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The power players, latest policy developments, and intriguing whispers percolating inside the West Wing.

5/11/2021 3:00:00 AM

What's really happening in West Wing offices? Find out who's up, who's down and who really has the president's ear in our West Wing Playbook newsletter, the insider's guide to the Biden White House and Cabinet.

The power players, latest policy developments, and intriguing whispers percolating inside the West Wing.

The White House team has “repeatedly objected to background interviews with quote approval” since Biden took office,DANIELLE RHOADES HA, a Times spokesperson, wrote in an email to , adding that The Times “has succeeded at times in getting interviews put on the record.”

Doctor pays tribute to his parents with graduation photos in the fields where they work Carol Leonnig reports that Trump ‘gleefully’ watched his supporters charge the Capitol on Jan 6 ‘Sideshow circus’: Rep. Murphy rips McCarthy name-calling Jan. 6 committee reps

In 2012, the Associated Pressalso told Poynterthat the outlet didn’t permit quote approval and that their reporters don’t allow sources to say, “I want those three sentences you want to use sent over to me to be put through my rinse cycle.” The AP’sJULIE PACE

told that remains their policy. She noted that the Poynter article also said “that AP reporters can conduct interviews on background and then negotiate to get certain parts on the record.”The 2012 New York Times article on quote approval stirred debate, but Peters himself isn’t sure it changed much. In a phone call, he said that “after the story ran it didn’t take that long for me to notice that operatives were asking for quote approval once again.” headtopics.com

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Jeff Bezos' spaceflight: Live updates

Jeff Bezos will fly to space today on the first crewed flight of the New Shepard, the rocket ship made by his space company, Blue Origin. Follow here for live updates.

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Elizabeth Warren slams 'bizarre' right-wing claim infrastructure bill designed to indoctrinate kidsRight-wing conspiracy theorists have claimed that the preschool will be mandatory and used to teach children to hate America and turn them into social justice activists. Why give air? Our govt is a joke, man...

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Trump,Gaetz,and Giuliani are all going to prison for life ! HAHA !! ya gotta love it ! the republicans are finished ! lol and have a nice day 🙂..... Republicans are leaving the GOP :) The West Wing ... dredging up Dem fantasies about what a Dem presidency is about. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Two Is Better Than One When It Comes to Summer's 'Double Wing' Makeup TrendPrepare to see the double wing makeup trend all over your Instagram this summer. The eyeliner look is easy to customize and make completely your own.

‘They’re taking over’: Right-wing extremism flourishes in North Texas suburbsAs Capitol rioters, QAnon believers and other radicals gain in number, one moderate Texas Republican warns: 'We’re on a self-destructive path.' AMERICA, don't say you weren't warned...👍😷🤔😯😖 Propaganda nonsense The Real housewives of boogaloo... They most certainly are behind the Colonial ransomware attack

Evil Breaks Free of Their Own Barriers in 'Broken Wing''My goal was to capture the feeling of self-isolation and what it feels like to be taken out of your comfort zone whilst so badly wanting it back.' obeyev1l

Conservatives Criticize Local Preschool For Silencing Right-Wing Animal VoicesNEW YORK—Accusing educators of brainwashing children with a liberal agenda of barnyard sounds, conservative pundits criticized local preschool Butler Academy Monday for silencing right-wing animal voices. “Every day, our children get sent to schools just like this, and are brainwashed by antifa teachers who believe that cows, chickens, and pigs only speak one way,” said Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who held up a picture book, flipped through the pages, and demanded to know why there wasn’t a single conservative “moo,” “baa,” or “oink” to be found. “All I see here is a bunch of chickens who are clearly part of the East Coast elite, clucking and teaching our children that the only way to make farm noises is to go to Harvard. Well, to that I say this is how real American animals talk: cock-a-doodle-doo.” At press time, conservative pundits had called a teacher from the preschool in order to shame her for only teaching left-wing shapes.\n 😂😂 Hey hey hey. First of all how did you get a hold of their talking points for next month? Oh moo-hoo, is the widdle baby socialist commie cow gonna cwy?