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West Coast Watch: Georgia May Jagger’s Bleach Salon Among Summer Beauty and Wellness Openings

Pepper and Luxbae have also made debuts.

7/25/2021 5:42:00 AM

Here's a look at the latest notable beauty and wellness openings.

Pepper and Luxbae have also made debuts.

The look fit the decor inside Bleach, the hair salon she opened in Los Angeles this month with close friend Alex Brownsell. Located on Third Street near The Grove, the interior is psychedelic, featuring onyx centerpieces and a swirling, yellow green neon floor, as imagined by design studio Office of BC.

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“It looks very much like what hair dye looks like when it spills on the floor,” said Jagger, daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall. She wore a baby blue and pastel mermaid-style vintage dress by Mugler for the salon opening, which brought out Paris Hilton, Charli XCX, Barbara Palvin and Dylan Sprouse.

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“It’s an ASMR vibe,” chimed in Brownsell — the colorist behind Gucci and Celine’s recent fashion campaigns — of the salon’s esthetic.You May Also LikeThe front entrance, where Bleach products are on display, showcases an art piece of sorts — the space’s pièce de résistance — a vibrant projection of a glowing and abstract moving image juxtaposed with a glossy black ceiling.

“We made a video as if you’re from the point of view of a piece of hair in the salon,” Brownsell explained. “So, you go through these different phases, like getting your hair washed, get your hair cut, rinsing it out, applying the color and you can actually hear that as well. Everything in this space is a kind of metaphorical version of what it’s like to be inside a shampoo bottle.”

View Gallery Related Gallery A Look at Olympic Style Over the YearsThe duo currently run three locations in London, where they first launched in 2011. This latest opening marks their international expansion.“L.A. is the home of social media,” Brownsell said. “When you think of youth movements and youth culture now, where does that happen? It happens online. It happens on TikTok, on Instagram, and L.A. is the hub of that for the West. So, it made sense for us to be here.”

For husband-and-wife team Lincoln and Sarah Spoor, the right spot was Las Vegas, where the cofounders of sexual wellness company Pepper recently opened their first brick-and-mortar store inside Resorts World.“There is no more exciting place on the planet than the famous Las Vegas Strip,” the couple told WWD in a joint statement. They plan to open a second location inside a “major hotel casino” by the end of the year.

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“Pepper is all about connection — with the person most important in your life and with your own body,” they continued. “While we have a beautiful website, we always envisioned the brand leading with brick-and-mortar. There is no better way to convey the power of connection and the many ways we have to improve it than by experiencing Pepper in person. Our store enables us to best convey the essence of what Pepper is and immerse our visitors in the brand.”

The 6,000-square-foot retail space offers Pepper’s line of vibrators, priced around $50 to $150, as well as designs by other brands, like Chakrubs’ $50 “The Heart Yoni Egg” and Je Joue’s $199 “Fifi Rabbit.” There are also personal care products, lubricants, condoms, lingerie, chocolates, and bath and home goods. They sell items like eucalyptus diffusers by Lafco, oils by Fur, Kimono robes by Samantha Chang, and male and female arousal products, including gels by Me.

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According to the most recent Global Wellness Summit, created by nonprofit The Global Wellness Institute to unite experts to forecast wellness trends, wellness has been expanding boundaries of “once-taboo issues” like sex.“Sexual wellness brands have seen a massive spike in sales [300 to 400 percent] during lockdown,” the organization said.

During the summit, the experts noted that beyond sexual pleasure, femtech investment and new solutions of providing women with their health needs would surge in 2021, “whether pelvic floor trainers, supplements, pre-menopause through post-menopause solutions, or women saying goodbye to the pill and seeking alternative forms of birth control.”

At BTL Aesthetics, the maker of Emsculpt — the popular high-intensity electromagnetic therapy that’s non-invasive and helps build muscle and sculpt the body — the company unveiled a pop-up in Beverly Hills to showcase the equipment, as well as introduce Emsella, which utilizes electromagnetic energy to “deliver thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions in a single session.” The contractions “reeducate the muscles of incontinent patients,” according to the company.

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Body care services have been booming in L.A., and medical spas — stylish, boutique-style offices that offer accessibility and competitive prices for injectables and noninvasive procedures — are particularly popular. Med spa Luxbae, which launched in Glendale, has expanded to West Hollywood at 8473 Melrose Avenue. “Our new West Hollywood location is a huge milestone for Luxbae, as it solidifies our model for future expansion into major markets across the country, offering head-to-toe beauty services for a 360 experience,” said founder Suzzie Monroe.

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