation. Science is real whether you believe in it or not. Where is China,they had more cases than the top 2 yet you don’t mention them Ohhhhhh solé Miò We are number UNO 😩😩😩😩 DanMacPherson

NPR is taking the mask off!😂 Colour me surprised No way. Say it ain't so! /s 🙄 You don’t say Headline and article made to fit a desired narrative. For instance, in India, the PM never underestimated the virus, acted decisively with lockdowns and masks. Dynamics there are different (population density).

Hey... Trump said he would put USA back on top Another campaign promise fulfilled! Why does the media politicize everything? So all the countries that are more focused on making money rather than protecting the lives of their inhabitants are hit hardest by COVID. You don’t say... What percentage of those cases would end up in the ICU or six feet under? That's more important. Enough with the fear mongering.

Make America Middle Again realDonaldTrump TrumpVirus USAVirus So, if you are a middle income person - are you more likely to get the virus? If so, do they know why the virus seems to attack middle income people more? Serious question. Is it diet? lack of exercise? poor immune systems? MidInc live longer?

Not a trump fan, but at least show the data as per capita so it isn’t meaningless. Funny story, 6 out of 7 people in the US are probably 'middle-income' or lower right now.

U.S. To Spend $2.1 Billion On GlaxoSmithKline-Sanofi Covid-19 VaccineThe U.S. agreed to spend $2.1 billion on a joint experimental Covid-19 vaccine from GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi to supply the nation with an initial 100 million doses by iamsternlicht iamsternlicht Bullishness iamsternlicht Question is when? Please

Houston Hospital Struggles To Manage Surge Of COVID-19 CasesNPR's Steve Inskeep talks with Dr. Joseph Varon, chief of critical care at United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, about how his hospital is faring in the fight against the coronavirus in Texas. Surge in cases or greed? Had family admitted in Houston hospital. She died, found out by coroner she didn't have COVID like they said, had bronchitis and never they NEVER treated her for it. Left a little girl. Murderers? This has to stop! realDonaldTrump John_F_Kennnedy

As COVID-19 cases surge, L.A. librarians join the ranks of contact tracersLibrarians and other library staff in Los Angeles are becoming contact tracers. Lol detail-oriented, able to focus, naturally socially distant. GovAbbott

Oil prices slip as COVID-19 case surge dents fuel demand hopesOil prices dipped on Thursday as a surge of coronavirus infections around the globe raised fears a rebound in fuel demand would stutter just as major oil producers are set to raise output in August. I thought we had this in the bag? Daddy realDonaldTrump said so? This from 17hrs ago 6 cents and you call that slipping? It’s the second article from Reuter’s about oil prices slipping this week when in fact they rose by at least $2 since start of the week.

Australian state flags new steps to control surging COVID-19 casesAustralia's Victoria state recorded its second-highest day of new coronavirus infections on Friday, one day after logging record deaths, as the state's leader flagged the prospect of more rigorous steps to contain the spread of the disease.

Safety concerns for parents, teachers returning to school as COVID-19 ravages FloridaSafety concerns for parents, teachers returning to school as COVID-19 ravages Florida I'll be out of here soon just had to stop in and see how bad they were raping my account 😆 Parents who can will home school and/or enroll in an on-line program, then return to traditional school when the crisis has passed; No one wants to take a chance with their child's life, especially given the reports that children are experiencing post-virus illnesses.