What's Your Favorite New Music Release? Vote!

What will you be bumping to as you ring in the three-day weekend? Vote!

5/23/2020 2:29:00 AM

Ariana Grande & Lady Gaga, The Weeknd & Doja Cat, plus more: What’s your favorite new music release? Vote!

What will you be bumping to as you ring in the three-day weekend? Vote!

D-2."My previous mixtape focused more on being better at rap, better at making music, sound, mix, master and so forth. I’ve worked on a lot more projects since then and didn’t really try to become perfect," Suga exclusively told."Perfection is an elusive term. I simply just did my best."

George Floyd's death sparked heated protests across US as many call for charges against officers Rush Limbaugh Says Latest Cancer Treatment Is ‘Kicking My Ass’ House Passes Uighur Human Rights Bill, Prodding Trump to Punish China Read more: billboard »

Daechwita by BTS_twt SUGA Daechwita🔥شوقا AgustD SUGA BTS_twt Daechwita BTS_twt rainonme blindinglights inyoureyes RainOnMeMusicVideo RAINOME rain. on. me. periodt. The Weeknd and Doja dropped new music?! Didn’t even know. notsorry AGUSTD2ISHERE youtubemusic YouTube y’all gotta stop trying SO HARD to ignore us. THIS DROP IS 🔥🔥🔥🔥AGUSTD2ISHERE AGUSTDISBACK Daechwita Agustd bts_bighit

D2 💜💜 DAECHWITA AgustD AGUSTD2 Agust d DAECHITWA gaga x ari is the only right answer ofc rom wbk BTS_twt AugustD augustd2 BTS_twt Yoongi Agust D Suga MariahCarey's Glitter on streaming platforms. JusticeForGlitter 🌟🌟🌟 JusticeForGlitter AGUST D . Daechwita 😍 AgustD The whole mixtape is a masterpiece

Agust d BTS_twt D2 Agust d stream rain on me RainOnMe by ladygaga and ArianaGrande ofc!! WHAT A DREAM of a song AND video! 😍❤🌧🌩🌧 AgustD only legends ARIANNA AND LADY GAGA AGUSTD2 Daechwita by Suga a. K.a Agustd of BTS_twt 💜🥰 Daechwita AGUSTD2 AGUSTD2 SUGA AgustD_1억_축하해 DAECHWITAOUTNOW AGUSTD2ISHERE

AGUSTD2 RainOnMe is the only answer 💅 RAINONME RainOnMe Chromatica yup! AGUST D2 🔥💜 BTS_twt AGUSTD2ISHERE absolutely, Agust D!!!👍👑👍👑👍 Rain on me The Queens of course RainOnMe SUGA AGUSTD2 Daechwita💜💜❤️😊 Hahahaha Agust d Daechiwta D-2 of Agust D (SUGA of BTS_twt ) AGUSTD2 D_2 Daechwita🔥🔥 AgustD SUGA BTS_twt

Deachwita 🔥🔥 BTS_twt AUGUSTD2 DEACHWITA AGUSTD2_ BTS_twt SUGA🔥 D-2 by AGUSTD BTS_twt his majesty king SUGA / YOONGI Agust D-2 ofc!! BTS_twt DAECHWITA SUGA agustd BTS_twt DAECHWITA by Agust D 🔥 Agust D- DAECHWITA DAECHWITA DAECHWITA AGUST D: DAECHWITA rainonme DAECHWITA DAECHWITA The song’s name is Daechwita from Agust D-2 mixtape. Please look it up. It has 21M Views in Youtube.

💜💜💜💜💜💜 BTS Suga D-2 🍬sour candy🍬 Rain on Me of course rain on me yup RainOnMe AUGSTD2 BTS_twt DAECHIWTA 💜💜 MinYoongi Agust D daechwita suga BTS_twt rainonme WAS A TOTAL SERVE!!!!! Agust D😇 The weeknd and doja cat BTS_twt DAECHWITA AGUSTD DAECHWITA 🔥🔥🔥 BTS_twt AGUST D!!!!!!!!! RAIN.. ON.. ME!

RainOnMe OBVIOUSLY Agust D 👑 KING. Daechwita by AgustD the legend 🖤🔥 Daechwita🔥🔥 AgustD SUGA BTS_twt Daechwita🔥 AgustD SUGA BTS_twt The KING 🔥😌 AgustD BTS_twt Daechwita by AGUSTD BTS_twt AGUST D - DAECHWITA BTS_twt Agust D daechwita AGUSTD2 by SUGA BTS_twt Agustd Daechwita AGUSTD AGUST D ‘DAECHWITA’ 🔥👑🔥 AGUSTD2 Daechwita DAECHWITAOUTNOW

Our king agust d 👑 AGUSTD U HEAR IT !!! AGUSTD2 BTS_twt Agust D 2 dominate the world now, it is the best 👑🔥🔥🔥🔥 BTS SUGA 방탄소년단슈가 방탄슈가 슈가 Love them all! But daechwita King 🥵❤ “IM A KING IM A BOSS YOU ALL KNOW MY NAME” - AGUST D ofc it’s arigaga & agust d D-2 SUGA BTS_twt 💜 AgustD 😎😎 AGUSTD2 AgustD

AGUSTD2 Daechwita by Suga a. K.a Agustd of BTS_twt Agust d 🥵🔥🔥🖤🖤. agust d asf Suga 🥺💜 Tekashi exposed you Billboard 🥺 agust d 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙂 Stream Rain On Me Daechwita by Agust D 🌚 We go army's already on the TOP🥺✨✨really enjoyed this comeback with every single one of you💜💜let's keep voting and show AGUSTD2 our love to him DAECHWITAOUTNOW

AGUST D - Daechwita🔥🔥🔥 Daechwita AGUST D AgustD 'Daechwita' suga BTS_twt AGUSTD2 Daechwita Nope y’all ain’t slick. I’m not voting on anything till I see what y’all have to say Monday. RainOnMe ✌️🌧 AgustD AGUSTD2ISHERE august d2 Stop itttttt noWwwww , be mature , enjoy music . BTS & Ari ❣️ agust d2 rainonme video of the year

AGUSTD2 BTS_twt 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Absolutely nothing can beat Daechwita BTS_twt YOONGICULT AgustD AugstD AUGUSTD2isHERE ofcourse DAECHITWA 💜💜💜 stream RainOnMe AGUST D AgustD AGUSTD2OUTNOW AGUSTD2 BTS_twt RainOnMe Ariana Grande & Lady Gaga RainOnMe RainOnMeMusicVideo ArianaGrande AGUSTD2 BTS_twt Suga es Arte 👌

RainOnMe 😁 DAEWCHITA AgustD RainOnMe RainOnMe Both of these people look and sound so horrifically fake Here’s the real version GAGA & ARI ONLY . sorry definitivamente DaechwitaMV Daechwita Suga augustd2 augustD AgustD 🔥♥️ AGUST D!!!! THE KING 👑 AGUST D DE BTS_twt sour candy next friday PERIOD “Power” elliegoulding obvs

AGUST D DAECHWITA 💜💜💜 SavageRemix Agust D of course😌🖐 Rain on me rain on me 💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻 these two 😤💖 this man BTS_twt AGUSTD2ISHERE ladygaga x ArianaGrande 💜👑🔥🔥🔥🔥 augustd2 stream daechwita sexcs Hands down RainOnMeMusicVideo ArianaGrande and ladygaga did a spectacular job. A true masterpiece!

D-2 RainOnMe vodooariguks STREAM AND BUY RainOnMe AGUST D 2 AGUST-D!!!!!! BTS_twt D-2 by Agust D! In your eyes 💗 Ariana Grande and Lady gaga Daechwita by SUGA of BTS_twt baby AgustD-2 and Ariana x Gaga Daechwita fav thing on planet earth 💖💖💖 agust d 2 daechwita BTS_twt

Trump threatens funds for states that make it easier to vote in pandemicTrump has claimed absentee voting is ripe for fraud although there is scant evidence of wrongdoing. Trump himself requested a mail-in ballot for Florida’s March GOP primary and he has voted absentee in previous elections. Keyword: requested Scant is even too strong a word. Of course he has.

Sen. Kamala Harris: Trump is attempting to suppress the voteThe president said, falsely, that Michigan is sending 'absentee ballots' to 7.7 million voters, following that with a warning to Nevada if it pursues voting by mail. Senator Kamala Harris says that, “This is another example of Donald Trump being complicit with an attempt, or even purposefully, attempting to suppress the vote in an election.” She does a good fake cry face, I’ll give her that. Federal crimes are his specialty. He has yet to be punished. Impeachment? Meh.. he is still fking the country. Trump administration

Trump Steps Up Attacks on Mail Vote, Making False Claims About FraudPresident Trump initially said he might withhold federal funding for Michigan and Nevada if the states moved forward in expanding vote by mail, though he later backed off that threat. LIAARRSS This looks secure Trump made false claims. The end.

‘Dumbfounded’: Michigan Sec. of State responds to Trump attack over vote-by-mailMichigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson: “To me, it is also a reflection of what will be happening in our state in the months ahead, which is an effort to misinform and confuse voters about their rights in the state.” Keep up the good work Michigan! If Trump can’t see his penis or his toes he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. It's not 'controversial,' it's illegal.

Trump Upbraids Michigan, Nevada for Easing Vote by MailPresident Trump stepped up his criticism of voting by mail, threatening to withhold federal funds from Michigan and Nevada for their efforts to expand mail-in voting to address health concerns over the coronavirus pandemic. dude's a mob boss Let watch he's terrified to lose against joe biden and it's gonna be SWEEEEEET! when he does

Song of the Summer 2020: Vote!Summer&39;s just around the corner, but artists have already delivered the brightest and grooviest hits to compete for this year&39;s song of the summer. THIS ONE WATERMELON SUGAR POWER 🔋